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Number 138: July 30, 2013

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Resource Spotlight: PMNís Partner Extension Search


Sometimes itís difficult for growers and crop consultants to navigate university extension sites. PMNís Partner Extension Search offers a clean, easy-to-use keyword-based search from one location. By typing a few keywords and hitting the Ďsearchí button, users can find quality crop management information from across the nation or an individual state. The Extension Search targets tens of thousands of pages of information, covering nearly every crop grown in the United States. Try this resource. View PMNís full list of resources.

Landscape Influences on Lygus Bugs in Western Cotton   Webcast

Management of Irrigated Cotton for Maximum Profit   Webcast

Potato Psyllid Trapping and Management   Webcast

Impact and Management of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Mid-Atlantic Soybean   Webcast

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Applied Turfgrass Science: Purslane Emerging in Thin Areas   Article

Crop Management: Effect of Glyphosate Residues on Daughter Seed Potato Growth   Summary | Article

Forage and Grazinglands: Productivity of Annual and Perennial Cool-Season Grasses Established in Warm-Season Pasture by No-till Overseeding or By Conventional Tillage and Sowing   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: White Rot of Garlic and Onion: A Status Report from the Pacific Northwest   Summary | Article

Crop Management

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Soybean Yield as Affected by Planting Date and Maturity Group in the Southern Plains  Summary | Article


Division of Agriculture Releases Two Non-GMO Soybeans   Article

Given Late Start, Louisiana Rice Crop so Far Looks Good   Article

Hay Crop Roars Out of the Gate; Now Slowed By Hot, Dry Weather   Article

Applying Manure to Established Alfalfa   Article

Nutrient Expert Decision Support Tools for Maize and Wheat Launched in India   Article

Planting Second Crop Soybeans Following Wheat Harvest   Article

Corn Roots, Wet Soils, and Nitrogen   Article

Delay in Wheat Harvest Cuts Time to Plant Double-Crop Soybeans   Article

Farmers Reminded to Handle Unplanted Treated Seeds Properly   Article

Montana State University Extension: In-Season Fertilizing With Immobile Nutrients Can Boost Crops   Article

New Online Tool Makes In-Season Plant Stresses More Manageable   Article

What's Happening to Nitrogen in Corn Fields After Wet, Cool Spring?   Article

Corn Yield Prediction Model Uses Simple Measurements at a Specific Growth Stage   Article

Corn Crop Off to a Late, But Good Start   Article

Applying Phosphorus Fertilizer in the Fall   Article

Farming Carbon: Study Reveals Potent Carbon Storage Potential of Manmade Wetlands   Article

WSSA Pesticide Stewardship Series 11: Proper Disposal of Pesticides Extends Far Beyond the Container   Article

New Articles from . . .

Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Plant Health Progress

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Diagnostic Guide

A Photographic Diagnostic Guide for Identification of the Principal Cranberry Fruit Rot Pathogens  Summary | Article


First Report of Pantoea ananatis (Syn. Erwinia uredovora) Being Associated with Peanut Rust in Georgia  Summary | Article

First Report of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus Affecting Soybeans in Alabama  Summary | Article

Identification of Two Tobacco streak virus Capsid Protein Variants Associated With Leaf Mottle and Necrosis Symptoms on Astilbe  Summary | Article

Emergence of Single Point Mutation in PvCesA3, Conferring Resistance to CAA Fungicides, in Plasmopara viticola Populations in Japan  Summary | Article


Managing Western Corn Rootworm Resistance to Bt on the Fringe   Article

Western Bean Cutworm Moths Are Flying   Article

Soybean Aphid Mini-Outbreak Continues in Michiganís Thumb Region   Article

Gossís Wilt Prompted by Wet Weather, Severe Conditions   Article

Western Bean Cutworm Flight and Egg Masses Increasing   Article

Watch for Early Season Soybean Diseases   Article

BioSafe Systems Introduces New Product, OxiPhos for Potato Production & Storage   Article

Dow AgroSciences Announces Name of New Three-gene Insect Protection in Cotton   Article

Avocado Farmers Face Unique Foe in Fungal-Farming Beetle   Article

Rain Fastness of Sugarbeet Fungicides   Article

Researchers Discover Genes Resistant to Soybean Pathogen   Article

Scout Alfalfa Fields for Shy Insects, Says University of Missouri Extension Entomologist   Article

Entomologists: Start Scouting Western Bean Cutworm in Late July   Article

Diseases From Weather Infecting Some Indiana Corn Crops   Article

Looking for Unexpected Damage to Rootworm Bt Corn   Article

Cool, Moist Conditions Earlier This Season Increase SDS Potential   Article

Wheat Harvest: Minimizing the Risk of Fusarium Head Scab Losses   Article

Phytophthora Root and Stem Rot Showing Up in Soybeans   Article

Cereal Rusts and Bacterial Leaf Streak Appearing   Article

Late Blight is Early Again This Year   Article

Kudzu Bug: An Approaching Pest Species   Article

The Ohio State University to Offer New Fact Sheet on Stink Bugs, Which Are a Growing Concern for Soybean Farmers   Article

New Citrus Disease Found in New Orleans   Article

Management Options for Corn Rootworm   Article

Scout Before You Spray   Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Topdressing Sand Color, Cultivation Timing, and Cultivation Method Effects on Disruption of a Creeping Bentgrass Golf Green in the Intermountain Pacific Northwest  Summary | Article


Bayer CropScience Announces Tribute Total Approved for Use on Zoysiagrass   Article

Timing of White Grub Controls   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Advantages of Using Forage Preservatives   Article

Cattle Confirmed Deaths Due to Blackleg   Article

Look Out for Ergot in Pastures   Article

Grazing Management Impact on Rangeland   Article

Ohio State University Expert: Summer Grazing Management Can Help Increase Productivity in Cool-Season Pastures   Article

Ohio State University Expert: Lower Hay Inventories Increases Oats a Good Option as Double-Crop After Wheat   Article

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