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Number 7 : 23 July 2002

The Plant Management Network Advisory Council held its first meeting, 1-2 July 2002, in St. Paul, MN. Advisory Council members include Chair Richard E. Stuckey, Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) - retired; Howard Brown, Growmark, Inc.; James A. Chatfield, Ohio State University; Jim Doolittle, South Dakota State University; Thomas Fry, Pioneer Hi-Bred, Inc.; Sally Schneider, USDA Agricultural Research Service; Luther Smith, International Certified Crop Advisers (ICCA); Allison Tally, Syngenta Crop Protection; and Miles Wimer and Cindy Ash, PMN staff. The function of the council is to represent the diverse needs of PMN stakeholders as the network develops. The full advisory council will continue to be listed at

In addition to complimentary individual subscriptions for faculty, students, and staff, PMN has recently added library subscription access as a benefit for its partner institutions. Access is administered by IP addressing and includes the journals Plant Health Progress and Crop Management, as well as the PMN subscribers database.

Both Crop Management and Plant Health Progress continue to invite contributed papers in the applied plant and agricultural sciences. Submissions are increasing and authors are encouraged to consider these venues for their next publications. The journals are peer-reviewed, permanently citable, and offer page charge-free publication and the use of color illustrations at no charge. Submission guidelines are available at and, respectively.

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Plant Health Progress

Brief: Seed Transmission of Fusarium oxysporum in Common Naranjilla (Solanum quitoense) in Ecuador

Research: Fungi Associated With Postemergence Cotton Seedling Disease in Missouri

Research: Infection of Grape Berry and Rachis Tissues by Phomopsis viticola

Management: Seed Borne Late Blight of Potato

Review: The History and Diseases of Poinsettia, the Christmas Flower

Perspective: Consider Soil Conditions and Other Agronomic Factors When Selecting Soybean Seeding Rates

Industry News: Resource® Herbicide Receives Label for Tank Mix Uses in New York

Industry News: Fulfill® Insecticide Now Labeled for Additional Crops

Crop Management

Crop Management
: A CSSA Leadership Perspective

Crop Management: An Industry Perspective (or Do We Really Need Another Journal?)

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