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Number 112: May 26, 2011

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Two Focus on Corn Webcasts Developed

The Plant Management Network is proud to announce the development of two new webcasts for the Focus on Corn resource:

Residue Management, Nitrogen, and Tillage in Corn
This presentation by Dr. Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois, will help viewers consider harvesting corn stalk residue after grain harvest for use as biofuel.  Basic information about residue is presented, along with results of a study on the effects of residue removal, tillage, and nitrogen on continuous corn grain yields.  Also discussed are other management factors that might need to change if residue is removed, and the effects of removal on sustainability of the continuous corn system.

Weed Competition in Corn
Weed competition in corn has reemerged as an important management consideration as herbicide use patterns in corn have changed with the adoption of Roundup Ready and Liberty Link hybrids.   As a result, growers are observing more fields with early-season weed infestations, and hidden yield losses are occurring because postemergence herbicides are applied later than the optimal timing. In this presentation, Dr. Bill Johnson of Purdue University discusses the aspects of weed competition in corn, nitrogen accumulation by weeds, and the effect of various management strategies on corn yield potential. 

New Focus on Soybean Webcast

Practical Uses for Soybean Physiology, by Chad Lee, University of Kentucky, will help viewers understand physiology in the context of yield.  Section one provides an overview of key stages in soybean growth and development. Section two covers stress.  Not all stress is equal, and stress applied at different stages within soy development results in different yields. Section three covers management of light in soybean through seeding rates. Soybeans at lower plant populations allow for high light interception--and yield.

Latest Focus on Potato Webcast

This presentation, White Mold of Potato by Dennis Johnson at Washington State University, provides an overview and management tactics of white mold, or Sclerotinia stem rot, of potato. It will help viewers understand how white mold can be better managed by modifying the canopy environment and by timing control tactics based on the disease cycle. The presentation offers images of the disease, explains the cause, and defines environmental and plant developmental factors that lead to the disease.

Webcasts for Grant Outreach

The Plant Management Network can build solid impact for your research grant outreach efforts through its professional webcasting.  Your presentations are given a home in PMNs Education Center, are made fully open access, and are promoted through various media channels.  We can also integrate surveys and other outreach communications into your talk. PMN offers time- and cost-efficiency, hosting on a credible, neutral website; a convenient production process; and the ability to reach thousands of practitioners. Contact to learn more.

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