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 Issue 149: July 30, 2014 

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"From the Network" News

Resource Spotlight: Fungicides for Field Crops Manual

Fungicides for Field Crops is an online book which provides an overview of the current fungicide knowledge and their use on field crops. This applied resource combines past knowledge with recent developments in field crop fungicides, including resistance. It highlights the use of fungicides as key tools in the management of field crop diseases and also provides up-to-date management recommendations.

Turf MD, Tomato MD Apps at a Discount for Limited Time

The new Plant Health app, available for iPad and iPhone (iOS) devices, serves as a portal to the new APS app collection, which includes Turf MD and Tomato MD. These apps collectively offer peer-reviewed images, diagnostic keys, tools, tips, and recommendations for the identification and management of various turf and tomato diseases. Plant Health now includes a free demo of these features. Full versions are fully downloadable with or without an Internet connection. Turf MD and Tomato MD are available at the discounted prices of $2.99 and $1.99, respectively through August 17.  Download and review them today. 

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"Focus on" Webcasts


Cotton Response to Stress - Glen Ritchie, Ph.D., Texas Tech University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Begomovirus-Whitefly Vector Complexes: Emerging Threats to Cotton-Vegetable Crop Biosecurity - Judith K. Brown, Ph.D., University of Arizona

Whitefly Management & Prevention of Excess Sugars in Cotton - Peter C. Ellsworth, Ph.D., University of Arizona

Preventing Sticky Cotton Caused by Whitefly & Aphid - Peter B. Goodell, Ph.D., University of California



Phosphorous Acid and its use in Potato Post-Harvest Situations - Steven B. Johnson, University of Maine



Biology and Management of Spider Mites in Soybean - Ada Szczepaniec, South Dakota State University

Identification and Management of the Invasive 'Kudzu Bug' (Megacopta cribraria) - Nicholas Seiter, Clemson University

Grant Outreach Webcast: Fungicide Resistance: A Case Study QoI Resistant Rhizoctonia solani -Clayton A. Hollier, Louisiana State University

Grant Outreach Webcast: Update on Soybean Aphid Biological Control - Thelma T. Heidel-Baker, Iowa State University

Grant Outreach Webcast: Management Using Neonicotinoid-Treated Seed - Christian Krupke, Purdue University

Grant Outreach Webcast: Host Plant Resistance for Soybean Aphid - Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University

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PMN Crop News

Agronomy and Horticulture

Nutrient Reduction Strategies Being Implemented in the Heartland − SFP

Keeping Nutrients in the Field and out of Tile Lines − Michigan State University

Mississippi State University Researchers Explore Early Corn Planting − Mississippi State University

Introduction to Water Table Management − South Dakota State University

DuPont Pioneer Launches Encirca(SM) Yield to Enhance Input Management − DuPont Pioneer

Comparison Study of Planting Methods Shows Drilling Favorable for Organic Farming − American Society of Horticultural Sciences

New Framework Reveals Full Ecological Value of Cover Crops − American Society of Agronomy

Animal Nutrition

Prussic Acid: Nightmare for Cattle Farmers − University of Arkansas

Chromatin and ACI Launch New Sorghum Products in Algeria − Chromatin Inc.

Crop Varieties

Planting the Seeds of Change: New NK Soybean Varieties for 2015 − Syngenta Crop Protection-US

Growers Ask Questions About Tannins and Tillers − Chromatin Inc.

Forage and Rangeland Management

Sorghum Growers Cautioned on Possible Fall Armyworm Invasion − Texas A&M University

Insect Pests / Entomology

Sugarcane Aphids Identified West of I-35 in Texas for First Time − Texas A&M University

New Planthopper Species Found in Spain − Entomological Society of America-PIE Division

Sugarcane Aphids Invade Arkansas Sorghum; Treatment Options Limited − University of Arkansas

For Soybean Insect Management, There’s No Substitute for Scouting, Says Researcher − United Soybean Board

Plant Diseases

APS PRESS Publishes First-of-its-kind Book on Irrigation Water Pathogens, Management − The American Phytopathological Society

Mid-Season Update on Fungicides and Corn Diseases − Iowa State University

Moisture Increases Importance of Scouting − United Soybean Board

Valent Launches INTEGO SUITE System − Valent U.S.A.

Tomato Late Blight Confirmed in Western North Carolina − North Carolina State University

Battle Against Hot Pepper Disease Heats Up − American Society of Agronomy

Climate Change Provides Good Growing Conditions for Charcoal Rot in Soybeans − University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fend Off Fungicide Resistance − United Soybean Board

Prevention, Management Tips Offered for Citrus Disease Found in Harris County − Texas A&M University

2014 Wheat Harvest has Mixed Outcomes − University of Kentucky

APS PRESS Launches New Edition of Compendium of Rhododendron and Azalea Diseases and Pests − The American Phytopathological Society

Turf Management

"Tailored" Water: Recipe for a Greener Lawn? − Crop Science Society of America

Iron in Your Irrigation Water: Why Lab Results May Not Always Tell the Entire Story − Penn State University

Weed Management

Purdue Weed Scientist: Late-Season Herbicide Applications May be Ineffective − Purdue University

Scout for Palmer Amaranth Now in Soybeans, Before it’s Too Late − Penn State University

On-Target Weed Control: Four Tips to Manage Spray Drift − United Soybean Board

Herbicide-Resistant Weed Threatens No-Till Farming − Kansas State University 

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Featured Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress


Survival of Cercospora sojina on Soybean Leaf Debris in Illinois

Evaluation of Fungicides to Control Loquat Scab Caused by Fusicladium eriobotryae


Puccinia subnitens: An Obscure Rust Pathogen Little-Known for More than a Century


First Report of Pine Wilt in Colorado, USA

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Last Month's Most Popular Journal Articles

Plant Health ProgressThe Effect of 2,4-D Drift Rates on Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Growth and Yield

Forage and GrazinglandsCool-Season Annual Grasses Interseeded into a Bermudagrass with Improved Cold Tolerance for Grazing in the Upper South

Crop ManagementNutrient Sufficiency Concepts for Modern Corn Hybrids: Impacts of Management Practices and Yield Levels

Applied Turfgrass ScienceEffect of Petroleum Diesel and Biodiesel Spills on Turfgrass 

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