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Number 116: September 28, 2011

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PMN Offers Grant Outreach Services

Based on requests from past and potential webcast authors, the Plant Management Network has started a webcast production service to help satisfy the outreach components of SCRI, AFRI, and other research grants. For any commodity, large or small, PMN can help you communicate new findings, recommendations, data, and other information related to your crop protection or crop production research.  Through this service, PMN will work with authors to ensure maximum impact for their research. Those who have projects currently funded and those who plan to write a proposal can learn more through our brochure, or by contacting Phil Bogdan at

Corn Storage Webcast Produced in Focus on Corn

This Focus on Corn presentation, authored by Dr. Ken Hellevang, Professor of Ag and Biosystems Engineering at North Dakota State University, will provide growers across the U.S. with various management practices for corn storage. The talk particularly covers required moisture contents for storage at various corn temperatures, recommended corn temperatures during storage, aeration, and procedures for monitoring stored corn. View this presentation. Also view Dr. Hellevangís sister presentation on corn drying.

Focus on Potato Produces Common Scab Webcast

This presentation on Common Scab of Potatoes by Tom Zitter, Professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell University, offers a general introduction to the disease; a description of the symptomatology associated with common scab; specific illustrations of the disease; and the best management practices necessary to deal with this economically important disease.  View this and other presentations in Focus on Potato.

Last Monthís Most Popular PMN Articles

- Applied Turfgrass Science: Influence of Cultural Practices on Torpedograss Competition with Two Warm-Season Lawn Grasses  Summary | Article

- Crop Management: Palmer Amaranth Control with Combinations of 2,4-DB and Diphenylether Herbicides  Summary | Article

- Forage and Grazinglands: Evaluation of Various Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Herbicides on Five Summer Legumes  Summary | Article

- Plant Health Progress: Evaluation of Northern Grape Hybrid Cultivars for Their Susceptibility to Anthracnose Caused by Elsinoe ampelina  Summary | Article

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management


Factors Influencing Corn Harvest Losses in Missouri        Summary | Article

Controlling Weeds Found in Peanut with Lactofen        Summary | Article


Improving Applied Nitrogen-Use Efficiency        Article

U of M Expert Says Frost Will Affect Soybean Yields        Article

Dry, Ensile Frost-damaged Corn Properly        Article

Oklahoma State University Wheat Improvement Team Constantly Enhancing Crop Varieties        Article

Respect the Rotation: Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds One Year Later        Article

On-farm Storage Generally Pays, Caution Recommended This Year        Article

55-Year Kansas Wheat Study Examines Yield Effects of Precipitation, Temperature and Timing Out West        Article

Wheat Research Reinforces that Yields Can Be Partially Recovered When Planting Late        Article

Economics of Corn and Soybean Storage        Article

Colorado State University Releases Two Promising Wheat Varieties        Article

UA Grape Variety Rises From Ash Pile, Becomes Parent to Exotic 'Witch Fingers'        Article

Tropical Storm Lee Will Increase Sugarcane Harvesting Costs        Article

Crop Performance Matters When Evaluating GHGs        Article

Texas Citrus Harvest Expected to Be Down From Last Year        Article

Late Season Drought Brings Soybean Stress        Article

Using Less Water to Grow More Potatoes        Article

Organic Farming Profitable Long-Term        Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Offers New Local Resources to Help Growers Improve Profitability        Article

Dow AgroSciences Announces Name of Enlist Weed Control System Herbicide Component        Article

Using Ground Covers in Organic Production        Article


Plant Health Progress


Evaluation of Soybean Genotypes for Resistance to Charcoal Rot        Summary | Article

Growth Sensitivity of Corynespora cassiicola to Thiophanate-methyl, Iprodione, and Fludioxonil        Summary | Article

Factors to Improve Detection of Alfalfa mosaic virus in Soybean        Summary | Article

Diagnostic Guide

Sampling for Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Corn Strip Trials Comparing Nematode Management Products        Summary | Article


Scientists Develop New Potato Lines to Wage War on Wireworms        Article

Green Stem Syndrome Among Harvest, Late-Season Concerns        Article

INOVATE Seed Protectant Now Available as Convenient, All-in-One Package        Article

Mexican Rice Borer Continues Its Move Into Louisiana        Article

Volunteer Wheat Control Can Help Protect Yields        Article

Addressing Corn Nematode Problems Can Increase Corn Yields        Article

Oh, That's What That Is        Article

Producers Should Check Grain Sorghum for Stalk Rot        Article

NipsIt SUITE Sugar Beets System1 Now Available for Use in Sugar Beets        Article

Manage Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat with Variety Selection        Article

RADIANT SC Insecticide Offers Vegetable Producers a Valuable Tool in Integrated Pest Management        Article

High Grasshopper Populations Require Precautions for Fall and Winter Crops        Article

Breeding More Scab Resistant Wheat        Article

Chicken Litter as Fertilizer and Nematode Control        Article

Tropical Storm Lee Could Be Trouble for Ark Cotton, Corn, Sorghum, Rice        Article

Applied Turfgrass Science


Conversion of Kentucky Bluegrass Rough to No-Mow, Low-Input Grasses        Summary | Article

Bermudagrass Cultivars Differ in Their Summer Traffic Tolerance and Ability to Maintain Green Turf Coverage Under Fall Traffic        Summary | Article


Scientists Make Turfgrass Safer for Animals, Deadly for Insects        Article

Purdue Tool Box Could Be Ace in the Hole for Golf Courses        Article

Forage and Grazinglands


Harvest Frequency Effects on Yield, Persistence, and Regrowth Rate Among New Alfalfa Cultivars        Summary | Article

Annual Medic Forage and Seed Evaluations for the Semiarid Regions of the Great Plains        Summary | Article


Quadruple King's Ransom For Not-So-Great Hay        Article

Bale Feeder Choice Can Reduce Hay Waste, Save Dollars        Article

Security Concerns Prompt Fertilizer Regulation Interest        Article

High Corn Prices Make Feeding Dairy Herds a Challenge        Article

Farmers Help Supply Rice Straw As Cattle Feed For Texas        Article

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