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Number 107: December 29, 2010

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New Arthropod Management Tests Volume
Posted on Plant Management Network

The Plant Management Network has posted Arthropod Management Tests Vol. 35, the Entomological Society of Americaís latest collection of efficacy trials, on the PMN website.  This new volume contains 223 searchable reports. More than 1,500 other insecticide trials from five previous volumes can also be accessed through the Plant Management Network. Arthropod Management Tests, Volumes 30 through 35, are available for access on the Plant Management Network for a small subscription fee, which allows access to all 13 PMN resources.

New Focus on Potato Webcast Published

Black Dot Root Rot, authored by Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist Barry Jacobsen of Montana State University, discusses Black Dotís causal fungus.  It also discusses diagnosis, yield loss, and management practices for this important disease. View this and other potato presentations in Focus on Potato.

New Potassium Webcast
in Focus on Soybean

This presentation on potassium fertility, authored by Robert Mullen of The Ohio State University provides some background on how potassium behaves in the soil, how soybean plants take up potassium, what potassium does in the plant, and how universities determine potassium recommendations. View more soybean-related presentations in Focus on Soybean.

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