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Number 74: March 18, 2008

Focus on Soybean

ipmPIPE Featured as New PMN Webcast

Joining the growing number of webcasts on Focus on Soybean is a new presentation describing the “Integrated Pest Management Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education” or “ipmPIPE” for short. Presented by Dr. Donald Hershman, University of Kentucky, the talk is titled: The ipmPIPE: A New Tool for Enhancing IPM Use in Soybean. The ipmPIPE now involves monitoring and reporting pests of soybean and various legume crops, specifically soybean aphid and soybean rust, with other components in development. Advances of the ipmPIPE over the existing IPM template include easy stakeholder access to pest incidence and distribution data, disease forecasting, and state-specific control recommendations, through a public website, on a near-real time basis.

Focus on Soybean Seeks Partner Support

With Focus on Soybean off to a good start, PMN hopes to continually develop new and updated educational webcasts and content on a regular basis. Aimed at improving soybean production and management, Focus seeks support through the PMN partners program. Partner organizations gain free or discounted access to all PMN resources for their affiliated personnel and gain recognition for supporting this important not-for-profit means of communicating the latest scientific management information. To learn more about supporting Focus on Soybean through partnership, please email us at

Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick

Downy mildew, caused by Plasmopora viticola, and powdery mildew, caused by Erysiphe necator, are serious diseases of grapes in many viticultural areas. QoI fungicides, which are effective against both diseases, are commonly used. In the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Anton Baudoin and coauthors recently discovered a high proportion of isolates of both pathogens that are resistant to QoI fungicides. Details concerning this significant development are presented.

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