Plant Management Network News
Number 56: September 26, 2006


Crop Management Publishes Organics Proceedings

The proceedings of the symposium, Organic Agriculture: Innovations in Organic Marketing, Technology, and Research, has now been published in the PMN journal, Crop Management. A total of 18 presentations across six themes are explored, including 1) challenges remaining in the organic sector, 2) producer options and obstacles, 3) market growth, 4) the training of farmers and other agricultural professionals, 5) measuring and communicating the benefits of organic farming, and 6) research. The symposium was sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with other organizations in both the public and private sectors.

New Articles from Crop Management

Reviews (from the Symposium):
Challenges Facing a Second Green Revolution: Expanding the Reach of Organic Agriculture. Public Summary | Article

Organic Farmers: Opportunities, Realities and Barriers. Public Summary | Article

Civic Markets: Alternative Value Chain Governance as Civic Engagement. Public Summary | Article

Broadening the Education Infrastructure in Organic Agriculture for Farmers. Public Summary | Article

Measuring and Communicating the Environmental Benefits of Organic Food Production. Public Summary | Article

US Federal Organic Research Activity is Expanding.
Public Summary | Article

s (from the Symposium):
Assessing Producer Options and Obstacles for
Organic Agriculture.

Some Opinions on Farmer Options and Obstacles to Adopting Organic Agriculture. Article

Options and Opportunities for Producers in Organic Agriculture. Article

A Brief Retrospective on the U.S. Organic Sector: 1997 and 2003. Article

Opportunities and Challenges for Organic from the Retailing Perspective. Article

Student and New Farmer Education to Support the Growth of Organic Farming. Article

Engaging Everyone: Catalyzing Organic Leadership and Education in Minnesota. Article

Measuring and Communicating the Benefits of Organic Foods. Article

Challenges in Measuring the Benefits of Organic Foods. Article

Sustainability of Organic, Conventional, and Integrated Apple Orchards. Article

Addressing the Information Needs of Organic Farmers: The Confessions of an ATTRA Specialist. Article

Efficacy of Thiamethoxam to Suppress Soybean Aphid Populations in Minnesota Soybean. Public Summary | Article

Hybrid and Planting Date Effects on Corn Response to Starter Fertilizer. Public Summary | Article


New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Occurrence of Foliar Fungal and Bacterial Diseases of Dry Bean in North Dakota. Public Summary | Article

Assessing Fungicide Efficacies for the Management of Fusarium Head Blight on Spring Wheat and Barley. Public Summary | Article

Method and Timing of Fungicide Applications for Control of Spring Dead Spot In Hybrid Bermudagrass. Public Summary | Article

The Establishment of a National Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education. Public Summary | Article

Friendly Fungus Could Help Sugar Beet Fields
Go "Green."

Bacillus subtilis Strain QST713, Active Ingredient
in AgraQuest's Flagship Product Serenade(R), Receives Critical Approval by ECCU. Article

Sticking It to the South American Cactus Moth. Article

Syngenta Launches CruiserMaxx™ Potato Seed Treatment. Article

Diagnostic Guides:
Identifying and Distinguishing Seedling and Root Rot Diseases of Sugar Beets. Public Summary | Article

Postharvest Fruit Rots in d’Anjou Pears Caused by Botrytis cinerea, Potebniamyces pyri, and Sphaeropsis pyriputrescens. Public Summary | Article


New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Broiler Litter Fertility Regimes Influence Forage Nutritive Value of Sorghum-Sudangrass. Public Summary | Article

Nitrogen Fertilization or Legumes in Tall Fescue Pastures Affect Soil and Forage Nitrogen. Public Summary | Article

Overseeding Annual Ryegrass and Cereal Rye into Soybean as Part of a Multifunctional Cropping System: I. Grain Crop Yields, Winter Annual Weed Cover, and Residue After Planting. Public Summary | Article

Birdsfoot Trefoil, a Valuable Tannin-Containing Legume for Mixed Pastures. Public Summary | Article


Be Alert for Prussic Acid in Forage Sorghums. Article

Lambs' Selenium Needs Scrutinized. Article

Rotational Grazing for Dairy Farms. Article

Forage Sorghum Silage Use Growing in Dairies. Article

Moderate Stocking Rates Improve Rangeland Production After Drought. Article

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