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Number 86: March 17, 2009

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Welcome, West Virginia University: PMNís 34th Land-Grant Partner

Plant Management Network is happy to announce West Virginia University (WVU) as its newest land-grant partner. The partnership was enabled by the WVU Extension Service, Agricultural and Natural Resources Unit. The unitís mission is to assist owners and users gain competitive benefits from West Virginia's natural resources. It does this by enabling stewards and users to develop the skill and problem-solving abilities necessary to make correct decisions for managing resources in a sustainable manner. more >>

Have You Gone Green?

For more information on the PMN University Partners Program, please contact us at

                                  Land-Grant Partners

Focus on Soybean Offers Brown Stem Rot Webcast

Those needing information on management of this significant disease of soybean, will benefit from Brown Stem Rot of Soybean by Dean Malvick.

Food Security now Published Online - Free Trial Access to First Issue

An official publication of the International Society for Plant Pathology, Food Security offers a mix of original refereed papers taking a synthetic view of the science, sociology, and economics of food production; agricultural development; access to food; and nutrition; together with review articles, case studies, and letters to the editor.  To celebrate the first issueís publication, Springer offers you free online access for the next 30 days!  Free Access | More Information

Visit Plant Management Network in Portland

Attending the Sixth International IPM Symposium in Portland this month? Please stop by the PMN exhibit booth to learn more about the Plant Management Network, its journals, and resources. See you there!

Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick

Management of Transplant House Spread of Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli on Cucurbits with Bactericidal Chemicals in Irrigation Water

Positions Available

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*Trait Genetic Nursery Associate Scientist

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New Articles from . . .

Plant Health Progress


Cotton Cultivars Evaluated for Tolerance to Reniform Nematode   Summary | Article


Report of a Watermelon mosaic potyvirus Strain in Kentucky Undetected by ELISA   Summary | Article

First Report of Powdery Mildew of Poison-Hemlock Caused by Erysiphe heraclei in North America   Summary | Article

Dahlia Mosaic-Associated Caulimoviruses in Dahlia in Lithuania   Summary | Article


Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3 Biovar 2 Causes Tropical Losses and Temperate Anxieties   Summary | Article


Symposium Proceedings Cover Hot Topics on Pests and Climate Change   Article

Low Risk of Stewart's Disease on Corn Predicted   Article

Plant Pathologists Work Toward Improved Soybean Disease Resistance   Article

New APS PRESS Virus Diseases of Plants Image Database and Teaching Resource   Article

New Herbaceous Perennials Diagnostic Guide Includes Over 150 Popular Perennials   Article

DELEGATE WG Insecticide Receives High Marks in Grower Survey   Article

Limited Availability of TELONE Products for 2009 Growing Season   Article

Researchers Continue to Look for Answers to Chestnut Blight   Article

Discovery May Solve Devastating Rust Fungus Issue for Bean Growers   Article

Sensors May Speed Detection of Sick Grapevines   Article

Olive Fruit Fly Damage Pinpointed by X-ray Vision   Article

Cornell Coordinates Breeders in Race Against Time to Save World's Wheat From Deadly Fungus   Article

Longer Marketing Time Increases the Risk of Naturalization by Horticultural Plants   Article

Inspire XT Fungicide Receives Federal Registration for Sugarbeets   Article

Adjuvants   Article

Cooperators Discover Wheat Gene with Resistance to Stripe Rust   Article


Crop Management


Horseweed Response to Rice Herbicides   Summary | Article

Skip-Row Planting Patterns Stabilize Corn Grain Yields in the Central Great Plains   Summary | Article

Splitting Spring Nitrogen Applications For Winter Wheat: Optimizing Yield and Profit   Summary | Article


Development of a Fungicide Resistance Management Guide for Vegetable Growers in the Mid-Atlantic States   Summary | Article


A Burning Issue in Winter Wheat Production   Article

Monsanto Launches Genuity to Simplify Farmer Decision-Making for Technology Traits   Article

New Publication Explores Challenges of Moving to Organic Agriculture   Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Offers Growers Tools for Determining Economic Seeding Rate   Article

Soil Carbon Storage is Not Always Influenced by Tillage Practices   Article

Fertilizer: An Investment for 2009 Crops   Article

Reducing Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Drainage   Article

Wisconsin is Winning the Battle Against Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds   Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Announces Optimum Brand Innovations   Article

Tool Helps Producers with Seed-Placed Fertilizer Questions   Article

Syngenta Gains Registration for Axial TBC Herbicide on Cereal Crops   Article


Summer Drought Effects on Warm-Season Turfgrass Canopy Temperatures   Summary | Article


Buffalograss Tolerance to Post-Emergence Herbicides in the Intermountain West   Summary | Article


This Grass is Still Greener   Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Performance by Fall-Calving Cows Grazing Tall Fescue Pastures With Different Proportions Stockpiled   Summary | Article

Tall Fescue Persists and Cattle Perform Well on a Novel-Endophyte Association in the Southern Piedmont USA   Summary | Article


Alternative Forages for Dry Dairy Cows   Article

Know the Rules for Handling Animal Losses on the Farm   Article

How to Manage Winter Feeding Areas   Article

Prepare for Grass Tetany Season   Article

Frost Seeding   Article

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