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Number 137: June 29, 2013

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Resource Spotlight: PMN Proceedings


Proceedings are an excellent way to capture the information shared at a meeting or symposium. They allow attendees to see and hear information they may have missed on cotton crop management, citrus greening, or on-farm research for example. PMN has produced various proceedings over the years and has compiled them into one directory, called PMN Proceedings.

Planning to produce a meeting or symposium proceedings? Please contact to learn how we can help.

Spider Mite Management in Corn   Webcast


Corn Grain Loss to Fall Armyworm and its Associated Fungi, and Optimal Insecticide Spray Timing on the Texas Southern High Plains   Webcast

Rotating New Chemistries in Potato Pest Management   Webcast

Petiole Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool for Improving Potato Nutrition   Webcast

How Soybean Sustainability Can Help You Meet Your Customer Demands and Expand Your Markets   Webcast

Soybean Tolerance to Metribuzin   Webcast

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Applied Turfgrass Science: Effects of Mowing and Rolling Frequency, Primo Maxx, and Roller Weight on Annual Bluegrass Putting Green Speed  Summary | Article

Crop Management: Responses of Reniform Nematode and Browntop Millet to Tillage, Cover Crop, and Herbicides in Cotton  Summary | Article

Forage and Grazinglands: Forage Characteristics of Bahiagrass Pastures Overseeded with ‘Ubon’ Stylosanthes   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: Use of Uptake Spraying Oil to Improve Fungicidal Activity of the Triazole Fungicide Fenbuconazole on Puccinia triticina and Puccinia striiformis Rusts of Wheat  Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress

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White Rot of Garlic and Onion: A Status Report from the Pacific Northwest  Summary | Article


Red Crown Rot of Hop in Oregon Caused by Phomopsis tuberivora  Summary | Article


Managing Caterpillars on Cabbage   Article

Downy Mildew Continues to Expand in Michigan Hopyards and With Rain in the Forecast, Growers Should Apply Protectant Sprays to Minimize Infections   Article

Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Appearing   Article

Scouting Corn for Foliar Diseases and Fungicide Applications   Article

Scout Now for Sporulating American Brown Rot Fungus in Sweet Cherry Orchards   Article

Podcast Helps Soybean Farmers Deal With White Mold   Article

Managing Northern Leaf Blight   Article

Rice Blast Research Reveals Details on How a Fungus Invades Plants   Article

Ohio State University Expert: Growers Should Begin Scouting for Potato Leafhopper in Alfalfa   Article

Pests to Keep in Mind: Black Cutworm, Potato Leafhoppers, and Slugs   Article

TRANSFORM WG Insecticide Receives Federal Registration   Article

CLOSER SC Insecticide Receives Federal Registration   Article

Agdia Announces Diagnostic Solutions for Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus (SVNV)   Article

Destructive Stink Bugs Show Up in Soybeans Earlier Than Expected   Article

Farmers Should Scout for Black Cutworms in Emerging Corn   Article

Wild Turkey Damage to Crops Mostly Exaggerated   Article

Rainy Weather Brings Leaf Spot Disease   Article

New Online Tool Helps Growers Manage Insects   Article

Dow AgroSciencesí In-Plant, Three-Gene Insect Protection in Cotton Receives Federal Registration   Article

DuPont Pioneer Experts Provide Tips for Early-Season Scouting   Article

Grandevo Bioinsecticide Removes Bee Warning From Label   Article

New Articles from . . .

Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Late June is Ideal Time to Treat Lawns for Mole Crickets   Article

Turf and Lawn Tips During Wet, Cool Weather   Article

Purslane Emerging in Thin Areas   Article

Be Careful With Old Pesticides   Article

BASF Launches Pylex Herbicide   Article

BASF Launches Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait   Article

Mobile Weed Manual is Here   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Enhances in Crude Protein and Effects on Fermentation Profile of Corn and Forage Sorghum Silage with Addition of Cowpea  Summary | Article

Productivity of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Grasses Established in Warm-Season Pasture by No-till Overseeding or By Conventional Tillage and Sowing  Summary | Article


High-Quality Forages Help Cut Feed Costs, University of Missouri Specialists Say at Dairy Field Day   Article

For Ranchers Soilís Organic Matter Matters   Article

Ohio State University Expert: Tips to Reduce Hay Drying Time, Produce Quality Forage   Article

Montana State University Pesticide Expert Offers Tips to Reduce Nontarget Injury When Spraying Noxious Weeds   Article

Crop Management

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Efficacy of Tribenuron Alone and Following Preemergence Herbicides in Tribenuron-Resistant Sunflower  
Summary | Article


Effect of Glyphosate Residues on Daughter Seed Potato Growth  Summary | Article


Effect of Weed Competition on Corn   Article

Exercise Caution in Early Wheat Harvest   Article

Assessing Hail Damage to Soybeans in the Early Vegetative Stages   Article

DuPont Pioneer Researchers Develop Custom Product Testing   Article

Some Soybeans Suffer Herbicide Injury, Are Likely to Recover   Article

Enlist E3 Soybeans Approved in Canada   Article

Early Season Weed Control is a Must   Article

Post Weed Control in Soybean   Article

Purple and Yellow Corn Plants   Article

Monsanto's Drought Tolerance Trait in Genuity DroughtGard Hybrids Receives Final Major Import Approval From China   Article

Monsanto Company Receives Final Key Regulatory Approval for Intacta RR2 PRO Soybeans, Setting up Commercial Launch in Brazil   Article

Harvest Conditions on New Alfalfa   Article

Safened Sulfonylurea Herbicides Reduce Risk of Corn Injury   Article

Determining How Late is Too Late to Plant Corn and Soybeans   Article

Growth Study Looks at Nitrogen Loss in Corn   

Tillage Erosion Can Impact Yields   Article

Wheat Production Models Disagree Under Climate Change Scenarios   Article

High Tech Used to Evaluate Soil Fertility for Soybeans and Corn   Article

DuPont Pioneer Introduces Pioneer Field360 Select Software   Article

Uneven Soybean Emergence May Call for Some Growers to Replant   Article

Assessing Nitrogen Needs After Early Season Precipitation   Article

Yellow Corn Leaves Indicate Loss of Nitrogen   Article

Ohio State University Expert: Nozzle Choice Can Determine Yield Gains or Declines, Save Growers Money   

Irrigation Timing Can Affect Soybean Yields   Article

Palmer Amaranth Tough Foe for Cotton Farmers   Article

Soybean Replanting Decisions   Article

Weed Science Society of America Pesticide Stewardship Series 10 - The Applicator Must Ensure That Pesticide Spray Drift Does No Harm   Article

Long-Term Study Shows Soil-Building Benefits of Organic Practices   Article

Iowa State University Updates Method for Rating Soil Productivity   Article

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