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Number 78: July 23, 2008

Rutgers Is PMN’s 33rd Land-Grant Partner

PMN welcomes the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences as its newest university partner. The school is a unit of Rutgers University located on the George H. Cook Campus in New Brunswick, NJ. In line with Rutgers' strong land-grant tradition, faculty pursue mission-based teaching, research, and outreach that address real-world problems, and encourage students to adopt the same mission-based approach to their educational experience. Undergraduate programs are designed to promote the multidisciplinary study of challenges facing society in areas that cover the biological spectrum from organisms to ecosystems. Students have access to quality classroom experiences, and also participate with faculty in world-class research projects. They also are able to work with faculty of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. More>>

Focus on Soybean Offers 2 New Webcasts, One with Video

PMN’s educational resource, Focus on Soybean, has added two new webcasts related to the use and application of foliar fungicides. One is Use of Foliar Applied Fungicides for Soybean in the North Central U.S. by Paul D. Esker, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The other, Application Technology Research for Asian Soybean Rust Management by Richard C. Derksen, USDA-ARS, is the first PMN webcast to incorporate video into select slides.

PMN Has Fourth Consecutive Month of Record Site Traffic

Each of the last four months has constituted a new record for Plant Management Network site traffic. Visitors in June 2008 were up a whopping 33% with a record 48,426 site visitors. By contrast, visitors in May were 36,343, which was in itself a record.

PHP Editor’s Pick

Sorghum ergot is a threat to the hybrid seed industry. Male-sterile sorghum lines used in seed production are very susceptible, especially if pollination is delayed. Most sources of ergot resistance are not stable across environments and presently no source of resistance is available. This Editor’s Pick is about the search for this elusive resistance.

Positions Available

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*National Program Leader (Weed Science) Interdisciplinary          
*Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor – Entomology    
*Assistant Professor – Plant Pathology

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