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Number 110: March 29, 2011

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CHOICE Library Magazine Rates PMN "Recommended"

A review published in the March 2011 issue of CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries has rated the Plant Management Network as "Recommended." CHOICE is a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. The recommendation is for upper-division undergraduates through professionals/practitioners and two-year technical program students. The review is available online. If your company/institution is not yet a subscriber, please feel free to forward the review to your acquisitions librarian together with your recommendation to subscribe.

Plant Disease Management Reports Vol. 5 Now Published

Researchers, product developers, crop consultants, growers, and other practitioners can access PMN’s fifth volume of Plant Disease Management Reports. Search 435 new trials on the effectiveness of fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls.  PDMR covers products labeled for cereals, fruits, vegetables, cucurbits, turfgrasses, forages, ornamentals, and many other agricultural and horticultural crops.

New Focus on Potato Webcast Covers Early Blight 

Managing early blight requires the careful integration of cultural and chemical methods, including rotation, choice of cultivar, plant nutrition and fungicide application.  Focus on Potato’s latest webcast by Walter Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, helps consultants, growers and practitioners diagnose and manage early blight of potato in the field and in storage.  This on-demand presentation will help users diagnose this disease, understand other important details about the pathogen, such as the disease cycle, and reduce reliance on weekly application of fungicides. View webcast.

New Volunteer Corn Webcast in Focus on Soybean

Volunteer corn is now one of the most common weeds in Midwest soybean production due to the rapid adoption of glyphosate-resistant corn and sole use of glyphosate in soybean on soybean for weed control. In addition, much of the volunteer corn in the eastern Corn Belt region carries a Bt trait for insect protection.  Management considerations in this Focus on Soybean presentation, offered by Bill Johnson, Extension Weed Specialist at Purdue, will help users minimize volunteer corn's effects on soybean yield and minimize exposure of insect pests to Bt insect protection traits. View webcast.

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Plant Health Progress


Evaluation of Soil Fumigants for Management of Verticillium Wilt of Peanut in Texas     
Summary | Article

Screening Exotic Sorghum Germplasm, Hybrids, and Elite Lines for Resistance to a New Virulent Pathotype (P6) of Peronosclerospora sorghi Causing Downy Mildew      Summary | Article

Brote Grande, A New Phytoplasma Associated Disease of Chile Peppers in the Desert Southwest      Summary | Article


Destroy Dead Pines Now      Article

Dow AgroSciences Launches Website to Help Fight Insecticide Resistance      Article

New Publication Available to Help Farmers Identify Crop Pests      Article

BASF and Monsanto Take Dicamba Tolerant Cropping System Collaboration to the Next Level      Article

Quadris Fungicide Applied Early Program Achieves Additional Value      Article

Start Scouting Alfalfa Soon For Insect Activity      Article

Dynasty Seed Treatment Fungicide Now Available for Use on Potatoes      Article

Inspire Super Fungicide Receives EPA Approval for Use on Pome Fruit and Grapes      Article

Tourney Fungicide Registered for Use on Outdoor Ornamentals in New York      Article

Gowan Company, LLC Launches Improved Aza-Direct Biopesticide Formulation      Article

First Year Success: Growers Credit Avicta Complete Corn Seed Treatment for Higher Yields      Article

Agdia Licenses New Rapid, Isothermal DNA Detection      Article

DELEGATE WG Insecticide Makes Resistance Management Easier for Fruit Producers      Article


Crop Management


Intensive Crop Rotation Yield and Economic Performance in Minimum Tillage and No Tillage in Northeastern Oregon      Summary | Article

Response of Oat and Broadleaf Weeds to Postemergence Herbicides      Summary | Article

The Economics of Harvesting Corn Cobs for Energy      Summary | Article

Effects of Planting Date and Tillage on Winter Canola      Summary | Article


Early Spring Management Practices for Winter Canola     

Sequence, Touchdown HiTech and Touchdown Total Herbicides Receive Label Expansion to Include Sugarbeets       Article

Volunteer Corn Reduces Yield in Corn and Soybean Crops      Article

Soybean Checkoff’s Retooled Website Serves and Informs U.S. Soybean Farmers      Article

Cereal Rotations Help Growers Go on Offensive Against Resistant Waterhemp      Article

Tips for a More Efficient Fertilizing Future       Article

Early Spring Growth Determines Wheat Management Practices      Article

Experts Recommend Residuals in Resistance Management Programs      Article

Alfalfa Fertility Needs Can Be Met Now      Article

New Alfalfa Varieties Offer Growers Choices for Multiple Environments in 2011      Article

Study Determining Best Practices to Manage Burcucumber in Corn      Article

Musk Thistle Biology and Control      Article

Farmers: One-pass Weed Control Program Economical       Article

Partnering for Better Biotech Sorghum Products      Article

Nitrogen and Fungicide Applications for Wheat Fields      

Transitioning to Organic Farming      Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Growth Stage Influences Forage Yield and Quality of Winter Rye     Summary | Article

Switchgrass Cultivar Establishment, Iron Chlorosis, and Biomass Yield in Southwest and Southeast Kansas     Summary | Article


Soil Type Affected Cowpea Forage Nutritive Value     Summary | Article


Stressed Forages Need Some TLC for a Successful 2011 Crop     Article

Despite Snow, Dry Conditions Still Affecting Wheat Pasture Cattle Operations     Article

Extension Specialist Offers Cold-Weather Cow Management Insight     Article

Nutrient Record-Keeping Proves Important for All Producers     Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Forage Kochia (Kochia prostrata) Increases Nutritional Value, Carrying Capacity, and Livestock Performance on Semiarid Rangelands      Summary | Article


Social Media Tools Reach Out to Sheep and Goat Producers      Article

Grazing of Cattle Pastures Can Improve Soil Quality      Article

Adding Legumes to Your Pasture      Article

Applied Turfgrass Science


Bearded Sprangletop Control in Turfgrass Sod Production      Summary | Article

Fall Applications of Mesotrione For Annual Bluegrass Control in Kentucky Bluegrass      Summary | Article


Updated UF Scientific Report Explains Relationship Between Turf Grass, Water Quality      Article

'Weed and Feed' Your Lawn Responsibly to Protect the Environment      Article

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