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Issue 194: April 1, 2019
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Low Substrate pH-Induced Iron/Manganese Toxicity of New Guinea Impatiens: A Diagnostic Guide” fills a gap in documentation by providing an illustrated catalog of low substrate pH-induced iron and/or manganese toxicity in the popular bedding plant New Guinea impatiens.
Trending2_PMNUpdate194.jpgBradley et al. spent 7 years collecting isolates of Cercospora sojina, causal agent of frogeye leaf spot of soybean, and present their data and suggestions for integrated management practices in “Widespread Occurrence of Quinone Outside Inhibitor Fungicide-Resistant Isolates of Cercospora sojina, Causal Agent of Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean, in the United States.”
PeerReviewed.gifSubmit Your Paper to Plant Health Progress
Plant Health Progress (PHP), a science-based, electronic outreach journal, is seeking high-quality manuscripts. Share your knowledge with plant health practitioners worldwide by submitting a manuscript today.
Focus on Cotton
Kip Balkcom shares cover crop management advice for growers, consultants, and practitioners throughout the Southeast. He discusses the associated costs of establishing and terminating cover crops and emphasizes the importance of picking the right crop mixture. 
The 2018 Mississippi State University (MSU) Row Crop Short Course showcased growers, industry experts, and row crop specialists covering topics such as nematode management, weed control, off-target movement of herbicides, and the 2019 economic outlook. Through the support of Cotton, Inc., 20 of these presentations are now available online. 
FocusOnWheat_PMNUpdate194.jpgPMN’s Newest Focus: Wheat 
PMN is launching “Focus on Wheat,” a series of open-access webcasts highlighting the latest in wheat research. Current installations include “Wheat Stem Sawfly in Wheat” and “Managing the Wheat–Mite–Virus Complex Across the Great Plains” (a five-part series). To learn more about scheduling or sponsoring a “Focus on Wheat” webcast, inquire at
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PMN is scheduling grant outreach webcast recordings throughout 2019. To get your webcast on the production calendar, send an email to

Ag Engineering

Crop Varieties
Forage and Rangeland Management
Controlling Broomsedge on Pastures - University of Arkansas
Insect Pests / Entomology
Proper Spring Grain Drying and Storage Critical - North Dakota State University
Opening Soon: Second Submission Period for PDMR, Vol. 13
Get ready for the second submission period, which opens April 10. See the simplified submission  directions online, along with formatting guidelines and samples of tables and reports. Also see the nearly 350 reports from the first submission period, now online.
The editors of the forthcoming Compendium of Herb Diseases and Pests are seeking high-quality images of a variety of herb plants. Submitters will need to identify the host, disease, pathogen, and identification method when uploading their photos.  
Plant-Pathogenic Acidovorax Species, edited by S. Burdman and R. R. Walcott, is the first comprehensive publication on these increasingly important threats to major food crops, including corn and wheat. Get your copy now!
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