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Number 99: April 20, 2010

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Wolf Trax Is PMN's Newest Industry Partner

Plant Management Network welcomes Wolf Trax to the PMN industry partners program. Wolf Trax manufactures and markets innovative plant health products, including DDP® Micronutrients and PROTINUSTM Seed Nutrition Product. The unique, patented DDP Technology offers growers significant nutritional benefits over traditional micronutrient products. Wolf Trax is driven by innovation, and supports products and customers with superior quality, extensive research and development, and outstanding technical and sales support. >>more 

Please join PMN’s industry, nonprofit, and land-grant university partners in support of our not-for-profit mission to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. For details, please contact us.

PMN Publishes New Potato Webcast

Potassium and Chloride in Potatoes by Don Horneck, Oregon State University, will help growers and consultants in most potato growing regions. After viewing, practitioners should be able to make a decision on when a chloride or sulfate based fertilizer is appropriate for fertilization. PMN thanks the potato industry leaders that make this and other Focus on Potato webcasts possible. Please consider a sponsorship for your organization.

Focus on Soybean Has New Webcast

Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybean by Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University, offers two presentations on the biology and management of this insect. After viewing, practitioners should be able to identify and estimate field densities of bean leaf beetle. In addition, they will understand the economic importance of this insect and make profitable management decisions.

Positions Available

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*Assistant Professor, Environmental Science/Water Quality
*Director of Plant Diagnostic Clinic & Extension Associate
*Associate Plant Scientist
*Associate Plant Scientist
*Associate Plant Scientist
*Potato Chipstock Sales Associate

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Trends in Dry Matter Yield Following Differential Broiler Litter Application from a Soil Enriched with Organic Matter and Phosphorus   Summary | Article


Springtime Decisions Impact Dairy Profit for the Next Year     Article

Manure Application   Article

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Relative Susceptibility of Selected Apple Cultivars to Apple Scab Caused by Venturia inaequalis   Summary | Article

Control of Helicoverpa zea in Tomatoes with Chlorantraniliprole Applied Through Drip Chemigation    Summary | Article


Sorbaria sorbifolia is a New Host for Rhodococcus fascians    Summary | Article


White Mold Devastation in Midwest Still Fresh in Growers’ Minds   Article

Seed Treatment Gives Tomatoes a Fresh Start   Article

Voliam Xpress Insecticide Receives California Label Expansion to Include Potatoes, Tree Fruit and Tree Nuts    Article

Durivo Insecticide Receives California Approval on New Soil Application Methods   Article

Protect Pollinators When Using Pesticides   Article

Last Year's Moldy Corn Problems Could Carry into 2010 Growing Season   Article

What Discolors Beans?   Article

Wheat Stripe Rust, Leaf Rust Found in Texas Wheat   Article

Diverse Wheat Tapped for Antifungal Genes     Article

Bayer CropScience Launches Internet-Based Crop Compendium   Article

Revus Fungicide Receives Approval for Shorter Restricted Entry Interval   Article

Plant Bug Management, Consistent Yield Advantage Reasons to Plant DP 0935 B2RF   Article

Soybean Seed Treatments Offer Protection in Adverse Planting Conditions   Article


Applied Turfgrass Science


Using Cultural Practices and Leaf Mulch to Control Weeds in Established Turfgrass    Summary | Article

Evaluation of Green Turf Colorants as an Alternative to Overseeding on Putting Greens   Summary | Article

Cultivar Response of Seeded Bermudagrass to Leaf Spot and the Influence of Nitrogen on Disease Severity   Summary | Article


When Mowing Lawns, Length is Important   Article

Improved Formulation Now Available for Arena 0.25 G Insecticide   Article

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