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Issue 168: March 31, 2016 

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"From the Network" News

Featured Title: Compendium of Sunflower Diseases and Pests

This practical crop management diagnostic and management guide helps users scout and treat diseases, insect pests, and common disorders of sunflowers. It also contains useful chapters on the uses, breeding, and production of sunflower crops. Learn more.




New Fungicide, Biocontrol, and Nematicide Trials Published in PDMR

Volume 10 of Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) is now live, and it includes more than 400 new trials on the latest fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls used for various crops. Access 11,000+ efficacy trials for just $40 or $50 yearly through the Plant Management Network. Subscribe today.

ASA, CSSA, and SSSA members: Access Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management through the ACSESS Digital Library. Learn more.


Write PMN into Your Next Grant

PMN provides affordable, measureable, impactful communications that can lead more practitioners to your outreach communications, such as websites, eXtension pages, and journal articles. Learn more


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"Focus on" Webcasts


Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn - Tamra Jackson-Ziems, University of Nebraska–Lincoln



Selection and Use of Sensors for Cotton Irrigation Management in Humid Regions - Brian G. Leib, The University of Tennessee

Capturing Value From Precision Agriculture Data: Big Data in Ag - Terry Griffin, Kansas State University

Overview of Cotton Incorporated’s Cotton Cultivated Website - Ryan Kurtz, Cotton Incorporated 

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PMN Crop News


Consider Applying Boron on Soybeans  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Terminating Cover Crops - What's Your Plan?  -   Iowa State University

Using Liquid Manure to Fertilize Wheat? Consider Timing, Nitrogen Content  -   The Ohio State University

Risks of Saving and Replanting Roundup Ready Soybean Seed from Harvest  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Agnition Launches First Microbial Catalyst Corn Seed Treatment  -   Agnition

Spring Wheat Management - Time to Pay Attention  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Applying a Starter is Doable  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Potatoes Wild With Calcium  -   American Society of Agronomy

Phosphorus: Keeping it for the Crop  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Forage and Rangeland Management

Springtime Means Grazing Resumes; Producers Need to Prepare  -   University of Arkansas

Insect Pests / Entomology

Approaches for Managing Corn Rootworm in Iowa  -   Iowa State University

Grain Sorghum Growers Urged to Look Out for Sugarcane Aphids  -   Texas A&M University

Sivanto Prime Insecticide Provides Excellent Sugarcane Aphid Control  -   Bayer CropScience

EPA Moves to Ban Insecticide Belt; Could Have Major Impact for Arkansas Growers  -  University of Arkansas


Climate Change May Redraw Map of Places to Grow Cold-Sensitive Crops  -   University of Idaho

Researchers Want to Know What’s Limiting Soybean Growth  -   The Ohio State University

Soybean Field Rolling May Help You Increase Harvest Efficiency, Says Extension Agronomist  -   United Soybean Board

Leading Decision Agriculture Nitrogen Management Service Goes Mobile  -   DuPont Pioneer


Managing Two Soybean Pests to Optimize Yield  -   Illinois Soybean Association

Plant Diseases

New Edition of Best-selling Corn Management Reference Just Launched  -   The American Phytopathological Society

Battling the Blight  -   American Society of Agronomy

New Treatment May Prevent Losses From Apple Scab  -   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

DEKALB Disease Shield Traits Offer Industry-Leading Protection Against Major Corn Diseases  -   Monsanto Company

Blueberry Types Identified for Resistance, Susceptibility to Pathogen  -   American Society of Horticultural Sciences

Turf Management

The Hangover IV: Bermudagrass Edition  -   North Carolina State University

Weed Management

Roundup Ready PLUS Crop Management Solutions Offers Updated Product Recommendations and Incentives for Corn, Soybean and Cotton Farmers in 2016  -  Monsanto Company 

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Featured Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress


Effects on Soybean of Prophylactic In-furrow Application of Insecticide and Fertilizer in Minnesota and Ohio

Susceptibility of Hop Cultivars to Downy Mildew: Associations with Chemical Characteristics and Region of Origin

Determination of Fungicide Resistance in Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry in the Central Coast Region of California

Survey Reports

Diseases and Disease Management Strategies Take Top Research Priority in the Watermelon Research and Development Group Members Survey (2014 to 2015)

Distribution and Abundance of Heterodera glycines and Macrophomina phaseolina in Ohio


Re-evaluation of MelCast for Fungicide Scheduling in Mid-Atlantic Watermelon

A Quantitative Disease Severity Rating Scale for Northern Corn Leaf Blight 

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Last Month's Most Popular Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress: A Quantifiable Disease Severity Rating Scale for Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean

Crop, Forage, & Turfgrass Management: Seed-applied Fungicide and Inoculant Interactions for Late-planted Soybean in the Mid-southern United States 

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