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Number 124: May 30, 2012

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PMN Welcomes Its Latest University Partner

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The Plant Management Network is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Massachusetts. The University of Massachusetts Agriculture and Landscape Program supports a healthy, sustainable environment through University-based research and public education. With programs that support a diverse range of agricultural and horticultural industries, from dairy farms to golf greens to cranberry bogs and greenhouses, the UMass Agriculture and Landscape Program keeps Massachusetts agriculture environmentally friendly and economically healthy, making the Commonwealth a better place to live.

To learn more about the PMN partnership program and how your university, company, or nonprofit can join, please contact

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Honeybees and Seed Treatments Discussed in Latest Corn/Soybean Webcast

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In the Plant Management Network’s latest webcast published in both Focus on Corn and Focus on Soybean, Dr. Christian Krupke, Associate Professor and Extension Entomologist at Purdue University, discusses ways to minimize the chances of honeybee exposure to neonicotinoid-based seed treatments in the corn and soybean fields.

Septoria Leaf Spot Featured in Focus on Tomato

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PMN’s latest Focus on Tomato talk, titled “Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato” by Dr. Tom Zitter, Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at Cornell University, helps researchers and practitioners in the tomato-growing regions better understand Septoria Leaf Spot (SLS) and how to manage this economically important disease.

Focus on Potato Takes on Ag Economics

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Focus on Potato has produced two webcasts on the topics of economics and potato production. Both talks were authored by Dr. Joe Guenthner, professor of ag economics at the University of Idaho. The first presentation, titled “Potato Economics,” will help users understand the economics of potato production, consumption and markets. In this talk, viewers learn about the domestic and international issues that can affect the profitability of potato growing, packing, processing and marketing. The second presentation, titled “Potato Economic Issues 2012” covers four economic issues that will affect the potato industry in 2012. Among other things, viewers will learn about market power in the potato marketing chain, potato production costs, and crop protection and the influence of pests on the competitive position of potato production regions.

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First Mobile App for Landscape and Nursery Professionals Developed by a Team of Plant and Pest Experts From Seven Major Universities  Article

Blossom End Rot Plummets in Purdue-Developed Transgenic Tomato  Article

Dow AgroSciences Launches POWERCORE  Article

Disease Problems Dog Trees Around State  Article

Comprehensive Protection With Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides Helps Maximize Yield Potential  Article

Slug Feeding Injury Rampant for Crop Growers as Near-record Warm Winter Causes the Pests to Attack Weeks Earlier than Normal  Article

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Keep Thrips Down Early With Radiant SC Insecticide  Article

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New Priaxor Fungicide and Merivon Fungicide Now Registered for Use  Article

Tiny Wasp May Hold Key to Controlling Kudzu Bug  Article

Corn Researchers Develop In-Field Aflatoxin Approach  Article

Check Fields for Alfalfa Weevil Populations  Article

Crop Management

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Influence of Distance from Source and Height Above Canopy on Palmer Amaranth Pollen Distribution  Summary | Article

Controlling Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Soybean with Glufosinate-Based and Conventional Herbicide Programs  Summary | Article


Scout Fields Now to Stay on Top of Weed Management Problems  Article

Metric Version of 4R Plant Nutrition Manual is Now Available  Article

Gambling With Resistance   Article

Nitrogen Applications for the 2012 Corn Crop  Article

Specialist: Now is the Time to Consider Post-Emergence Corn Herbicide  Article

Crop Growers Still Have Time to Switch to Corn if Alfalfa Stands Don’t Meet Production Criteria  Article

Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences to Offer Reduced Structured Refuge Stacked Trait Options to Independent Seed Companies  Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Will Sell Soybeans by Seed Count  Article

AgriLife Extension Specialist: Weed Resistance Could Call for a More Diversified Herbicide Plan  Article

Soybean Trials Help Producers Find Earlier Maturing Varieties  Article

University of Minnesota Research Guides Growers on Cover Crop Selection, Planting Date  Article

Shading Helps South Georgia Pepper Farmers Beat the Heat  Article

Corn Growth Stages and Postemergence Herbicides: Size IS Important  Article

Growers Should Focus on Soybean Seeding Rate and Depth  Article

Agricultural Bacteria: Blowing in the Wind  Article

Agronomist: Growers Have Options for Freeze-Damaged Wheat  Article

Dry Weather Causing Some Early Season Concerns  Article

University of Minnesota Extension Examines Production Costs, Profitability Connection  Article

Weed Science Society of America Endorses Strategies to Reduce the Threat of Herbicide Resistance to Agricultural Productivity  Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Launches Replant Calculator  Article

MSU Pesticide Expert Warns That Lingering Herbicides Can Contaminate Gardens, Ornamental Plants  Article

RyzUp SmartGrass PGR Registered for Use in Silage Corn  Article

Some Corn Growers Considering Replanting: Is it Worthwhile?  Article

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Flooding Poses Soil Management Problems  Article

Sudden Death Syndrome a Risk When Planting Soybeans Early Into Cool Soils  Article

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