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Number 29: July 13, 2004

PMN Advisory Council
Meets July 22-23, 2004

The PMN Advisory Council is scheduled to meet later this month at the PMN offices in St. Paul, MN. Chair Richard E. Stuckey seeks input from all PMN users/readers. Please email items for discussion no later than July 20 to

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Phosphorus Fertilization of Tall Fescue Pastures May Protect Beef Cows from Hypomagnesaemia and Improve Gain of Nursing Calves

Using Herbicide and No-Till Planting to Establish Garrison Creeping Foxtail in Wet Meadows

Nitrate Accumulation in Crabgrass as Impacted by Nitrogen Fertilization Rate and Application Timing

New Articles from Crop Management


Potassium Rate Effect on Plant Uptake and Forage Yield of Barley Grown in an Arid Environment

Nitrogen Management in No-Tillage and Ridge-Tillage Systems Affects Short-Season Corn Grown on
Claypan Soil



Hagie Rig With Greenseeker Optical Sensor Technology Could Help Rescue Midwest Flood-Soaked Corn Crops

New WideMatch Herbicide Premix Label Accepted
by EPA

New Protection for Peanuts From Aflatoxin

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress



First Report of Powdery Mildew of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s-wort) Caused by an Anamorphic Microsphaera Species in the Pacific Northwest


Rapid Test for Global Fungal Threat

Pepper Lends Its Nematode Resistance to Double-Cropped Vegetables
Tomatoes Get Genetic "Boost" Under Sustainable
Ag System

Canadian Society of Agronomy Is PMN's Newest Partner

The Plant Management Network welcomes the Canadian Society of Agronomy / La Société Canadienne d'Agronomie (CSA) to the PMN partners program. CSA is dedicated to enhancing cooperation and coordination among agronomists, to recognizing significant achievements in agronomy, and to providing opportunities to report and evaluate information pertinent to agronomy in Canada. As PMN's first partner outside of the United States, CSA plays a critical role in helping build a truly international network for the applied agricultural sciences.

Partners Program Grows to 35 Strong

PMN is proud to announce that its Partners Program now includes 35 of the most highly respected organizations in agriculture. PMN industry, university, and nonprofit partners are essential to the network in providing science-based solutions in applied agriculture. For more information and a special $500 discount for new partners committed by 30 September 2004, contact

PMN Databases Increase

As of June 2004, the PMN Image Collections grew to exceed 1,900 images and the PMN Plant Science Database to over 3,000 documents. Access to both databases is included within a single PMN subscription together will all other PMN journals and field trial content. Individual subscriptions start as low as $38 annually. Libraries may inquire at


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