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Number 75: April 22, 2008

PMN March Traffic Is Record Month

Since it’s inception in 2000, Plant Management Network and it’s journals have enjoyed increasing monthly web traffic. March 2008 set a new record high with 31,017 site visitors. 

Northeast Land-Grant UConn Is Newest PMN University Partner

PMN welcomes the University of  Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. UConn serves Connecticut through a variety of research, outreach education, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The College has as its primary mission education based on research that focuses on agriculture, the environment, food, families, and quality of life. The College provides high-quality, broad-based educational opportunities that prepare graduates to address the challenges of life today; expands the frontiers of knowledge through research; and enhances economic opportunities and quality of life for people of Connecticut and beyond. The College maintains livestock, greenhouses, forested lands, gardens, and other operations for teaching, research, outreach education, and service programs. More>>

PMN welcomes all land-grant and academic/research institutions worldwide in building a true network in the applied agricultural and horticultural sciences. For information on the partners program, please visit us online or inquire by email.

Is Your Library Subscribed?

An increasing number of international libraries are joining PMN’s growing list of institutional subscribers. Gain access by recommending that your library subscribe today.

Focus on Soybean Announces New Webcasts

Keeping on pace to add to its educational offerings on a monthly basis, Focus on Soybean has posted two new webcasts: Fungicide Seed Treatments for Soybean, by Carl Bradley, and The Soybean Checkoff: Shaping the Future of the Industry, by David Wright. Both presentations, together with all PMN journals and resources, are available within a single low-cost subscription.

Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR), Volume 2, Now Online

First submission reports for PDMR 2008 were published in April. Published reports compare the disease management potential of fungicides and nematicides, biological materials, cultural techniques, and varieties. PDMR is published by the American Phytopathological Society and is available exclusively to subscribers and partners of the Plant Management Network. Beginning with Volume 1, PDMR combines the former publications Fungicide and Nematicide Tests and Biological and Cultural Tests for the Control of Plant Diseases. PDMR is available under the “Resources” tab at

PHP Editor's Pick

Phytophthora species are an important group of plant pathogens able to easily spread in contaminated water, which makes these organisms a constant threat and concern in commercial plant nurseries. Thorsten Ufer and associates tested filtration systems for their ability to eliminate Phytophthora species from recycled water in commercial nurseries over a four-year period. Read about the success of these filtration systems under commercial nursery conditions.

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Crop Management

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Applied Turfgrass Science


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Bentgrass Cultivar and Annual Nitrogen Regime Affects Seasonal Shoot Density   Summary | 


Can't Make That Putt? Blame the Nematodes   Article

Wireless Monitoring Savings Calculator for Florists and Nurseries Now Available   Article

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Forage and Grazinglands


Conserving Water Through Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa in the Intermountain Area of California Summary | Article

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