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Number 67: August 22, 2007

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Online Educational Webcasts


PMN has recently developed a new online seminar technology that allows presenters to include actual audio of their talks along with their slides. Three seminars are currently available that feature recognized experts speaking on aspects of soybean cyst nematode, corn rootworms, and Xylella diseases. Future seminars are in development and are intended to increase PMN’s educational benefit to subscribers. Seminars are available through the “Education Center” link under the “Resources” tab on the navigation bar below the PMN banner.

Cross-Journal Search
Try your hand at PMN's new Cross-Journal Search Engine. One user said, "Now PMN has something that I really, really will use regularly! I tried the search for applied journals and it’s great!” The search brings together an array of applied agricultural journals published by PMN's partners. It joins another PMN search engine for land-grant university extension publications. The Extension Publication Search is a cooperative effort of PMN and its 30 Land-Grant Partners. Both searches have links under the "Resources" tab on the navigation bar below the PMN banner.

Ball Mark Repair: The Videos


As an online only publisher, Plant Management Network has the capability of including video and other media in its peer-reviewed journals. A recent article in Applied Turfgrass Science has leveraged this ability by including five videos comparing ball mark repairs on golf course  greens.

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PMN’s list of institutional subscribers continues to grow. Is your library among them? If not, please recommend PMN to your librarian today.

ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meetings

The International Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of
have symposia organized into themes of environment, world hunger, bioenergy, and human health. The meetings, which will celebrate “A Century of Integrating Crops, Soils, and Environment,” will take place November 4-8, 2007, in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands


 Temperature-Based Fertilization for Early Forage Production in Southwestern Oregon, Using the
T-Sum 200 Method   
Public Summary | Article


Rain, Flooding and Mud Stress Cattle    Article

Lifestyle Options Dwindle for Bovine Bacteria   

Not Too Late to Beat High Nitrogen Costs This Fall    Article

Enhance Corn Silage Production This Year with the Right Timing    Article

Distiller’s Grains Make Ideal Protein and Fat Source for Livestock Rations    Article

U of M Extension Launches New Forage Website, Newsletter    Article

Literature Review Predicts Carbon Storage on Rangeland    Article

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Evaluation of Phytophthora ramorum in Nursery Crop Tissue Culture Propagation   
Summary | Article

Comparative Host Susceptibility and Sporulation
Potential of Phytophthora ramorum on Species,
Cultivars, and Hybrids of Camellia   
Summary | Article


Plant Pathogens at Work: Improving Weed Control Efficacy    Summary | Article

Plant Pathogens at Work: Progress and Possibilities for Weed Biocontrol Classical versus Bioherbicidal Approach    Summary | Article

First Report of the Natural Occurrence of Soybean Bacterial Wilt Isolates Pathogenic to Dry Beans in Nebraska    Summary | Article

High Recovery Rate of Phytophthora from
Containerized Nursery Stock Pots at a Retail
Nursery Highlights Potential For Spreading Exotic Oomycetes    Summary | Article


The 5th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium: Today’s Students Preparing to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges in Epidemiology and Plant Disease Management

Proceedings Home Page

Introduction: The 5th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium    Summary | Article

An Application of Space-Time Analysis to Improve the Epidemiological Understanding of the Papaya-Papaya Yellow Crinkle Pathosystem    Summary | Article

Addressing the Gaps in our Knowledge of Grapevine Downy Mildew for Improved Forecasting and Management    Summary | Article

The Aerobiology and Population Genetic Structure of Gibberella zeae    Summary | Article

Temporal Dynamics of Septoria Leaf Spot of Blueberry and its Relationship to Defoliation and Yield    Summary | Article

Evaluations of New and Current Management
Strategies to Control Phomopsis Cane and
Leaf Spot of Grape    Summary | Article

Spatiotemporal Spread of Potato virus S and
Potato virus X
in Seed Potato in Tasmania, Australia    Summary | Article


New Plant-Insect Interaction Discovered   

Friendly Fungus Helps Keep Aflatoxin
Out of Cotton    Article

Dow AgroSciences Receives First Global
Registration for Spinetoram Insecticide   

Whiteflies Found in Soybeans Raise Alarm,
But Aphids Remain Major Economic Threat   

Spider Mites Might Drag Down Soybean Yields This Year    Article

Fungal Control for Root-Eating Insects   

New Sunflower Lines
Resist Fungal Disease   

Natural Fungicide Gives Garlic Growers Hope   


New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science
Ball Mark Repair: Is It The Tool, Or How You Use It?    Summary | Article

Soil Phosphorus Levels and Stratification as Affected by Fertilizer and Compost Applications    Summary | Article

Golf Course Putting Green Rootzone and Establishment Effects on Pythium Foliar Blight on Creeping Bentgrass     Summary | Article

Maximizing ‘Cimarron’ Little Bluestem Establishment as Secondary Rough for a Golf Course    Summary | Article

PGR Cuts Mowing Needs of Parks and Playgrounds    Article

 Study Seeks Efficient Irrigation    Article

New Articles from Crop Management

Management of Echinochloa polystachya in Drill-seeded Rice    Summary | Article

Comparing the Growth, Weed Control, and Yields of Cotton on Two Tillage Systems in the Southeast    Summary | Article

Predictability of Crop Production in a Clay Soil Based on a Comprehensive, Post-land-leveling Soil Property Evaluation    Summary | Article

Effect of Tillage on Double-cropped Flax/Cotton Production and Fiber Properties    Summary | Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Now Offers Integrated FIT, Online Recordkeeping Systems    Article

Rice Harvest Timing Affects Net Returns    Article

Consider Winter Wheat This September    Article

Test Soil for Nitrogen Before Planting Wheat this Fall    Article

Quest for Best Continuous Corn-Management Practices    Article

Seed Quality Is Key to A Good Wheat Crop    Article

Innovative Trait Technology to be Unveiled at Farm Progress Show    Article

Researchers Roll Out the Rye to Rein in Weeds

High-Tech Tools Tackle Ag Management    Article

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