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Number 115: August 29, 2011

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New Reports Added to PDMR Vol. 5

More than 100 new efficacy trials for fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls were added to Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) volume 5.  The total number of reports for this volume is now 537. As with previous volumes, users can search the reports by keyword or section. Sections include cereals and forage crops; citrus, tropical, and vegetable crops; field crops; ornamentals and trees; pome fruits; seed treatments (for all crops); small fruits; stone fruits and nuts; and turfgrass. Get continuous access to more than 6,000 PDMR trials, PMNís applied journals, webcasts, and more for just $38 to $45 yearly. To subscribe or learn more, visit

Drought Stress Articles Featured in PMN

Due to the extended period of dry weather extending throughout the southern Great Plains and other regions of the U.S., PMN has released many news articles this month covering drought management strategies in Forage and Grazinglands, Crop Management, and Applied Turfgrass Science.  View PMNís entire collection of news and research articles on drought stress.

Learn Integrated Management Practices for Storage Diseases in Focus on Potato

This integrated management presentation by Dr. Barry Jacobsen at Montana State University will help growers, consultants and researchers better understand the management of diseases that occur during potato storage. This presentation is most applicable to temperate production areas of North America but does address a few diseases that do not yet occur in North America.  View this and other presentations in Focus on Potato.

Common Rust Discussed in Focus on Corn Webcast

This two-part presentation by Dr. Snook Pataky at the University of Illinois first describes methods to differentiate common and southern rust in the field and in the lab. The second presentation focuses on common rust of corn, where the basic life cycle of Puccinia sorghi and the epidemiology of common rust are described. Factors that cause the disease to become problematic and effective methods of control also are discussed. Other presentations are also available in Focus on Corn.

Focus on Soybean Features Webcast on Iron Deficiency Chlorosis

In this presentation, Dr. Daniel Kaiser, Soil and Plant Nutrition Extension Specialist at the University of Minnesota, addresses the causes of Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) in soybeans, as well as management strategies to increase soybean yields in the presence of IDC.  This presentation and others can be viewed in PMNís Focus on Soybean resource.

Last Monthís Most Popular PMN Articles

- Applied Turfgrass Science: Salinity Tolerance of Cool-Season Turfgrass Cultivars Under Field Conditions      Summary | Article

- Crop Management: Sensor Based Nitrogen Management Reduced Nitrogen and Maintained Yield      Summary | Article

- Forage and Grazinglands: Novel Approaches to Establishing Alfalfa-Tall Fescue Pastures in the Southern Great Plains      Summary | Article

- Plant Health Progress: Expansion of Groundnut ringspot virus Host and Geographic Ranges in Solanaceous Vegetables in Peninsular Florida      Summary | Article

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management


Nitrogen Source, Timing, and Rate Alternatives for Furrow-irrigated Sugarbeet       
Summary | Article

Subsurface Drip Irrigation Placement and Cotton Irrigation Water Requirement in the Tennessee Valley        Summary | Article

Peanut Response to Simulated Drift Rates of Glufosinate        Summary | Article

Palmer Amaranth Control with Combinations of 2,4-DB and Diphenylether Herbicides       
Summary | Article


Hot, Dry Weather May Have Weakened Corn Stalks      Article

Sharpen Herbicide Approved as Harvest Aid/Dry Bean Desiccant      Article

South Texas Cotton Harvest Ending Well Considering      Article

Warm Temperatures Moved Corn Crop Along, But Caused Stress      Article

To Optimize a Fall Burndown Application, Remember to 'A-C-T-T'      Article

Indiana Expected to Come Up Short Again in Corn, Soybeans      Article

Beware Of Silo Gas -- It Could Be Common This Summer      Article

100-Bushel Soybeans Possible, Farmers Should Master Basics First       Article

Favorable Midseason Weather Conditions Mean Near-Trendline Yield Still Possible     

Corn Silage Hybrids and Seeding Rates      Article

High Lows May Reduce Rice Yield and Kernel Quality      Article

Louisiana Rice Growers Have New Insecticide for Stink Bug Control      Article

Farmers Gain New Tools to Protect Soybeans from Pests      Article

Optimizing Rotation to Limit Red Rice Resistance      Article

Potato Trials and Research Provide Grower Information      Article

Monitoring Important for Soybean Fields      Article

High Temperatures May Reduce Irrigated Corn Yields      Article

Drought-Stressed Soybeans Mean Decisions for Producers      Article

Be Cautious With Late-Season Herbicide Applications in Soybean       Article

High Temperature, No Rain, Crops Go on Defense      Article

Soybean Management Strategy Depends on Growth Stage      Article


Plant Health Progress


Evaluation of Northern Grape Hybrid Cultivars for Their Susceptibility to Anthracnose Caused by Elsinoe ampelina       Summary | Article


Historical Durability of Resistance to Wheat Diseases in Kansas       Summary | Article


Late Planted Soybeans Mean Aphids in August       Article

Extension Observing Diplodia in Area Fields      Article

Indiana Weather Conditions Favor Potential Ear Rot Development       Article

Soybean Podworms Threaten Yields      Article

Heat, Drought Help Some Pests Succeed      Article

Trees Need Special Care During Drought      Article

Plant Stress Causing More Severe Yellowing of Soybeans This Year     

SDSU Cautions Producers to Watch for Scab in Wheat Seed      Article

Imidan Spotted Wing Drosophila      Article

Soybean Aphids Start to Appear in Northern Indiana      Article

New Research Highlights Long-Lasting Disease Control of Next-Generation Basf Fungicides Containing the New Active Ingredient Xemium Fungicide     

Bollworms Running 10 Times Recommended Levels for Treatment      Article

Resistance the Best Management Option Against Bacterial Panicle Blight In Rice     

Physoderma Brown Spot Shows Up in Illinois Corn Fields       Article

On Solid Ground      Article

New QuickScan Select Software Boosts User Ease in the Analysis and Traceability for Test Strips     

Vegetable Growers Facing Several Disease Problems      Article

Yellowstriped Armyworm       Article

Many Confusing Japanese Beetles for More Harmful Emerald Ash Borer     

Applied Turfgrass Science


Influence of Cultural Practices on Torpedograss Competition with Two Warm-Season Lawn Grasses        Summary | Article


Purdue 'Tool Box' Could Be Ace in the Hole for Golf Courses      Article

New Study Shows Tourney Fungicide Delivers Excellent Snow Mold Control, Turf Quality      Article

Replanting Lawn Under Trees? Think Again      Article

Online Calculator Helps Homeowners Preserve Lawns While Saving Water      Article

Tips for Watering Your Lawn During a Drought      Article

Stressed Lawns May Be Going Dormant or Dying      Article

Mowing Heights       Article

UW Turf Scientists Offer Tips on Growing a "Greener" Lawn       Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Controlling Saw Palmetto with Individual Plant and Broadcast Herbicide Treatments        Summary | Article

Selecting Sorghum Forages for Limited and Full Irrigation and Rainfed Conditions in Semiarid, Subtropical Environments        Summary | Article

Dry Matter Yield and Nutritive Value of Cowpea and Lablab in the Southern High Plains of the USA        Summary | Article

Evaluation of Various Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Herbicides on Five Summer Legumes        Summary | Article


Bermuda Season Isn't Over Yet      Article

Crop Residue as Emergency Forage      Article

Maintaining Farms' Grass Waterways Essential for Best Results      Article

Dry Weather Can Lead To a Lethal Lunch      Article

Producers May Need To Allow Pastures Time to Recover      Article

Don't Risk Hay Fires      Article

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