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Number 36: February 15, 2005

PMN Introduces Soybean Rust Information Center

On Monday, February 14, the Plant Management Network (PMN) launched a new online Soybean Rust Information Center located at the information center. The site was organized under the auspices of the PMN Soybean Rust Steering Committee, which is comprised of individuals from the American Phytopathological Society, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and North Central Soybean Research Program Plant Health Initiative. Other sponsors include Syngenta Crop Protection, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Valent BioSciences, CropLife America, the Canadian Society of Agronomy, and more than 20 state land-grant universities.

The purpose of the new website is to serve as a clearinghouse for information on soybean rust. "This site is the one-stop center for information on soybean rust," said Doug Jardine, chair of PMN's soybean rust steering committee. "Since there are a number of sites dedicated to soybean rust, it can be very time consuming to visit different sites and continually check them for new information. The PMN information center combines valuable information from these sites and other resources into one central area so that people searching for the latest information can find what they need with the fewest number of clicks," Jardine said.

The site offers breaking news on soybean rust; links to featured soybean rust sites, including government, national, international, and university sites; and a soybean rust database that visitors can use to find information on the identification and management of soybean rust as well as links to university and extension sites. The site also offers a searchable soybean rust image database; soybean rust distribution maps; and soybean rust identification training materials. In the interest of the broadest distribution of information possible, users do not need a PMN subscription for access.

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Canadian Phytopathological Society Is PMN's Newest Partner

The Plant Management Network welcomes the Canadian Phytopathological Society / La Société Canadienne de Phytopathologie (CPS-SCP) as its newest societal partner. CPS-SCP is a nonprofit scientific society formed in 1929. It now has more than 400 members in Canada and abroad, having expertise in all facets of plant pathology. CPS-SCP's objectives are to encourage research, education, and the dissemination of knowledge on the nature, cause, and control of plant diseases. As PMN's second partner in Canada, CPS-SCP's participation strengthens the PMN as an international network for the applied agricultural sciences.

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