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Number 100: May 18, 2010

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PMN Welcomes BASF as Industry Partner

BASF Crop Protection is the latest organization to become a partner of the Plant Management Network. BASF offers a variety of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatment technologies that provide the highest level of crop protection. BASF is dedicated to discovering and developing new environmentally-sound agricultural products and technologies, investing $442 million globally each year in research and development to help farmers achieve their goals: healthier plants, higher yields and higher profit potential. >>more

Join the 75 industry, nonprofit, and land-grant university partners that support our not-for-profit mission: to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. Please contact us for details.

Potato Late Blight Webcast Published

Potato Late Blight, by Steve Johnson at the University of Maine, will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners throughout the potato growing regions understand late blight’s cause and disease cycle. It will also define factors leading to the disease, and present management practices that will reduce late blight losses.  This is the fourth in our series of six pre-launch webcasts for Focus on Potato, a web-based resource to help users develop healthier, higher-yielding potato crops.

Focus on Soybean Publishes New Webcast

Soybean White Mold by Paul Esker of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will help practitioners in the North-Central U.S. improve their understanding of the risk factors associated with this disease.  It particularly focuses on the biology of the pathogen (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), symptoms and signs, and risk factors associated with occurrence and disease development. Finally, soybean white mold management is discussed. View dozens of other webcasts at Focus on Soybean.

Plant Disease Management Reports Vol. 4 Now Published

Researchers, product developers, crop consultants, growers, and other practitioners can now access our latest volume of Plant Disease Management Reports. Search more than 400 new trials on the effectiveness of fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls.  This resource covers products labeled for cereals, fruits, vegetables, cucurbits, turfgrasses, forages, ornamentals, and many other agricultural and horticultural crops.

New Section in On-farm Research Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of Iowa State University’s On-farm Research Conference has an entirely new fourth section titled Statistics and Research Design. This section contains two new presentations: “Identifying Good Experiments and Valid Results” and “Statistics for On-Farm Research.” These presentations, authored by Paul Esker of the University of Wisconsin and Phil Dixon at Iowa State, are divided into a total of eight parts.

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*Director of Plant Diagnostic Clinic & Extension Associate
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Applied Turfgrass Science


Tourney Fungicide Receives Registration for Use in New York   Article

SipcamAdvan Continues Support of Golf Course Superintendents, EPA Grants Reduced Signal Word for Echo Ultimate   Article

Crabgrass Is Top Weed in Pennsylvania, So Tackle
it Early   Article

Crop Management


Response of Virginia Market Type Peanut to Planting Pattern and Herbicide Program   Summary | Article

Use of Fly Ash as a Liming Material of Corn and Soybean Production on an Acidic Sandy Soil  Summary | Article

Effect of Nitrogen Rate and Cultivar on Burley Tobacco Yield and Leaf Quality   Summary | Article


No-Till Farming Improves Soil Stability   Article

Valent to Launch Fierce Herbicide   Article

ARS Scientists in North Dakota Help Improve Potato Storage Capabilities   Article

Freezing Temperatures Cause Alfalfa Management Decisions   Article

Applying Soil-residual Herbicides to Emerging Corn   Article

NDSU Offers Strategies for Optimizing Canola Yields   Article

Fertilizer Prices Are Down Compared to Previous Years    Article

Weed Resistance Management Advice Offered by Grower, Retailer, Researchers   Article

Purdue 'Corn and Soybean Field Guide' Available   Article

Jury Still Out in Ohio on Twin-Row Corn Yield Potential   Article

Beyond the Dust Bowl: Challenges in Soil and Water Conservation   Article

How Grass Buffers Keep Agricultural Herbicides at Bay   Article

May Is Time to Thin Peach, Apple Trees   Article

Maximize Soybean Yields with These Tips   Article


Plant Health Progress


Soybean Resistance to Field Populations of Heterodera glycines in Selected Geographic Areas   Summary | Article


First Report of Leaf Smut of Gaillardia × grandiflora Caused by Entyloma gaillardianum in North America   Summary | Article


Scout Early to Combat Potential Problems in Corn, Soybeans   Article

Belt Insecticide is Available for Corn, Cotton and Tobacco Markets   Article

Quash Fungicide Registered for Use in Peanuts   Article

BASF Crop Protection Provides Management Solution for Citrus Black Spot in Florida   Article

Keep an Eye on Pest Pressures on Field Crops   Article

Tomato Blight Threatening South Louisiana Gardens   Article

Pesky Tent Caterpillars Emerging   Article

Wheat Streak Mosaic and Curl Mites Raise Concerns   Article

Alfalfa Weevil   Article

Check for Brown Wheat Mites in Winter Wheat   Article

Early Scouting Recommended for Soybean Aphids   Article

Unusually High Alfalfa Weevil Populations Seen in Parts of Kansas   Article

Tobacco Transplant Diseases on the Rise   Article

Periwinkle Plants Provide Ammunition in the War on Citrus Greening   Article

Spring Scouting Critical for Season Long Pest Control   Article

Website Can Help Growers Predict, Head off Pest Problems   Article

Cutworms.   Article

Manage Citrus Insects with an Effective IPM Program   Article

Presidio Fungicide Registered for Drip Irrigation   Article

Syngenta Incorporates Text Messaging and Twitter into Potato Disease Hotlines   Article

As Honeybee Colonies Collapse, Can Native Bees Get Crops Pollinated?   Article

New Registrations of Belay Insecticide Expand Application Options   Article


Forage and Grazinglands


Nutritional Composition Response to Yield Differences in Brown Midrib, Non-brown Midrib, and Photoperiod Sensitive Forage Sorghum Cultivars   Summary | Article

Long-term Persistence of Synthetic Populations of a Lowland Switchgrass Ecotype and the Cultivar Cave-in-Rock    Summary | Article

Herbicidal Control of Tall Goldenrod in Tall Fescue Hayfields      Summary | Article

Management Guide

Weed Management During Forage Legume Establishment     Summary | Article


Many Factors Affect Alfalfa Harvest Decisions   Article

Get Ready for Early First Harvest of Alfalfa   Article

Eliminating Weeds Could Put More Cows on the Pasture   Article

Lush Pastures Posing a Gassy Problem for Cattle This Spring    Article

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