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Number 103: August 25, 2010

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Agro-K Joins the PMN Industry Partners Program

Plant Management Network welcomes Agro-K Corporation as its newest partner. Agro-K is an industry leader in foliar plant nutrition and biological product development. It is a pioneer of Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management. Agro-K is internationally recognized as an experienced company in the development of biological alternatives for the horticultural, field crop, and livestock industries. Agro-K conducts commercial trials to discover new technologies, validate their efficacy, and contribute to the stewardship of our planet. more>>

Please contact the PMN partners program to learn more about supporting our nonprofit mission to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops.

PMN Offers Two New Soybean Webcasts

Impacts of Subsurface Drainage in Corn-Soybean Rotations

This presentation by Matt Helmers, Iowa State University, will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners in the Midwest region increase their understanding of subsurface drainage and factors to consider when planning or evaluating the need for a subsurface drainage system. Specifically, the impacts of drainage on water movement, crop production, and nitrate-nitrogen loss will be described.

Benefits and Utility of Bedding Systems for Improved Productivity and Profitability of Soybean Production in the Mid-South U.S.

Trey Koger, Mississippi State University, shows how soybean productivity and profitability may be improved through the use of bedding systems in soybean production. The use of raised bedding systems helps to increase and improve the consistency of soybean yields, especially in wet years. Because the topography of the Delta region is predominately flat, drainage is critical.


Both presentations are part of PMN’s Focus on Soybean resource.


New Potato Webcast Coming Soon:

Coming soon to
Focus on Potato: The Changing Face of Potato Virus Y by Stewart Gray

New Reports, Features Added to PDMR

Nearly 130 new reports from Plant Disease Management Reports winter and spring submission periods are now online. Volume 4 now contains over 500 reports detailing the results of chemical, biological and cultural controls for plant pathogenic microbes and nematodes. New features include improved indexing by author and the availability of report summaries detailing the crop, location and disease management tools used in each trial.

Special Offers from PMN’s Partner Publishers

Please review this month’s selections of plant and agricultural science publications from PMN’s partner publishers.

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*Manager, Plant Scientist–Wheat & Triticale Product Breeder

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress


Plant Health Progress


Potassium Phosphite Mixed with Other Fungicides Reduces Yield Loss to Downy Mildew on Collard   Summary | Article


Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Iris yellow spot virus and Thrips in Colorado Onion Fields   Summary | Article

Fungicide Resistance Among Botrytis cinerea Isolates from California Strawberry Fields   Summary | Article

Characterization of a Peanut Leaf Spot of Unknown Etiology        Summary | Article

Relative Susceptibility of Selected Apple Cultivars to Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck        Summary | Article




Adorn Fungicide Registered for Use in California   Article

Pesticide Stewardship   Article

AgroSource Announces FireLine 17 WP Active Ingredient Approval by the National Organic Program for Fire Blight Control on Organic Apples and Pears   Article

Now Is the Time to Manage Wheat Streak Mosaic   Article

Cercospora Leaf Spot Showing up on Louisiana Crape Myrtles   Article

Artificial Sweetener Could Help Soybean Plants Resist Rust Disease, UF Researchers Say   Article

Rootworm Populations Low, Good News for Corn Yields        Article

Monitor Resistant Varieties for Successful Soybean Cyst Nematode Management   Article

Pest Management Intensity Affects Wild Bee Populations, MSU Researchers Say   Article

Genuity Corn Traits Provide Impressive Line of Defense Against Corn Earworm in Stewart Seeds Indiana Test Plot   Article

Avicta Seed Treatment Nematicide Now Registered for Use on Soybeans   Article

More Wheat Varieties Resistant to Head Scab Now Available        Article

Spider Mites May Be Active in Drought-Stricken Soybean Fields    Article

Foliar Diseases Favor Humid, Damp Growing Conditions of 2010   Article

Monsanto to Introduce Aphid Tolerant Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybean Varieties for the 2011 Season    Article

Check for Alfalfa Leaf Hoppers   Article

Grasshopper Populations Rising in Northern Plains, Pacific Northwest   Article

New QuickScan Software Boosts Analysis and Traceability for Test Strips   Article

New Rice Fungicide Isotianil Granted Regulatory Approval in Japan   Article


Forage and Grazinglands


Establishment of Forage Grasses and Legumes After Fall Herbicide Applications        Summary | Article

Yield, Forage Quality, and Mineral Content of Six Introduced Cool-Season Grass Species Grown for Hay in Eastern South Dakota   Summary | Article

Managing Harvest of ‘Tifton 85’ Bermudagrass for Production and Nutritive Value        Summary | Article


Increased Teff Seeding Rates in the Northeast Region of the United States Increases Forage Yield   Summary | Article


Managing Tall Fescue Reduces Endophyte Risk   Article

It's Not Too Late to Start Planning for Late-Summer Forage Seeding    Article

Wet Weather Causes Problems with Hay Harvest   Article


Applied Turfgrass Science


Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green Cultivation Recovery as Affected by Pre-Stress Conditioning with Liquid Fertilizer and Biostimulant Programs in the Cool-Humid Region        Summary | Article


Gray Leaf Spot Plagues St. Augustine Lawns   Article

Weather Causing Brown, Weedy Lawns   Article

Turfgrass that Wears Down and Springs Back Up



Crop Management


Reducing Height and Lodging of Winter Wheat        Summary | Article


Crop Stress Tolerance, Weather and Weed Control Represent Biggest Challenges to Growers   Article

New Wheat Production Guide and Sprayer Calibration Pocketguide publications are available from Montana State University Extension   Article

Optimum AcreMax 1 Insect Protection Products from Pioneer Hi-Bred Eligible for Biotech Endorsement Program in 2011        Article

New Glyphosate Compatible Nutrients Fight Iron Deficiency in Soybeans   Article

Wheat Farmers Use Up Seed From Last Year   Article

Pegasus K62 Do-More-with-Less White Potash   Article

Greenhouse Gas Calculator Connects Farming Practices with Carbon Credits   Article

Forest Fires Help Power the Nitrogen Cycle   Article

Weeds’ Chemical Resistance is a Growing Crop Problem        Article

Field Tests across U.S. Show Benefits of PROTINUS Seed Nutrition   Article

Dimole Releases a Novel System for Measuring the Biological Activity in Soil   Article

IPNI Introduces NuGIS – A New Tool for Evaluating Nutrient Use and Balance in the U.S.   Article

European Union Approves Maize with Herculex I/Herculex RW and Herculex RW/ Herculex I/Roundup Ready Corn 2 Trait Stacks for Import, Food, Feed & Processing   Article

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