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Number 109: February 22, 2011

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Acknowledgement of 2010 Reviewers

Plant Management Network staff and the editors of Applied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, and Plant Health Progress would like to recognize and thank the more than 460 reviewers who have helped to ensure we publish quality, science-based information for researchers and practitioners.  View list.

2011 Journal Impact Statements posted

Impact statements for all four Plant Management Network journals--Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, Plant Health Progress, and Applied Turfgrass Science--have been updated and posted.  Please consider publishing in these quality peer-reviewed journals to reach agricultural and horticultural scientists, as well as practitioners.

PMN Attending the Commodity Classic

Please visit the Plant Management Network booth (#1206) at the Commodity Classic March 3rd-5th in Tampa, Florida, to experience webcasts like the ones below firsthand.  We will be demonstrating our webcasts for growers, consultants, and potential sponsors and partners.  To learn more or to set up a meeting, please contact

PMN and Sorghum Checkoff Produce Three Sorghum Webcasts

The Plant Management Network and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program produced three sorghum management webcasts.  They include a weed management presentation by Curtis Thompson, Kansas State; a presentation on No-Till by Rick Kochenower, Oklahoma State; and a presentation by Scott Staggenborg, Kansas State, on corn versus sorghum production in stress-prone environments. View presentations here.

Two New Soybean Webcasts Published:

Keys to Entering the 100-Bushel Club

This two-part presentation by Bill Wiebold at the University of Missouri discusses soybean yield and how factors during the plant's life cycle influence yield.  It also describes six keys to increasing soybean yield. By the end of the presentations, practitioners will better understand how soybean plants produce yield and will be able to use that understanding to develop cropping systems that enhance profitable soybean production.

Performance of First & Second Generation Roundup Ready® Soybean Varieties

The presentation by Shaun Casteel at Purdue provides appropriate comparisons between RR1 and RR2 varieties.  Data from this presentation focuses on Midwestern states, but the principles for comparing the technologies is appropriate for growers, consultants, and other crop professionals in all states.  The effects of geography, maturity group, and seed treatments are also discussed for improved decisions in variety selection.   

Both presentations are part of the Focus on Soybean resource.

New Focus on Potato Webcast: Early-Season Irrigation Management of Potato

Production of high-yielding, high quality potatoes requires careful irrigation to avoid crop water stress throughout the growing season. This presentation by Howard Neibling at the University of Idaho outlines pre-season irrigation planning to evaluate the adequacy of irrigation system capacity under your specific climate and soil conditions for normal and unusually high water-use years. For systems flagged as marginal or inadequate, suggestions are given for pre-season equipment changes and water management strategies to produce a high yield and quality potato crop. View Webcast.

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Plant Health Progress


A Strain of Japanese holly fern mottle virus Infecting Leatherleaf Fern in the United States   Summary | Article

A Comparison of Disinfectants to Prevent Spread of Potyviruses in Greenhouse Tomato Production   Summary | Article

Mycobiota on Wild Oat (Avena fatua L.) Seed and Their Caryopsis Decay Potential    Summary | Article


First Report of Phytophthora ramorum Infecting Mistletoe in California    Summary | Article

Molecular Characterization of Potato leafroll virus, Potato virus A, and Potato virus X Isolates from Potatoes in Alaskan Cities and Villages    Summary | Article


Disease-Carrying Asian Citrus Psyllids Find Refuge in Abandoned Groves, UF Study Shows    Article

Syngenta Introduces the Improved Standard for Mite and Insect Control – Agri-Mek SC Miticide/Insecticide    Article

Belay Insecticide Now Registered in California    Article

Colorado State Forest Service: Insects Continue to Threaten Forests Across Colorado    Article

Gowan Company Announces California Registration of Gavel 75DF Fungicide    Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces New Optimum Intrasect Insect Protection with Reduced Refuge for U.S. Corn, Cotton Belts and Canada    Article

Get Soybean and Corn Crops Off to a Good Start in 2011 With Acceleron Seed Treatment Products    Article

Integrated Management Program Helps Increase Corn And Soybean Yields, New BASF Research Shows    Article


Forage and Grazinglands


Predicting Total Digestible Nutrient Losses From Heat Damaged Hays and Haylages with NIR    Summary | Article

Response of Smutgrass Varieties to Hexazinone    Summary | Article

The Loss of Sodium in Freeze-damaged Tall Fescue Forage Could Be a Major Contributor to Spring Grass Tetany    Summary | Article

Growth of Yearling Horses and Costs Related to Pasture and Supplemental Feed Alternatives    Summary | Article


AFGC Will Hold Its Annual Meeting This June in Indiana     Article

Weed Control Guide Updated for Grain and Forage Producers     Article

South American Beetle Released by UF Researchers Benefits Florida Ranchers     Article


Crop Management


Seeding Rate and Variety Effects on Yield, Yield Components, and Economic Return of Field Pea in the Northern Great Plains     Summary | Article


New ‘Pete’s Sheet’ for Oil Seed Crops Available     Article

New Alfalfa Management Guide Published     Article

Three Cutting-Edge ‘Webinars’ Now Available for Sorghum Growers     Article

Plantability Tool, Guidelines on Assist Corn Growers with Planting     Article

Understanding Zinc Deficiency     Article

Consider Pros, Cons, Timing of Ground Rolling in Soybean Production     Article

Experts Encourage Growers to Ask for Residuals with Longer, Better Control    Article

Gowan Company Announces Expanded Registration for Sandea Herbicide    Article

New DuPont Realm Q Herbicide Delivers Powerful Postemergence Broadleaf Weed Control in Corn    Article

U of M Extension Announces Risk Management Guide for Organic Production    Article

Promising Results for Breeding Drought-Resistant Cowpea    Article

Waterhemp Rears Its Ugly Head...Again    Article

Farmers Discover Peace of Mind with Corn Weed Control Option     Article

Partners Brand Powers Up Corn Seed with PROTINUS    Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Growth Stage Influences Forage Yield and Quality of Winter Rye     Summary | Article

Switchgrass Cultivar Establishment, Iron Chlorosis, and Biomass Yield in Southwest and Southeast Kansas     Summary | Article


Soil Type Affected Cowpea Forage Nutritive Value     Summary | Article


Stressed Forages Need Some TLC for a Successful 2011 Crop     Article

Despite Snow, Dry Conditions Still Affecting Wheat Pasture Cattle Operations     Article

Extension Specialist Offers Cold-Weather Cow Management Insight     Article

Nutrient Record-Keeping Proves Important for All Producers     Article

Cattle Can Help Restore Degraded Soil     Article

Nutritional Considerations for 2010 Hay Crop     Article

Applied Turfgrass Science


How Rapidly Do Fall-applied Prodiamine and Dithiopyr Disperse in Established Bermudagrass Turf in Southwest United States?     Summary | Article

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