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Issue 178: February 28, 2017 

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"From the Network" News

Featured Title: APS Online Compendium Series
Ten books in the popular APS PRESS Compendium Series are now available with an online subscription. Users can quickly search diseases from their smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. More compendia will be added in 2017 and will be immediately available to subscribers.
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The American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America invite nominations for their 2017 awards and scholarships by March 29: | |

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"Focus on" Webcasts


Fungicide Management of Rhizoctonia Canker and Black Scurf 
- Jeff Miller, Miller Research

Practical Management of Powdery Scab 
- Robert D. Davidson, Colorado State University


Droplet Size Effects on Foliar Fungicide Efficacy in Soybean - Shawn Butler, University of Tennessee 

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PMN Crop News


Nitrogen on Soybeans: Here Is What We Know - Illinois Soybean Association

Tricking the Soybean to Fix More Nitrogen - Illinois Soybean Association

Preparing to Be a Cover Cropper - Illinois Soybean Association

How Trapped Phosphate Becomes Dissolved Phosphate - Illinois Soybean Association

Phosphorus Management and the 4Rs - Illinois Soybean Association

Back to Back Soybeans - Illinois Soybean Association

Proper Soil Sampling Can Lead to Better Yields and Profits - Iowa State University

Verify Calibration and Distribution When Applying Manure - Iowa State University


Dow AgroSciences, MS Technologies Receive Patent for Unique Gene Insertion in Enlist E3 Soybeans - Dow AgroSciences

New Educational Website Explores Plant Breeding Innovation, Gene Editing - American Seed Trade Association

Challenges of Breeding “VIPeas” - Crop Science Society of America

Crop Varieties

Cotton Variety Selection Time Is Here - Texas A&M University

Choosing Roundup Ready or Liberty Link - Illinois Soybean Association


Agdia Launches 30 Minute DNA Test for Xylella fastidiosa - Agdia

Agdia Commercializes Rapid DNA Test for Detection of Bacterial Canker Pathogen in Tomato - Agdia

ImmunoStrip for Detection of Potato Virus A Now Available From Agdia - Agdia

Forage and Rangeland Management

Producers of Dual-Purpose Wheat Should Check for First Hollow Stem Stage - Oklahoma State University

Fertilize Forages Early to End Hay Feeding - University of Arkansas

Insect Pests / Entomology

Repellant Could Keep Dangerous Beetles Away From Avocado Trees - University of Florida

When to Use Insecticidal Seed Treatment in Soybeans - Illinois Soybean Association

Spider Mite Control in Corn Aided By Moisture - Texas A&M University

Resistance Management Plan for Soybean Aphid - Iowa State University

Signs of Insecticide Resistance Appear in Soybean Aphid Treatments - Iowa State University


Cultivating Cool-for-Cash-Crops - American Society of Agronomy

Installing Solar Arrays Becomes More Attractive for Farmers - Iowa State University


COPeO Prime Seed Treatment Offers Broad Spectrum Nematode Control to Cotton Growers - Bayer CropScience

Last County in Iowa Found Infested With SCN - Iowa State University

Plant Disease

Humid Fall Will Cause Moldy Corn Sightings This Spring - Iowa State University

Weed Management

New Rice Growing Plan Uses Same Weed Control - Mississippi State University

Syngenta Identifies Key Strategies to Fight Weed Resistance - Syngenta Crop Protection-US

Spring Tillage Ineffective for Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass Control - Mississippi State University

Early Weed Control Pays Off - University of Arkansas 

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Featured Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress


Incidence and Pathogenicity of Didymella americana on Table Beet in New York

Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management


Buffalograss Divot Recovery as Affected by Nitrogen Source and Rate

Effect of Irrigation and Silicon Fertilizer on Total Rice Grain Arsenic Content and Yield

Ruminant Urine Increases Uptake but Decreases Relative Recovery of Nitrogen by Smooth Bromegrass

Grazing Evaluation of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Forage Systems for Stocker Production in the Lower Transition Zone 

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Last Month's Most Popular Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress: ECX: An R Package for Studying Sensitivity of Antimicrobial Substances Using Spiral Plating Technology

Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management
Residual Impact of Tall Fescue on Corn, Cotton, and Peanut Yield  

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