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Number 126: July 30, 2012

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From the Network ...

PMN Welcomes the Noble Foundation as its Latest Nonprofit Partner

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The Plant Management Network welcomes the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation as its latest nonprofit partner. The Noble Foundation is an independent, nonprofit institute headquartered in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Founded in 1945, the Noble Foundation conducts direct operations, including assisting farmers and ranchers, and conducting plant science research and agricultural programs, to enhance agricultural productivity regionally, nationally and internationally. Learn more about the Noble Foundation. Contact Phil Bogdan at PMN to learn how your company, university, or nonprofit can benefit through the PMN partners program.

PMN Launches USDA-NIFA Funded Grant Outreach Webcast

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This webcast on Gray Leaf Spot, authored by Dr. Alison Robertson of Iowa State University, is the first in a series of talks serving the outreach component of a USDA-NIFA funded grant to research foliar diseases of corn and their management. The goal of this Gray Leaf Spot presentation is to help growers, consultants and extension educators to improve their knowledge and understanding of this important foliar disease. The talk reviews gray leaf spot symptoms, disease cycle, and conditions that favor disease development, and management options. Contact Phil Bogdan at PMN to learn more about how PMN can support your outreach efforts. View presentation | View other corn talks

PMN Publishes Melhus Symposium Proceedings

The I. E. Melhus Symposium features graduate students who are chosen on a competitive basis to present their thesis research results. PMN published the proceedings of this 11th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium, held August 9, 2011, at the American Phytopathological Society meeting in Honolulu, HI. These proceedings can be viewed in PMN’s Plant Health Progress journal.

Second of Two-Part Webcast Discusses 300-Bushel Corn

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This talk by Dr. Roger Elmore of Iowa State University discusses impacts of hybrid choice, plant population, planting date, row spacing, crop rotation on yield, and factors limiting yield. By the end of this presentation, users should understand the importance of optimum crop management practices in maximizing yield and consider the promises – and challenges - of reaching a national average of 300 bushels per acre by 2030. View presentation | View other corn talks

Potato Growth and Development Webcast Featured in Focus on Potato

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This presentation by Dr. Mike Thornton of the University of Idaho helps viewers better understand the key growth stages in potato plant development. It specifically focuses on some of the key factors that influence plant development at each stage of growth, and identifies how they impact crop yield. By the end of this presentation, viewers should better understand how both management and the environment impact potato growth and yield. View presentation | View other potato talks

Focus on Soybean Webcast Addresses Breakdown of SCN Resistance

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Most SCN-resistant soybean varieties have SCN resistance from the soybean breeding line called PI 88788, and the continued use of soybean varieties with such a narrow genetic base of SCN resistance has resulted in selection of SCN populations with increased reproduction on resistant varieties in fields. This webcast by Dr. Gregory Tylka at Iowa State University discusses the role and nature of Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) resistant soybean varieties and the effects of elevated SCN reproduction on the yield of SCN-resistant soybeans. View presentation | View other soybean talks

Nutrient Management and Curly Top Webcasts Featured in Focus on Tomato

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Nutrient Management: Determining the correct amount of nutrients for a fresh market tomato crop is relatively easy. A soil sample is taken, analyzed, and a nutrient recommendation is made that is based on Cooperative Extension production guidelines. However, knowing correct rates is only a piece of the puzzle. This presentation by Dr. Josh Freeman at Virginia Tech helps users ensure their tomato crops have the correct amount of nutrients in the correct placement at the correct time. Providing adequate moisture for nutrient uptake and utilization is also discussed. View presentation | View other tomato talks

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Curly Top: Curly top disease, caused by viruses in the genus, Curtovirus, has impacted western US agriculture for over a century, and is a significant threat to tomato production. This talk by Dr. Bill Wintermantel at USDA-ARS helps provide knowledge of curly top to growers, industry, and others interested in management of virus diseases affecting tomato production. This talk specifically covers the biology, vector transmission, epidemiology, and management of curly top disease and the viruses that cause it. View presentation | View other tomato talks

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