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Number 66: July 25, 2007

IPNI Joins PMN’s Partners Program

PMN welcomes the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) as its newest partner. IPNI is a not-for-profit, scientific organization dedicated to responsible management of plant nutrients for the benefit of the human family. It works to help define the basis for appropriate use and management of plant nutrients and to provide comprehensive and regional information and research results to help farmers, and the industry, deal with environmental and agronomic problems.

Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick

The corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea, is a highly mobile pest of numerous field and vegetable crops in much of North America. Historically, synthetic pyrethroid insecticides have been cost-effective and have provided excellent control of corn earworm. However, since 2000 pyrethroids have only provided 35 to 45% control. A symposium published this month, Increasing Concerns about Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwestern USA, describes this issue, the impact on growers and processors, as well as alternative strategies for this pest.

PMN Introduces Cross Journal Search

Try your hand at the new journals search engine located under the “Resources” tab on the PMN navigation bar. The search finds only credible agricultural and plant science information from select applied journals. Said one user, “I tried the search for applied journals and it’s great!  This is important because Pub Med does not pick up applied journals." It joins the search engine for extension publications published by PMN’s partner universities, which is also located under the “Resources” tab below the Plant Management Network header.

New Disease Management Reports Added to PDMR

50 new efficacy trials for chemical and nonchemical means of plant disease control have been added to Plant Disease Management Reports, Volume 1, for a total of 571 reports. Access to the reports, as well as thousands of reports from past B&C and F&N Tests volumes, is available to subscribers and partners of the Plant Management Network. Subscription information is available online.

ESA Publishes Handbook
of Small Grain Insects

This color illustrated handbook is a comprehensive text that examines the biology and management of arthropod pests and beneficial species of small grain crops. It may be purchased online at Shop APS Press.

Positions Available

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*Extension Educator, Vegetable Crop Management
*Faculty Research Assistant
*IPM Manager
*Stored Product Post Harvest Pest Management

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New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Comparing Roundup Ready and Conventional Systems of Alfalfa Establishment      Summary | Article


K-State Cattle Specialist Offers Pasture Management Tips for August     Article

Hay Testing     Article

Kansas State University Researcher Develops Biodegradable Livestock Feeder     Article

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New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Symposium Proceedings:

Increasing Concerns about Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids in the Midwestern USA    Proceedings Home Page

Introduction to the Symposium 
Summary | Article

Evidence for Decreasing Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Midwestern United States     Summary | Article

Helicoverpa zea Trends from the Northeast: Suggestions Towards Collaborative Mapping of Migration and Pyrethroid Susceptibility     Summary | Article

Monitoring for Pyrethroid Resistance in Bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) Populations in Texas: Trends from 2003-2005     Summary | Article

Alternatives to Pyrethroids for Managing Corn Earworm in Sweet Corn, Seed Corn, Tomatoes and Peppers     Summary | Article

Potential Impact of Pyrethroid Resistance in Helicoverpa zea to the Midwest Processing Industry: Sweet Corn and Snap Beans     Summary | Article

Perspectives from the Crop Protection Industry: Suggestions for Collaborative Resistance Management     Summary | Article

Improving our Understanding of Helicoverpa zea Migration in the Midwest: Assessment of Source Populations     Summary | Article


Syngenta and John Deere Team Up to Create Fully Integrated Insecticide Delivery System     Article

New Invasive Wood Wasp Found in Michigan     Article

Researchers Find a Shortcut for Screening Resistant Soybean Crops      Article

USDA Announces Colony Collapse Disorder Research Action Plan      Article

New Cobalt Conquers Even the Toughest Insect Problems     Article

Citrus Greening Continues to Spread in Citrus Growing Areas      Article

Pioneer Agronomists Confirm Captures of Western Bean Cutworm      Article

Appetite for Weeds     Article

What's Causing Big Yellow Patches in Soybean Fields?     Article

Using Corn Fungicides in a Dry Growing Season      Article

New Habanero Blasts Taste Buds--and Pepper Pests      Article

ARS Scientists, Cooperators Identify Potato Pest      Article

Quilt Fungicide Receives Section 3 Registration for Soybeans      Article

US EPA Grants Actara and Platinum Expanded Labels on Vegetables and Grapes      Article

New Articles from Crop Management

Foliar Potassium Fertilizer Sources Affect Weed Control
in Soybean with Glyphosate 

Summary | Article


No-Till for Pacific Northwest? Not in Dry Years    

Scout for Western Bean Cutworms Now    

New Early Maturing Corn Lines Released by NDSU Corn Breeding Program      Article

High-Quality Corn for Low-Input Farming Systems

Proper Management Can Make Lower Yields Profitable      Article

Grower Satisfaction with HERCULEX Extremely High      Article

Pioneer Researchers Accelerate Development of New and Improved Seed Products      Article

Pioneer Growing Degree Unit Calculator Helps Estimate Corn Maturity      Article

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science
Single Fall Applications of Coated Urea Fertilizers Produce a High Quality Kentucky Bluegrass Turf      Summary | Article

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