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Number 127: August 29, 2012

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Resource Spotlight


Editor’s Note: The Plant Management Network (PMN) has polled its users to better serve their needs. Respondents wanted better awareness of PMN’s many offerings. Our monthly Spotlight will help achieve this.

Resource Spotlight: PMN’s Partner Extension Search

Most of America’s land-grant universities have partnered with PMN to promote quality, science-based crop management information. PMN’s free Partner Extension Search furthers this goal. Sometimes it’s difficult for growers and crop consultants to navigate extension sites. PMN’s Extension Search offers a clean, easy to use keyword search from one place. By typing a few keywords and hitting the ‘search’ button, users can find quality crop management information from across the nation or an individual state. The Extension Search targets tens of thousands of pages of information, covering nearly every crop grown in the United States. Try this resource. View PMN’s full list of resources.

Fungicide, Nematicide, Biological Control Trials Added to PDMR, Vol. 6


PDMR offers unbiased trials on the effectiveness of fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls on the market today, as well as products and active ingredients available in the past. Users can compare these efficacy reports to see the product(s) which offer the greatest effectiveness against various crop diseases. This month, 123 new efficacy trials were recently added to Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) Volume 6. Across all volumes going back to the year 2000, there are now nearly 7,000 reports available for users. Learn more about PDMR. Subscribe to PDMR and the Plant Management Network’s other resources for just $38-$45 yearly.

PMN Launches Grant-Funded Webcast on Northern Corn Leaf Blight


Hybrid corn is an economically important crop, and it is susceptible to several foliar fungal diseases, including northern leaf blight (NCLB). This presentation by Sally Mallowa at Iowa State University helps users improve their knowledge and understanding of NCLB. In addition the talk reviews the conditions favorable for disease development, the disease cycle, available management options, and timing. This talk is one of several presentations discussing foliar diseases of corn and fungicide recommendations for their management. The presentations are outputs of projects funded by the USDA. View presentation | View other corn talks

Contact Phil Bogdan at PMN to learn more about how PMN can support your grant outreach efforts.

Latest Focus on Potato Webcast: Using Pathogen Detection Kits for Diagnostics


Misdiagnosing a disease can be very costly if unnecessary or ineffective control measures are made. There are many real-life examples where proper identification of a disease was not made until after avoidable inputs were applied, management changed, or rumors started. This month’s Focus on Potato presentation by Dr. Nora Olsen at the University of Idaho offers practitioners an overview of the various diagnostic options available so they can more clearly identify disease pressures affecting their fields and make more informed management decisions.
View presentation | View other potato talks

Focus on Soybean Launches Phosphorous Fertility Webcast


This latest Focus on Soybean presentation by Dr. Robert Mullen at PotashCorp discusses the importance of adequate phosphorus nutrition for soybean production. Specific points of discussion include phosphorus behavior in soil, how soil test critical levels are established, and what phosphorus does for the crop. The goal is provide growers and consultants an understanding of how to make decisions when it comes to supplying phosphorus for soybean production.
View presentation | View other soybean talks

Manage Thrips, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Through Focus on Tomato Webcast


This latest Focus on Tomato presentation by Dr. George Kennedy at North Carolina State helps users understand the role of thrips as direct pests and as vectors of Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) in tomato. It also provides information on the tactics available to manage thrips and suppress virus incidence. The use of insecticides, reflective plastic mulch, Actigard, and TSWV resistant cultivars in the management of thrips and TSWV are also discussed.
View presentation | View other tomato talks

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Applied Turfgrass Science

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When the Grass Isn't Always Greener   Article

Growing a Green Lawn Means Finding Grasses That Need Less Water   Article

Is My Lawn Dormant or Dead?   Article


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Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Plant Health Progress

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Effect of Cultivar Selection on Soil Population of Verticillium dahliae and Wilt Development in Cotton  Summary | Article

Occurrence of Viruses Infecting Watermelon, Other Cucurbits, and Weeds in the Parts of Southern United States  Summary | Article


