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Number 135: April 30, 2013

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Organics Proceedings Published in Crop Management Journal


The proceedings of ‘USDA Organic Farming Systems Research Conference,’ which took place in March 2011 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has been launched on PMN. This open-access collection of research, reviews, and perspectives provides a diverse discussion around organic farming systems in the United States. Presentation topics run the gamut of dimensions, from the agronomic and economic to the ecological and social. View proceedings.

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Resource Spotlight: Forage and Grazinglands


Forage and Grazinglands is a peer-reviewed, applied journal covering the many aspects of rangeland management. This resource provides research, reviews, guides, briefs, and news to help users better manage their rangelands and their stock for meat and dairy production. Individuals can access Forage and Grazinglands and all other Plant Management Network resources for just $38-$45 yearly. Subscribe Today!

Increase Double-Cropped Soybean Yield Through Latest ‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcast


This presentation by Dr. David Holshouser, Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist at Virginia Tech, helps consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the Mid-Atlantic region implement practices to increase yields of soybean planted after small grain harvest. Specifically, the presentation discusses the main differences between full-season and double-cropped soybean and makes recommendations to enhance double-cropping advantages and minimize disadvantages. By the end of this presentation, viewers will better understand practices and techniques that will allow them or their clients to improve double-cropped soybean production.
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The Effects of Glyphosate, Glyphosate Management Discussed in ‘Focus on Potato’


In this talk, Dr. Andrew Robinson, Assistant Professor and Extension Potato Agronomist at North Dakota State University, helps growers, consultants, and other practitioners in all regions of the potato industry to better understand and identify the effects of glyphosate in potatoes and how it can be managed. The presentation provides a short background on glyphosate, describes injury symptoms of glyphosate in potatoes, and details symptoms of glyphosate residues that remain in seed through storage and are planted the following year. Strategies to manage glyphosate in potato are also discussed.
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PMN Produces Two New ‘Focus on Corn’ Webcasts:


Irrigated Water Management Tools: This two-part webcast is authored by Dr. Bill Kranz at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In Part I of the presentation, Dr. Kranz discusses procedures for preparing soil water sensors and how to install them in the field. In Part II, Kranz teaches viewers how to use a modified atmometer to verify that soil water sensors are responding correctly. Several water conservation practices are also discussed in this talk, including crop residue management, planting a shorter season hybrid and reducing the plant population. By the end of the presentation, the viewer will have the necessary information to initiate an irrigation scheduling program and find additional information.
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Nitrogen Management of Corn Related to Weeds: This learning module by Dr. Laura Lindsey, Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University, addresses three specific questions: “How does nitrogen application rate and critical time of weed removal influence corn grain yield?” “How much nitrogen do weeds remove?” and lastly, “What happens to nitrogen in weeds?” By the end of this presentation, the user should know more about nitrogen uptake of weeds in a corn grain production system and how that nitrogen is eventually released back to the soil after weeds are controlled.
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Proper Handling of Round Cotton Modules Featured in Latest ‘Focus on Cotton’ Talk


This presentation by Dr. Tommy Valco, Cotton Technology Transfer Coordinator at USDA-ARS, will help cotton producers, custom harvesters and ginners reduce the chance of plastic contamination in the cotton bale. The rapid adoption of round modules has caused some problems and concerns in the handling and processing round cotton modules. When round modules are handled improperly, the potential for plastic contamination in the cotton bale is increased. This presentation will review the proper methods of handling round modules in the field and the gin.
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Forage and Grazinglands

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DuPont Pioneer Publishes Reference Manual About Silage Production   Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto Cross-License Advanced Corn Trait Technology, Designed to Provide Exceptional New Tools for Weed and Insect Management   Article

New BASF Sequential Fungicide Application Program Controls Disease, Drives Yield   Article

Penn State Extension Monitors Insect Populations to Determine When Levels are Economically Damaging   Article

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Crop Management

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Proceedings: USDA Organic Farming Systems
Research Conference

Organic Farming Systems Research Conference: Exploring Agronomic, Economic, Ecological, and Social Dimensions Introduction

Comparing Organic and Conventional Farming Systems: Metrics and Research Approaches Review

The Long-Term Agroecological Research (LTAR) Experiment Supports Organic Yields, Soil Quality, and Economic Performance in Iowa Research

Productivity, Economics, and Soil Quality in the Minnesota Variable-Inputs Cropping Systems Trial Research

Increasing Crop Rotation Diversity Improves Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Performance of Organic Grain Cropping Systems at the USDA-ARS Beltsville Farming Systems Project Perspective

Perspective on Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial Perspective

Organic Data and Research from the ARMS Survey: Findings on Competitiveness of the Organic Soybean Sector Research

A Cost Comparison of Organic and Conventional Apple Production in the State of Washington Research

USDA Support for Organic Agriculture Across the Research, Education, and Economics (REE) Agencies Perspective

Organic Research Activities of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service Perspective

Research Activities on Organic Production and Marketing in USDA’s Economic Research Service Perspective

Organic Data - National Agricultural Statistics Service Perspective

Supporting Organic Agriculture in USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Perspective

Social Dimensions of Organic Production and Systems Research Research

Organic Agriculture’s Contribution to Sustainability Perspective


Wheat Freeze Damage Provides Opportunity to Rotate to Cotton   Article

Excessive Rains May Lead to a Loss of Nitrogen in Wheat Fields   Article

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Enter Into Cross-Licensing Agreements for Next-Generation and Enabling Technologies   Article

Farmers Plan to Out-Smart 'Watch-Out' Weeds This Season   Article

Spring Planting: Planting Corn During Optimal Time One Key in Getting Corn Planting Off to Good Start

Nitrogen Key to Uptake of Other Corn Nutrients, Study Shows   Article

Corn Requires Favorable Soil Temperature for Uniform Germination and Emergence   Article

Planting Early Corn and Soybeans: Pick Warm Days With Favorably Warm Conditions in the Forecast

Anticipated Corn Planting Dates Still in Range for High Yield Expectations   Article

Successful Nutrient Management Begins With Soil Sampling   Article

Mississippi State University Pushes Riser Plan for Efficient Crop Irrigation   Article

New Sugarbeet, Sunflower Seed and Planting Resources at Growers’ Fingertips   Article

Ohio State Weed Specialist: Do Legwork to Stop Spread of Costly Herbicide-Resistant Weeds   Article

Palmer Amaranth - A New Weed Threat to Pennsylvania?   Article

Wheat Producers Should Monitor Fields Closely for Freeze Injury   Article

Control of Marestail in No-Till Soybean   Article

Washington State University Leads Development of Heat-Tolerant Grain   Article

Risk Management and Corn Planting   Article

Remote-Controlled Aircraft to Fly Near Hermiston for Potato Research   Article

Establishing a Better Understanding for 2013 Alfalfa Productivity Potential   Article

Scout Winter Wheat at Green-Up to Make Informed, Early-Season Weed Control Decisions   Article

Maintain the Best Soil for Your Crops by Avoiding Compaction   Article

Choosing the Path of Least [Herbicide] Resistance

Research Finds That Elevated Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Trims Wheat, Sorghum Moisture Needs   Article

Zidua Herbicide Receives Federal Registration for Soybeans   Article

Row Spacing Recommendations From Syngenta Help Produce Record-Breaking Soybean Yields

Understanding the Continuous Corn Yield Penalty

Weed Science Society of America Scientists Stress the Importance of Early Response to Invasive Weeds

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