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Number 134: March 29, 2013

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From the Network ...

Crop Management Seminar Webcasts Published in PMN


PMN has launched webcasts of Cotton Incorporated’s 2012 Crop Management Seminar talks, originally given in Tunica, Mississippi in November 2012. Collectively, 24 webcasts were produced, covering the latest developments and cutting edge recommendations on the protection and production of cotton crops. All webcasts are freely available and can be accessed at

Need to produce proceedings for a meeting, symposium, or seminar? PMN can help. Please contact Phil Bogdan at to learn more.

Volume 7 of Plant Disease Management Reports Published


The latest volume of Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR), an online collection of efficacy reports for plant disease controls, has been published. This seventh volume contains 402 searchable reports on the effectiveness of fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls of agricultural and horticultural crops. First-year individual subscribers can access all volumes of PDMR, F&N Tests, and B&C Tests online for $10 off the regular of $45 rate or the $38 discounted rate for members of qualifying partner organizations. Just use coupon code PDMR10 in our Yahoo! Store. Subscribe today!

PMN Produces Two New ‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcasts


Slug Management on Soybean
This presentation by Dr. Ron Hammond at Ohio State University will help users in the Midwest, Eastern, and Mid-Atlantic regions manage their slug problems in field crops when using no-till production practices. It covers the basic biology of slugs and how it relates to grower practices, and then discusses an IPM approach to managing the problem. View presentation | View other soybean talks

Value of Residual Herbicide in Reduced Soybean Stands
This webcast by Dr. Vince Davis at the University of Wisconsin will help users in the North Central U.S. evaluate the importance of residual herbicide use in soybean systems to maximize profit and proactively manage for herbicide resistance. The cost of soybean seed is dramatically increasing, and this presentation discusses the interaction and relative importance of residual herbicide verses extra soybean plants in the canopy. View presentation | View other soybean talks

Late Blight Management, Forecasting Discussed in Latest ‘Focus on Potato’ Webcast


This talk by Dr. Bill Fry at Cornell will help users understand late blight forecasts and to manage late blight more effectively. First, the epidemiological basis for (potato) late blight forecasts is described. The presentation then describes a Decision Support System (DSS) that can be used in “real time” as an aid in scheduling fungicide sprays. The DSS integrates the effect of weather, host resistance and fungicide to assure adequate disease suppression. View presentation | View other potato talks

Bacterial Blight Screening, Management Highlighted in Latest ‘Focus on Cotton’ Talk


The presentation by Dr. Tom Allen at Mississippi State University will provide users with valuable information regarding the symptoms of bacterial blight of cotton as well as the mechanisms that allow the disease to occur, thrive and spread in a cotton field. In addition, viewers will be briefed regarding a new research project to provide cotton farmers with a valuable method to screen commercially available cotton cultivars for the presence of the bacterium in cotton seed. View presentation | View other cotton talks

New ‘Focus on Corn’ Webcast Offers Slug Management Tactics for No-Till Corn


This seminar by Dr. Ron Hammond at Ohio State will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the Midwest, Eastern, and Mid-Atlantic regions manage their slug problems in field crops when using no-till production practices. It will cover basic biology of slugs including life history and how it relates to grower practices, and then discuss an IPM approach to managing the problem. By the end of this presentation, the practitioner should know more about slugs in field crops, and be able to appropriately manage slugs. View presentation | View other corn talks

Perennial Weed Management is Focus of Latest Tomato Webcast


The webcast by Dr. Steve Weller at Purdue summarizes weed types, examples of problem perennial weeds and a discussion of techniques available for managing these weeds. The emphasis of this talk is on site preparation, elimination of perennial weeds before tomato crop planting and methods to manage perennial weeds in the tomato crop. Discussion will also include perennial weeds management in rotation crops, especially agronomic crops, as there are many more tools available for chemical management in agronomic crops. View presentation | View other tomato talks

Resource Spotlight: Applied Turfgrass Science


Applied Turfgrass Science is a peer-reviewed, applied journal covering the many aspects of turfgrass management for golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, and other turf professionals. This resource features research, reviews, diagnostic guides, briefs, and news to help these professionals manage their crops even more effectively. Individual subscribers can access Applied Turfgrass Science and all other Plant Management Network resources, for $38-$45 yearly. Subscribe Today!

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First Report of Powdery Mildew (Microsphaera palczewskii) on Siberian Peashrub in Montana  Summary | Article

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USDA Approves New Agrisure Duracade Trait From Syngenta   Article

Asian Soybean Rust Found Earlier This Year  

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Effect of Preemergence Herbicides on the Recovery of Bermudagrass from Spring Dead Spot   Summary | Article

Phosphorous Availability In Turfgrass Root Zones After Applications of Organic and Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizers   Summary | Article


New Handbook of Turfgrass Insects, Second Edition   Article

Crop Management

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Evaluation of an Organic Copolymer Fertilizer Additive on Phosphorus Starter Fertilizer Response by Corn  Summary | Article

Comparison of Pyroxasulfone, S-metolachlor, and Mesotrione for Weed Control in Sweet Corn on Organic Soils  Summary | Article


Strip-Till Systems Provide Key Benefits for Corn  

TerraCyte PRO Effectively Reduces Liverwort  

Syngenta Offers Recommendations to Minimize Losses From Winterkill Damage in Wheat   Article

USDA Approves New Agrisure Duracade Trait From Syngenta   Article

Burndown Strategies With the Calendar Running Out and Crop Mix in Question   Article

Achieve Optimum Planting Depth This Spring  

Planting, Growing and Harvesting Onions  

DEKALB Root System Delivers Deeper Roots to Help Plants Withstand Drought Stress This Planting Season  

Modeling the Agricultural Impacts of Weather Events  

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Risks and Benefits of Applying Boron Fertilizer to Soybeans   Article

Tomatoes Need Blue Light    Article

Montana State University Extension Offering New Publications to Reduce Volatilization Loss From Nitrogen Fertilizers   Article

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Wet Winter, Late Freeze Affect Wheat Crop  

Understanding the Historical Probability of Drought  

Taking the Phenomics Revolution Into the Field  

DuPont Pioneer Research Investment Yields 132 New Products for 2013 Season   Article

Smartphones, Tablets, and Apps for the Agronomist  

Irrigation Methods Compared for Highbush Blueberry Plants   Article

Know How Much you Have Before Applying More  

Fierce Herbicide Receives EPA Registration in Soybeans   Article

Marrone Bio Innovations Submits New Bioherbicide for EPA Registration   Article

Bollgard II Xtendflex Cotton Designed to Offer Farmers Extended Weed Control Options With Triple-Mode-of-Action Herbicide Tolerance   Article

Professor Fred Below Shares the Six Secrets of Soybean Success   Article

Syngenta Rescues Farmers From Data Deluge  

DuPont Says Farmers Want Actionable Whole-Farm Insights   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Irrigation and Nitrogen Treatments Slightly Affected Teff Yield and Quality in the Southwestern USA   Summary | Article


Organically Grown Alfalfa Offers Opportunities  

Forage More Valuable Today   Article

Looking Ahead to Spring Pasture Management  

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