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Number 90: July 22, 2009

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PMN Welcomes Bayer CropScience to Its Corporate Partners Program

The Plant Management Network welcomes Bayer CropScience as its newest industry partner. Bayer CropScience is one of the world’s leading crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds, and plant biotechnology. As an innovative research-based company, Bayer is committed to delivering an outstanding range of products and extensive service backup for modern, sustainable agriculture, as well as for non-agricultural applications. more>>


New Mexico State University Is New PMN Land-Grant Partner

PMN welcomes New Mexico State University as its 36th land-grant partner. NMSU Cooperative Extension Service is the community education arm of the University. NMSU is charged with providing research-based educational programs to all New Mexicans. The most well known Extension programs are 4-H, agriculture and natural resources, community economic development, and family and consumer sciences. NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service provides the state's citizenry and communities with effective leadership and collaboration to foster economic, educational, and community development. more>>


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Going to the APS Meeting in Portland?

While at the annual meeting of the American Phytopathological Society, August 1-5, stop by the PMN display in the bookstore area to learn what’s new. Information will be available on authorship, partnership, and both personal and library subscriptions.

PMN Offers New Soybean Webcast

Soybean Grower Production Practices by Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin, is PMN's new Focus on Soybean presentation.

Plant Health Progress Editor’s Pick

Nitrogen Fertilizer Affects the Severity of Anthracnose Crown Rot Disease of Greenhouse Grown Strawberries

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
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Plant Health Progress


Evaluating Chickpea Genotypes for Resistance to Ascochyta Blight in Nebraska      Summary | Article

Evaluation of a High-Throughput Protocol for Detecting Blueberry shock virus in Vaccinium Using ELISA      Summary | Article

Occurrence of Viruses in Wheat in the Great Plains Region, 2008      Summary | Article


Emerging Pest Gaining Foothold in Ohio  Article

Vegetable Growers Should Scout Tomatoes, Potatoes for Late Blight  Article

Scouting Season: Protect Sunflowers from Pests, Diseases  Article

Corn Growers: Tips to Decide if a Fungicide Application is Warranted  Article

Gray Leaf Spot  Article

Syngenta Seed Care Introduces First Seed Treatment Insecticide for Leafy Vegetables  Article

Kansas State Unveils New Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings Publication  Article

Potato Leaf Hoppers Observed  Article

Vegetable Growers Rank RADIANT SC Insecticide Among Top Insecticides   Article

Monsanto Completes Regulatory Submissions in Brazil for First Biotech Insect-Protected Soybean Technology       Article

Long Term Apple Scab Resistance Remains Elusive, Purdue Expert Says  Article

Don’t Forget Silage Corn When Scouting  Article

Researchers Testing “One-Two Punch” Against Disease-Spreading Thrips  Article

Crop Management


Peanut Response to Blends of the Cultivars Gregory and NC-V 11  Summary | Article

Influence of Imazapic Herbicide Simulated Carryover on Cotton Growth, Yields, and Lint Quality
      Summary | Article

Characteristics and Nitrogen Value of Stratified Bedded Pack Dairy Manure  Summary | Article

Influence of Sowing Date on Rice Grain Yield in Benue State of Nigeria  Summary | Article


Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Cucurbit Downy and Powdery Mildew Control in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions of the United States      Summary | Article


Can Those “Amber Waves Of Grain” Become Perennials?

Expert Says Hot Summer Nights Could Pose Problems for Rice  Article

Pioneer Launches Plenish High Oleic Soybean Oil in Industry-Leading Soybeans  Article

Pioneer Leadership in Drought Research Provides New Options for Growers  Article

Exciting Deltapine Class of '10 Cotton Varieties Being Evaluated by Farmers in 2009 NPE Program  Article

Farmers Cannot Afford to Ignore the Threat of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds  Article

Monsanto Products Reach Regulatory Milestones in the European Union  Article

Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Sign Cross Licensing Agreement on Herbicide Tolerance Traits in Rapeseed/Canola  Article

Be Wary of Using Nontraditional Fertilizers  Article

Nitrogen Deficiencies Found in Corn  Article

Exercise Caution When Applying Pop-Up Starter Fertilizer  Article

Kansas State’s Grain Science Department Introduces Wheat Harvest Survey Mapping Tool  Article

Trees and Farms Working Together: Agroforestry Comes of Age  Article

Feed Your Crop, Not the Weeds  Article

Corn Color Can Tell Farmers How Much Fertilizer to Apply  Article

SDSU Publication: Estimating Nutrient Loss from Crop Residue Fires  Article

Marrone Bio Innovations Offers the First CEU Course on Biopesticides  Article

Applied Turfgrass Science


Selectively Controlling Escaped Fountain Grass in Cool-Season Turf  Summary | Article

Herbicide Tolerance on ‘Sea Spray’ Seashore Paspalum Seedlings  Summary | Article

Effect of Sulfosulfuron on ‘Penncross’ Creeping Bentgrass Seedlings When Applied Before or After Seeding
      Summary | Article


Is It Time to Water the Lawn?  


Forage and Grazinglands


Cropping Method Holds Potential for Cattle, Trees      Article

Process Kernels to Improve Starch Digestibility, Maximize Production From Corn Silage  Article

Preparing for a Successful Corn Silage Harvest

Connecting the Dots for Alkaloids, Toxicosis Symptoms      Article

Grazing Former CRP Lands Will Take Careful Management  Article

Pioneer Experts Suggest Ways to Manage Nutritional Value of Corn Silage  Article

Irrigated Pasture Procedures Pump Profits for Cattle Producers  Article

Grassland Recovery from Exotic Plant Invasion Will Be Long and Complicated  Article

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