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Number 136: May 31, 2013

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Resource Spotlight: Fungicides for Field Crops Manual


The goal of Fungicides for Field Crops is to provide an over¬view of the current knowledge of fungicides and their use on field crops. This applied resource combines past knowledge about fungicides with recent developments in field crop fungicides, including fungicide resistance. It highlights the use of fungicides as key tools in the management of field crop diseases and also provides up-to-date management recommendations. This and other highly useful resources are accessible through a Plant Management Network subscription.

Corn Borer Management Discussed in ‘Focus on Corn’ Webcast


This presentation by Scott Stewart, Professor and IPM Specialist at the University of Tennessee, will help users better manage corn borer pests in corn. The information includes a description of biology, feeding symptoms, damage, the monitoring of pest populations and ways to prevent crop losses, including the appropriate use of insecticides and Bt technologies. View presentation | View other corn talks

New ‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcast: Aphid Thresholds in Light of Higher Commodity Values


In this learning module, Kelley Tilmon, Associate Professor and Soybean Extension Specialist at South Dakota State University, addresses the question of whether the economic threshold for treatment of soybean aphid should be lowered or not in light of current high crop values. View presentation | View other soybean talks

Verticillium Wilt of Potato Addressed in ‘Focus on Potato’ Webcast


This presentation by Dennis Johnson, Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at Washington State University, provides an overview of Verticillium wilt of potato and helps users to better understand the epidemiology and management of the disease. The presentation shows representative color images of disease symptoms, describes the disease cycle, and discusses disease management strategies. A distinction is also made between Verticillium wilt and potato early dying. View presentation | View other potato talks

Learn the Basics of Plant Growth Regulators in ‘Focus on Cotton’ Webcast


Through this webcast, users in the Southern U.S. cotton-producing states will understand more about plant growth regulators in cotton production and to achieve optimal cotton yields by using them. Practitioners will specifically learn how plant growth regulators modify plant growth; why growth regulators are used; and how to identify plant growth characteristics or situations in which growth regulator applications may be needed or not needed. View presentation | View other cotton talks

New ‘Focus on Tomato’ Webcast Discusses Chlorosis/Infectious Chlorosis Viruses


This presentation will help users in the Southern and Western Regions of the US, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean identify and manage Tomato infectious chlorosis virus (TICV) and Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV) in tomato This information should also help the user to limit infection. View presentation | View other tomato talks

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Applied Turfgrass Science: Efficacy of Corn Gluten Meal for Common Dandelion and Smooth Crabgrass Control Compared to Nitrogen Fertilizers   Summary | Article

Crop Management: Comparing Organic and Conventional Farming Systems: Metrics and Research Approaches   Review

Forage and Grazinglands: Productivity and Persistence of Summer-active and Summer-dormant Tall Fescue Cultivars in the Southern Great Plains   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: Downy Mildew from Lake Erie Vineyards is Diverse for the G143A SNP Conferring Resistance to Quinone Outside Inhibitor Fungicides   Summary | Article

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Plant Health Progress

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Climatic and Environmental Trends Observed During Epidemic and Non-epidemic Years of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome in Iowa  Summary | Article

Use of Uptake Spraying Oil to Improve Fungicidal Activity of the Triazole Fungicide Fenbuconazole on Puccinia triticina and Puccinia striiformis Rusts of Wheat  Summary | Article

Prevalence and Incidence of Sunflower Downy Mildew in North Dakota Between 2001 and 2011  Summary | Article

Identification, Transmission, and Partial Characterization of a Previously Undescribed Flexivirus Causing a Mosaic Disease of Ash (Fraxinus spp.) in the USA  Summary | Article

A Quick and Simple Method to Evaluate Anisogramma anomala Ascospore Viability  Summary | Article


Pests Without Borders   Article

Thousand Cankers Disease Threatens Missouri Walnut Trees   Article

University of Kentucky Insect Pest Early Warning System Benefits Producers   Article

Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Threat to Tomato Crop   Article

Deltapine NPE Farmers Evaluating RKN-Resistant Variety Lines for Class of 14   Article

ZeroTol 2.0 Effectively Reduces Bacterial Blight in Lilacs   Article

Flower Power Fights Orchard Pests   Article

New Research Proves StorOx 2.0 is an Effective Multi-Purpose Sanitizer   Article

Crop Rotation With Nematode-Resistant Wheat Can Protect Tomatoes   Article

Farming Practices to Minimize Ill Effects on Bees and Other Pollinators   Article

AmplifyRP Acceler8 for FOV4   Article

Syngenta Adds Soybean Fungicide Options to Provide Growers Stress Management and Higher Yields   Article

Be Thankful for a More Normal Spring, but Be Wary of Slugs as Planting Progresses   Article

Fruit-Damaging Fly Could Hit Record Population in Northwest This Year   Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Effects of Mowing and Rolling Frequency, Primo Maxx, and Roller Weight on Annual Bluegrass Putting Green Speed  Summary | Article


Safety of Labeled Herbicides for Broadleaf Weed Control in Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens  Summary | Article


Introducing BioSafe Plant Food From BioSafe Systems   Article

Tumble Windmill Grass   Article

Converting Cool-Season Bluegrass or Fescue to Warm-Season Buffalograss   Article

Crop Management

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Responses of Reniform Nematode and Browntop Millet to Tillage, Cover Crop, and Herbicides in Cotton  Summary | Article


Efficient Irrigation Application Volumes Change Throughout Crop Development   Article

Assessing Nitrogen Needs After Early Season Precipitation   Article

Moist Soil Conditions Good for Planting   Article

Shield Corn Against Early-Season Stress   Article

DuPont Pioneer Highlights Importance of Weed Control Following 2012 Drought   Article

Alleviating Soil Compaction   Article

Soybean Planting Tips for 2013   Article

Topsoil Lost to Rainfall Costs Farmers Money   Article

New Tool Helps Farmers Nip Nitrogen Losses   Article

Controlled-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers Reduce Nitrogen Losses   Article

Wet Winter, Spring Make Nitrogen Carryover Unlikely   Article

Corn Planting Time in a "Normal" Spring   Article

Growers Should Plan Ahead for Energy Beet Production   Article

Website and Blog Share Crop Research to Engage Corn-Belt Farmers   Article

Target Tillage to Protect the Soil   Article

Montana State University Extension: Mid- to Late-Season Nitrogen Fertilizing Can Boost Yield, Protein in Wheat Crops   Article

Long-Term Research Shows Full-Season Corn Hybrids Perform Well Even in Delayed Planting Scenario   Article

Scouting to Get the Most Out of Every Acre   Article

Fertilizers Provide Mixed Benefits to Soil in 50-Year Kansas Study   Article

Weed Science Society of America Pesticide Stewardship Series 09 - Preparation and Oversight Are Vital When Storing a Pesticide   Article

Keep Herbicides Out of Groundwater and Surface Water   Article

Select and Use Herbicides Without Harming the Environment   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Forage Characteristics of Bahiagrass Pastures Overseeded with ‘Ubon’ Stylosanthes  Summary | Article


Range Grazing Readiness Delayed   Article

Tight Forage Supplies are Forcing Changes for 2013 Planting Season   Article

Here it is Again-Roughstalk Bluegrass, a Common Weed This Spring in Small Grains and Hay Fields   Article

Forage Replacements for Lost Alfalfa   Article

University of Minnesota Extension Launches Websites for Forage Shortage, Late Planting Issues   Article

Slow-Growing Pastures Need More Warmth, Not Added Fertility, Says University of Missouri Forage Specialist   Article

Caramelized Sugars May Taste Good, But Mean Lower Protein in Hay   Article

Hey! What About the Hay?   Article

Fungal Disease Wipes Out Alfalfa Weevils in Central Missouri, University of Missouri Entomologist Says   Article

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