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Issue 180: May 8, 2017 

In this Issue
"From the Network" News

PMN Welcomes New Industry Partner
East-West Seed, one of the 10 largest vegetable seed companies in the world, is actively involved in supporting farmers with training and extension information to enhance their knowledge and skills in vegetable production. How? In part, through online resources such as Plant Doctor Online and Knowledge Transfer.

Second PDMR Submission Period Ends on May 15
The close date for our second submission period for Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR), Volume 11 is right around the corner.
View PDMR’s author guidelines, and submit your reports today!

New Open-access Article Discusses Climate Effects on Vectors, Disease Spread
View this transdisciplinary article from APS’s new Phytobiomes journal, titled “
Conflicting Effects of Climate and Vector Behavior on the Spread of a Plant Pathogen” by Drs. Matthew P. Daugherty, Adam R. Zeilinger, and Rodrigo P. P. Almeida.

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"Focus on" Webcasts


Herbicide-resistant Common Ragweed Management in Cotton
- Charlie Cahoon, Virginia Tech

Tank Cleaning
- Fred Whitford, Purdue University


Potato Growth and Development - Mike Thornton, University of Idaho 

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PMN Crop News


Leave the Tilling to Mother Nature - The Ohio State University

Planter Performance - Penn State University

A Better Way to Manage Phosphorus? - American Society of Agronomy

Cover Crops Reduce Loss of Nitrogen and Phosphorus to Waterways - Iowa State University

Six Tips for Early Planting Soybeans - Illinois Soybean Association

Cover, Crimp, Cultivate? - American Society of Agronomy


“Poor Farmer’s Hybrid” Makes Guatemalan Tomato Farmers Smile Again - East-West Seed


Reducing the Risk of Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp Apples - Agro-K

Insect Pests / Entomology

Watch Out for the Pecan Nut Casebearer - The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Scouting for Pests in Iowa Cover Crops - Iowa State University

What’s the Right Recipe to Coat Naked Soybeans? - Illinois Soybean Association

UGA Peanut Entomologist Mark Abney Advises Farmers to Monitor Thrips Activity - University of Georgia

New Altus Insecticide Provides Application Timing Flexibility to Growers Before, During and After Bloom - Bayer CropScience

Managing Weeds, Insects and Diseases Focus of ISU Extension and Outreach - Iowa State University


Calibrate Your Sprayer to Save Money on Pesticides - The Ohio State University

Five Steps for Stewardship of Treated Seed - American Seed Trade Association


Monsanto’s NemaStrike Technology Approved By EPA - Monsanto Company

Know What SCN is Lurking Below Your Soybeans? - Illinois Soybean Association

Plant Disease

Don’t Let Your Small Grains and Forages Catch You By Surprise—Scout Now! - Penn State University

Basic Microbiology Research Study Unexpectedly Uncovers Practical Findings for Corn Growers - The American Phytopathological Society


Keep an Eye on Stored Grain This Planting Season - Iowa State University

Weed Management

Update on Palmer Amaranth in Conservation Plantings - Iowa State University

Musk Thistles May Be a Blooming Weed Problem for Some Oklahoma Pastures - Oklahoma State University

Manage Horseweed/Marestail Before You Plant Soybeans - Penn State University

Two New Mechanisms for Herbicide Resistance Found in Palmer - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Corvus and Balance Flexx Available for Expanded Use in Minnesota - Bayer CropScience 

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Featured Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress

NPDRS Recovery Plans

Recovery Plan for Laurel Wilt of Avocado, Caused by Raffaelea lauricola


Survival of Stenocarpella maydis on Corn Residue in Indiana

Response of Microbial Populations on the Creeping Bentgrass Phyllosphere to Periodic Fungicide Applications

Pachysandra Species and Cultivar Susceptibility to the Boxwood Blight Pathogen, Calonectria pseudonaviculata

First Description of the Causal Agent of Taproot Decline of Soybean, an Emerging Disease in the Southern United States

Fungicide Rotation Programs for Managing Phytophthora Fruit Rot of Watermelon in Southeastern United States

Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management


Buffalograss Divot Recovery as Affected by Nitrogen Source and Rate

Peanut Yield and Injury from Thrips with Combinations of Acephate, Bradyrhizobium Inoculant, and Prothioconazole Applied in the Seed Furrow at Planting

Low Soil Phosphorus and Potassium Limit Soybean Grain Yield in Ohio

Effect of Previous Rotation on Plant Parasitic Nematode Population in Peanut and Crop Yield

Residual Impact of Tall Fescue on Corn, Cotton, and Peanut Yield

Plant Growth Regulator and Nitrogen Applications for Improving Wheat Production in Michigan

Grazing Evaluation of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Forage Systems for Stocker Production in the Lower Transition Zone

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Last Month's Most Popular Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress: Monitoring Using a Sentinel Plant System Reveals Very Limited Aerial Spread of Phytophthora ramorum From Infected Ornamental Plants in a Quarantine Research Nursery

Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management
Dew from Warm-Season Turfgrasses as a Possible Route for Pollinator Exposure to Lawn-Applied Imidacloprid 

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