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Number 25: March 2, 2004

Crop Management Publishes First Symposium

The PMN journal, Crop Management, has just published its first-ever symposium proceedings, "The Great Plains Inoculant Forum." A Forward to the Proceedings, by Wendell A. Rice, and listing of papers is available online. Papers were peer-reviewed by the Crop Management Editorial Board, and are citable as part of CM's permanent content. Symposia organizers seeking publication of proceedings in any of PMN's journals are encouraged to inquire in advance of the event at:

New Articles from
Crop Management

Great Plains Inoculant Forum:

The Great Plains Inoculant Forum: Forward to the Proceedings

Plant Growth-Promoting Inoculants in Australian Agriculture

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Inoculum to Support Sustainable Cropping Systems

Development of Rhizobial Inoculant Formulations

Performance of Rhizobial Inoculant Formulations in the Field

An Economic Assessment of the Global Inoculant Industry

Benefits of Inoculating Legume Crops with Rhizobia in the Northern Great Plains

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR): Prospects for New Inoculants





Breeding for Better Nitrogen Fixation in Grain Legumes: Where do the Rhizobia Fit In?



Significant Yield Increase in Phaseolus vulgaris Obtained by Inoculation with a Trifolitoxin-producing, Hup+ Strain of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli


Forage Yield and Nutritive Value of Oat Interseeded with Berseem Clover and Sweetclover


Finding Alternatives to Burning Leftover Straw

Chateau™ Herbicide SW Effective for Fallow Bed, Spring Burndown Applications

Syngenta First to Adopt "Mode of Action" Label for Glyphosate

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New Articles from
Plant Health Progress


Transgenic Rootworm Corn: Assessing Potential Agronomic, Economic, and Environmental Benefits

Diagnostic Guide:

Mango Dieback and Gummosis in Sindh, Pakistan Caused by Lasiodiplodia theobromae


Syngenta Seeds Offers Exclusive Weather Monitoring Aid for Risk Management

Suprend Herbicide Registered for Use on Cotton


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