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Number 114: July 26, 2011

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Latest Focus on Corn Webcast: Corn Rootworms and Bt Corn

This two-part presentation by Mike Gray and Joe Spencer at the University of Illinois, will help viewers understand the role of western corn rootworm (WCR) biology and behavior in insect resistance management, as well as help them to better understand corn growers' practices with respect to their use of Bt hybrids to manage western corn rootworms.  By the end, of this Focus on Corn presentation, the viewer should have a good understanding of WCR behavior in refuge and Bt corn, and also have a much better grasp of current Bt usage, refuge compliance levels, an improved understanding of seed mixtures and their use in resistance management plans, and overall improved knowledge of corn rootworm behavior and biology.

Learn How to Speed Scout for Aphid in Focus on Soybean

Aphid speed scouting is covered in this latest Focus on Soybean webcast, authored by Erin Hodgson of Iowa State University.  This presentation reviews a sampling plan for making treatment decisions for soybean aphid  through speed scouting, a tool that will save you time and protect yield during soybean aphid outbreaks. Hodgson reviews how to use Speed Scouting and the advantages to the plan compared to whole plant counts. The presentation will also provide some examples of possible treatment decisions and a new paperless way to sample.

Focus on Potato Offers Webcast on Irrigation Management

In this monthís Focus on Potato webcast, Howard Neibling at the University of Idaho discusses mid to late season irrigation management. Recent weather patterns have resulted in more frequent occurrence of above-normal crop water use years. As a result, it appears that the probability of higher than normal water use this year has increased. If this situation develops after planting, options for using a marginal-capacity irrigation system to maintain low water stress conditions for the rest of the year are significantly reduced. This presentation provides suggestions for in-season equipment modification, and additional water management options to obtain the highest yield and quality of potatoes with less than adequate water.

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- Plant Health Progress: Thousand Cankers Disease is Widespread in Black Walnut in the Western United States    Summary | Article

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Plant Health Progress


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Forage and Grazinglands


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