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Number 39: May 17, 2005

Welcome University of Maryland!

The Plant Management Network welcomes the University of Maryland as its newest university partner! The PMN Partnership is supported by Maryland Cooperative Extension (MCE), a statewide, informal education system within the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. MCE educational programs and problem-solving assistance are available to citizens and are based on the research and experience of land-grant universities such as the University of Maryland, College Park. Read more >>

For information on the partners program, contact PMN Partner Relations Manager Joan Quam.

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Fertilizer Rate and Placement Alters Triticale Forage Yield and Quality

Renovating Pastures with Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans

USDA Quarantine Facility to Help Control Invasive Pests

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science

Seasonal Mounding, Colony Development, and Control of Nuptial Queens of the Ant Lasius neoniger

Prediction Modeling for Tropical Signalgrass (Urochloa subquadripara) Emergence in Florida

New Articles from Crop Management

Soybean Development in the Midsouthern USA Related to Date of Planting and Maturity Classification

Yield Loss of Corn Hybrids to Incremental Defoliation

Strip Cutting Alfalfa for Lygus Management: Forage Quality Implications

Quantitative Assessment of Insect Pest Damage to Figs

Managing Tillage, Crop Rotations, and Environmental Concerns in a Whole-Farm Environment

Crop Management Variety Trials

Click here for the following new results:

Missouri 2004 Alfalfa Variety Trial Results

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Comparing Image Format and Resolution for Assessment of Foliar Diseases of Wheat

First Report of Raspberry bushy dwarf virus in Ohio

USDA Announces First Soybean Rust Find of 2005

F&N Tests Publishes Soybean Rust Fungicide Trial Results

Long-Standing Ohio Team Serves as Front Line for Corn, Soybean Viruses

DNA Test Developed to Study, Combat Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat

New Volumes of B&C Tests and F&N Tests Now Available

The following field trials have been added to the PMN website: Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases, Volume 20 (2005), and Fungicide and Nematicide Tests, Volume 60 (2005). They join searchable electronic volumes going back to 2001. Published by The American Phytopathological SocietyB&C and F&N Tests include efficacy data on chemical and nonchemical control of plant diseases for field crops, cereals, forages, vegetables, turfgrass, ornamentals, trees, fruits, nuts, citrus, and tropical crops, as well as seed treatments and nematicides. Access is included for subscribers and partners of the Plant Management Network under the "Resources" tab on the PMN homepage.

F&N Tests Publishes Soybean Rust
Fungicide Trials

Several soybean rust fungicide trials have now been published in Fungicide and Nematicide Tests. Conducted in Brazil, the trials compared twelve fungicide treatments for percent rust infection, area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC), grain yield, and, in two trials, percent defoliation. "Our goal was to make available reliable information regarding fungicide efficacy," said co-author of the reports, Brian Olson. He added, "These trials should be of particular interest to soybean producers, fungicide suppliers, crop advisers, and extension personnel."

"We hope to publish additional soybean rust trials in real time as they become available from within the United States and around the world," said Dan Egel, F&N Tests Editor-in-Chief. Egel added, "We encourage researchers to share their results via F&N Tests. Read more >>

Special instructions for soybean rust real-time submissions are available online at the F&N Tests site." Submissions for real-time publication will be accepted from May 1 through December 31, 2005. Read more >>

PMN $10 Subscription Discount Offer Reminder

Beginning June 30, 2005, PMN will require a subscription to access two of its online journals and other electronic resources. To assure uninterrupted access, readers are encouraged to subscribe early and receive a $10 discount by subscribing online before June 30 using the promotion code PMN405. Read More


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