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Number 43: September 20, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

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America's Second Harvest

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New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands


Nitrogen Fertilization Impacts on Stand and Forage Mass of Cool-Season Grass-Legume Pastures  Summary   Article

Nitrate Accumulation in Crabgrass as Impacted by Nitrogen Fertilization Rate and Source 


Warm-Season Grass Production Responses to Site and Defoliation Frequency  Summary   Article


Comparison of Conventional and Minimal Tillage for Low-Input Pasture Improvement  Summary   Article

Industry News:

Eastern Gamagrass Loves the Heat  Article

Forage Silage Can Equal Corn Silage, Offer Water Savings   Article

ISU Research Suggests New Crop Option for Iowa Producers   Article

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress


A Temperature-Controlled Water Bath Method for Evaluating Soybean Reaction to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)  Summary   Article


Rhabdocline Needlecast Increases Needle Loss of Douglas-fir Christmas Trees  Summary   Article

Industry News:

Plant Pathologists: Quick Identification Needed to Save Florida’s Citrus Industry from Devastating Disease  Article

K-State Scientist Comments on Late-Season Insects in Soybeans  Article

Unlocking Secrets of Pseudomonad Bacteria Article

20% Partner Discount Ends September 30

A reminder that the PMN 5-year celebration discount for PMN Partnerships ends September 30, 2005. Save 20% on your first year when you partner by the end of September. Contact Joan Quam, direct: 651.994.3859.

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science


Silicon in the Life and Performance of Turfgrass  Summary  Article

Industry News:

FMC Announces EPA Registration of New QuickSilver T&O Herbicide Uses  Article

SedgeHammer Herbicide: A New Name for Proven Product   Article

New Articles from Crop Management


Soft Red Winter Wheat Cultivar Response to Tillage in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain  Summary  Article

Influence of Cultural Practices and Crop Rotation on Kenaf Yield in North Carolina  Summary   Article

Twin-Row Corn Production: An Evaluation in the Mid-Atlantic Delmarva Region   Summary   Article


Economic Analysis of Selected Rice Varieties   Summary   Article

Industry New

Resistant Pigweed Plagues Central Georgia Cotton  Article

Soybean Growers May Send Horseweed Samples for Free Herbicide Resistance Analysis  Article

K-State Releases New Hard White Winter Wheat Variety   Article


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