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Number 97: February 25, 2010

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Valent U.S.A. Is PMN’s Newest Industry Partner

Plant Management Network welcomes Valent U.S.A. to the PMN partners program. Valent is a leading plant protection firm serving the agricultural and non-crop products markets in North America. Valent products help growers produce safe and abundant food and fiber crops, and horticultural professionals improve the quality of life for their customers. Valent seeks out and provides customers with innovative and effective solutions to their production challenges. Its portfolio includes products for both conventional and organic production. more>>

Please join PMN’s industry, nonprofit, and land-grant university partners in support of our not-for-profit mission to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. For details, contact us.

Focus on Soybean Publishes New Webcast

Glyphosate Stewardship for Soybeans by Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin, is PMN’s latest webcast. View it free through March 26, 2010.

Focus on Potato: From Prototype to Reality

With help from its friends, Focus on Potato is moving steadily towards becoming a reality, “live” on the web. Still, additional funding is needed to move from the prototype stage to ongoing development and maintenance. This new commodity specific website is focused on providing growers and other practitioners with the educational resources they need to improve potato crop management and protection, all in one spot. Please help us move forward by supporting Focus on Potato, today.

New Journal Impact Statements Available

Each of PMN’s four journals, Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, Plant Health Progress, and Applied Turfgrass Science, have now posted updated impact statements. Please consider publishing in these quality peer-reviewed journals to reach a unique audience of both agricultural scientists and practitioners.

Two New Workshop Proceedings Available

The Proceedings of the 14th International Sclerotinia Workshop and Proceedings of the Second International Ascochyta Workshop are now both available in the PMN proceedings area. Reach thousands of potential readers by publishing your symposium, workshop, or other event online within the Plant Management Network. Topics must be within PMN’s scope of applied agricultural / horticultural management. Publication fees apply in support of PMN’s not-for-profit mission. Please contact us early in the planning stage to discuss costs, format, and other details.

Free Inside Look at New Wheat Diseases and Pests Guide - Save 15%

Compendium of Wheat Diseases and Pests, Third Edition
is a must-have resource for anyone responsible for helping ensure a healthy, productive wheat crop. Preview this compendium at the APS PRESS Online Bookstore. Save 15% when ordered by March 31. Use coupon code PMNPK in the first “Coupon or Promotional Code” field at checkout.

Positions Available

Submit new employment/intern listings online. It’s free!


*Emerging Leaders in Science Program
*Plant Pathologist
*Crop Consultant - Vegetable Crop Management
*Quality Assurance Manager

See postings at PMN’s Employment/Internship Posting Service.

New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management


Additional Potassium Did Not Decrease Aflatoxin or Fumonisin nor Increase Corn Yields   Summary | Article

Effects of Foliar Fertilizer and Mepiquat Pentaborate on Early Planted Cotton Growth and Lint Production   Summary | Article


First Hollow Stem Decisions Looming for State Wheat Producers   Article

Webinar: Measuring Soil Moisture in the Field   Article

Variety Selection, Seed Treatments, Planting Dates Key Factors to High-Yielding Soybeans   Article

Popular Weed Control Guide Available Once Again   Article

Plant Buffers Can Limit Spread of Antibiotics in Animal Waste   Article

Wet Spring, Corn Residue Affect Spring Nutrient Management   Article

Alternative Method to Protect Rootstock Available to Grape Growers   Article

Drought-Tolerant Crops Developed Through Modern Breeding are Key   Article

Soybean Yields May Be Increased in Fields with Iron-deficiency Chlorosis   Article

The Effect of Soil Compaction on the 2010 Crop   Article

Monsanto Company Receives Approval for New Acetochlor Herbicide Formulation   Article

Decagon Devices Part of $5 Million USDA Grant   Article

Precise N Application Yields Optimal Profit   Article

Nitrogen Deficiency Cost Missouri Cornfields 113 Million Bushels in 2009   Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Split Application of Nitrogen vs. Dairy Manure on Temperate Perennial Grasses   Summary | Article


Forage Plant Wards off Ruminant Gastrointestinal Nematode   Article

A Better Breed of Plants Help Revive Western Rangelands      Article

Restored Prairies Resist Non-Native Grasses   Article

Dairy Producers Lose Productivity Going Organic, But Can Save on Feed   Article

Beef Cattle Need Water   Article

Plant Health Progress


First Report of Dicyma pulvinata on Epichloë typhina and Its Potential for Control of E. typhina   Summary | Article

Etiology of Peanut Pod Rot in Nicaragua: I. The Effect of Pod Size, Calcium, Fungicide, and Nematicide   Summary | Article

Etiology of Peanut Pod Rot in Nicaragua: II. The Role of Pythium myriotylum as Defined by Applications of Gypsum and Fungicides  Summary | Article

Adaptation of a Phytophthora ramorum Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay Based on a Mitochondrial Gene Region for Use on the Cepheid SmartCycler   Summary | Article


First Report of Two Curtoviruses in Spinach and Common Beet in Arizona   Summary | Article

First Report of Leaf Smut of Tomatillo Caused by Entyloma australe   Summary | Article


Fungal Fumes Clear Out Crop Pests   Article

Risk of Wheat Midge Damage Higher in 2010   Article

UK Researchers Study Ways to Biologically Control Wheat Pests   Article

Danitol Insecticide Now Registered for Use in Many Specialty Crops   Article

Dynasty Seed Treatment Fungicide Now Registered for Use on Sorghum   Article

Voliam Xpress Insecticide Receives Label Expansion to Include Potatoes, Tree Fruit and Tree Nuts   Article

Resistant Wheat Goes for the Gut to Protect Against Hessian Flies   Article

Isagro USA Announces EPA Registration of Tenet Biorational Fungicide: SipcamAdvan Appointed as US Distributor    Article

New Drift Risk Advisor Unveiled for Spray Applicators   Article

Researchers Identify Predator of Coffee Berry Borer   Article

Research May Change Understanding of Insect-Borne Virus Transmission   Article

Recent Cold Weather Unlikely to Kill Bark Beetles Says Colorado State Forest Service   Article

Researchers Evaluate Insecticides for Peanuts   Article

Could Another Soybean Pest be Right Around the Corner?    Article


Applied Turfgrass Science


Canada Goose Weed Dispersal and Nutrient Loading in Turfgrass Systems.   Summary | Article

Putting Green Speeds: A Reality Check!Summary | Article


Evaluating Lawn Service Contract Can Be Challenge      Article

Stellar Fungicide Now Available for Use on Pythium in California Golf Course Turf   Article

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