Occurrence and Distribution of Iris yellow spot virus on Onion in Mauritius  Summary | Article

First Report of Turnip mosaic virus Occurrence in Garlic Mustard in Minnesota  Summary | Article

First Report of Alfalfa mosaic virus Occurrence in Tecoma capensis in the USA  Summary | Article


Dow AgroSciences SmartStax Standing Strong Despite Heavy Corn Rootworm Pressure   Article

Assess Soybean Cyst Nematode Season for Future Success   Article

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Disease Assessment Computer Training Programs Available From Iowa State University   Article

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Speckled Apples a Little More Rare in 2012   Article

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Hot Disease in the Soybeans   Article

Researcher Looks at Armyworm Resistance in Bt Corn   Article

QuickTox for Aflatoxin Receives AOAC Certification   Article

Charcoal Rot on Soybeans   Article

Drought and Heat Worsen Spider Mite Outbreak in Parts of Minnesota   Article

Soybean Aphids: a Late-Season Game-Changer   Article

Stinkbugs Continue to Plague Soybeans Across the U.S.   Article

Researchers Test Disease Resistance in Soybeans   Article

New Invasive Species Could Hurt Soybean Crop   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Little Barley Control with Herbicides in Dormant Bermudagrass Hayfields  Summary | Article

Cogongrass Control with Aminocyclopyrachlor in Pastures  Summary | Article


Prepping Pastures for Next Year Article

Be Informed Before Using Soybeans for Livestock Forage Article

Get Creative With Feeding Options Article

It’s Producer ‘Decision Time’ for Cattle Restocking Article

Stockpiling Pastures an Option for Emergency Grazing Article

Dekalb Silage Proven Products for 2013 Offer High Quality Feed and Maximum Milk Production Article

Summer Grazing Gone, Producers Look to Winter Annuals Article

Cow-Calf Producers Fighting Drought Conditions May Want to Consider Early Weaning Article

New AgriLife Extension Publication Gives Guidance on Grassland Restoration Article

DuPont Pioneer Introduces Inoculant Value Calculator Article

Using Drought-Stressed Corn for Forage Article

Crop Management

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Normalized Difference Vegetative Index Used to Identify Spatial Variability in Vegetative Growth and Grain Yield of Corn  Summary | Article

Effect of Inoculant and Nitrogen Application at Planting on Peanut Production in Georgia  Summary | Article

Long-term Effects of Aboveground Biomass Removal by Burning on Potential Nutrient Recycling  Summary | Article

Agronomic and Economic Response of Hard Red Winter Wheat to Foliar Fungicide in the Southern Plains  Summary | Article


UA 5612 Released as High-Yielding Soybean Variety   Article

Evaluate Potential Yields From Drought-Stressed Corn   Article

Exceptional Drought Growth Slows   Article

Making the Case for Diversified Management   Article

Mathematics and Calculations for Agronomists and Soil Scientists   Article

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Mycogen Seeds Introduces 15 New Soybean Lines for 2013   Article

Drought-Stressed Corn Concerns and Strategies   Article

USDA: Ongoing Drought Causes Significant Crop Yield Declines   Article

Notes on Corn and Soybean Yield Potential   Article

Mycogen Seeds Introduces 31 New Grain Corn Hybrids for 2013   Article

Researcher at UGA-Tifton Working to Increase Georgia's Organic Peanut Production   Article

Prepare for Higher Forage Prices   Article

Monsanto Company Announces New, Expanded Pre-Emergence Label for Warrant Herbicide   Article

Researchers Develop Wheat to Grow in ‘Wet’ Southern Climate   Article

Midwest Drought Problems Trickle Down to Mississippi   Article

Wastewater Reuse, What's Left Behind in Soil   Article

Mycogen Seeds Introduces Three New Sunflower Hybrids for 2013   Article

Drought-Stressed Corn for Silage Considerations   Article

Mycogen Seeds Offers NEXERA Canola Hybrids for 2013   Article

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