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Number 122: March 28, 2012

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From the Network ...

Sports Turf Managers Association Partners With PMN

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Plant Management Network welcomes the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) as its latest partner. STMA is a not-for-profit, worldwide professional association for men and women who manage sports fields. Since 1981, STMA and its 34 local chapters comprising 2,800 members have been providing education and information, as well as sharing practical knowledge in the art and science of sports field management. Learn more about STMA. To learn more about partnership and its benefits to your organization, please contact

Now Featuring: Plant Disease Management Reports

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Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) are an excellent resource for any individuals involved with crop disease management. They can potentially save users and their clients thousands of dollars. PDMR provides short, one-page trial reports evaluating various fungicides, nematicides, biological controls, and cultural practices used over the past 12 years through today. These 6,800 peer-reviewed university trials evaluate a product’s ability to control plant diseases on the crops they’re labeled for. They cover nearly 200 host crops, including various fruits, vegetables, nuts, turfgrasses, grain crops, and legumes. Learn more about this invaluable resource in this 11-minute webcast by Dr. Gerald Holmes, Product Development Manager at Valent U.S.A.

Acknowledgement of 2011 Reviewers

Plant Management Network staff and the editors of PMN's peer-reviewed journals − Applied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, and Plant Health Progress − would like to recognize and thank the more than 320 reviewers who have helped to ensure we publish quality, science-based information for researchers and practitioners. View list.

Focus on Tomato Launch Update

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Thanks in great part to our sponsors, the Plant Management Network will be adding Focus on Tomato, to its family of webcast resources in early April. Focus on Tomato’s latest webcasts will soon be unveiled to vegetable commodity groups, university tomato specialists, various member-based societies, and the media. PMN Update subscribers are invited to preview of one the three new webcasts to be unveiled during this launch: “Pre-harvest Food Safety Practices for Tomato” by Dr. Jeri Barak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Root-Knot Nematode Management Featured in Focus on Soybean Webcast

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Root-knot nematodes are a major economic pest in soybeans in the southern U.S. The latest Focus on Soybean presentation by Dr. Terry Kirkpatrick, professor at the University of Arkansas Southwest Research and Extension Center, discusses the latest management strategies of this pest, including resistant soybean cultivars, rotating to poor or non-host crops periodically, and the application of nematicides. Kirkpatrick also discusses various factors, including soil type, soybean cultivar, and nematode population density, and their influence on yield loss potential. View presentation.

Focus on Corn Webcast Discusses Corn-Alfalfa Rotations

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Rotating alfalfa with corn can increase corn yield potential due to various factors. In this latest Focus on Corn presentation, titled “Nitrogen Management for First-year Corn After Alfalfa” Dr. Jeff Coulter at the University of Minnesota helps viewers understand factors that affect the response of first-year corn to fertilizer N. He also addresses related issues such as alfalfa termination timing, alfalfa regrowth prior to termination, and side-dressing of nitrogen.

Sugar Management is Latest Topic Covered in Focus on Potato

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Sugar management is an important factor for potato crops. In this month’s Focus on Potato presentation, titled “Sugar Management in Storage,” Dr. AJ Bussan from the University of Wisconsin guides viewers through sugar management of tubers during various stages of crop management and storage. This talk offers guidance on in-season practices, best practices and timing during potato harvest, preconditioning in storage, and storage management.

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Pecan Weevil Biology, Management and Control Strategies  Article

Poncho/VOTiVO Seed Treatment Boosts Corn and Soybean Yields  Article

Crop Management

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Effect of Planting Methods on Spring Canola (Brassica napus L.) Establishment and Yield in the Low-Rainfall Region of the Pacific Northwest  Summary | Article

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Tifton Researchers Make Strides in Organic Peanut Production  Article

Keep the Brakes on Planting a Little Longer  Article

Corn Planting Starts Early in Louisiana  Article

Early Herbicide Applications Could Fail Farmers, Specialist Says  Article

Pesticide Additives Cause Drifting Droplets, but Can be Controlled  Article

Unusually Warm Spring May Cause Stored Grain Problems  Article

Ohio State Expert: Warm Winter May Bring Early Insects, but Effect on Field Crops Depends more on Weather and Growers’ Planting Dates  Article

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New Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System to Extend Weed Control and Maximize Yield  Article

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