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Number 128: September 26, 2012

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Resource Spotlight: Arthropod Management Tests


Did you ever wonder which insecticide and miticide products are most effective in protecting your crops? Arthropod Management Tests (AMT) can help you figure this out. AMT is a collection of university trials on the efficacy of insecticides, miticides, and biological controls. Users can search each volume by host, pest, chemical, material, or author. Reports cover fruit and vegetable crops, field and forage crops, and turfgrass and ornamentals. This resource requires a Plant Management Network (PMN) subscription. View PMN’s full list of resources. Purchase a subscription to all 13 PMN resources for just $22.50. That’s 50% off the regular PMN subscription price. Use coupon code AMT50.

Understand the Aging of Seed Potatoes Through Focus on Potato Webcast


Understanding the physiology of aging and how it affects crop growth and yield will enable the adoption of management practices to control the aging process and optimize tuber set and size distribution for various markets. This Focus on Potato presentation, titled “Aging of Seed Potatoes: Physiological Process and Consequences for Production” by Dr. Richard Knowles at Washington State University, helps users identify production, postharvest handling and storage factors that influence the physiological age and productivity of seed potatoes. View presentation | View other potato talks

Focus on Tomato Webcast: Developing Tomato Varieties with Improved Flavor


This latest Focus on Tomato talk by Dr. John (Jay) Scott at the University of Florida helps users in any region who have an interest in the development of tomato varieties with improved flavor. Many consumers are dissatisfied with commercially grown tomatoes and think tomato breeders focus only on traits other than flavor such as yield, shipping ability, and disease resistance. The components of tomato flavor are presented along with some of the major constraints to improving these in different types of tomatoes. Furthermore, the difficulties in making further flavor improvement in this variety are illustrated. View presentation | View other tomato talks

Latest Focus on Corn Talk Covers Corn Hybrid Selection


This presentation by Dr. Erick Larson at Mississippi State University will help users select corn hybrids for modern production systems in the Mid-South and around the world. There is a wealth of corn hybrid information available in today’s marketplace, and evaluating it can be a daunting task. The ever-increasing inclusion of technology traits and seed treatments in seed products further heightens the need to understand their benefits and issues on arguably one of the most important decisions growers make each year.
View presentation | View other corn talks

Two Seed Treatment Webcasts Featured in Focus on Soybean

Probability of ROI for Soybean Seed Treatments
In the past 15 years, the soybean industry has seen a dramatic increase in the use of seed treatments in the United States. It is estimated that currently 50% - 70% of all soybean seeds planted in the U.S. are treated. This presentation by Dr. Shawn Conley at the University of Wisconsin will help growers, consultants, and researchers understand the trends behind this dramatic increase in seed treatment use, the various factors that go into seed treatment decisions, and it provides a useful risk matrix that helps the user assess their probability of breaking-even on seed treatments.
View presentation | View other soybean talks

Seed Treatments for Nematodes of Soybean
This presentation by Dr. Loren Giesler at the University of Nebraska will help users in the U.S. soybean production regions make decisions on the use of seed treatment products marketed for nematode management in soybean. This talk reviews the common seed treatment products for soybean nematode management and overviews their active ingredients and modes of action. By the end of this webcast, the user should know more about seed treatments for nematode management in soybean and have a better understanding of what to expect from these treatments.
View presentation | View other soybean talks

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Plant Health Progress: Occurrence of Viruses Infecting Watermelon, Other Cucurbits, and Weeds in the Parts of Southern United States  Summary | Article

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Pythium Root Rot of Flue-Cured Tobacco Seedlings Produced in Greenhouses: Factors Associated with its Occurrence and Chemical Control  Summary | Article


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Fall Harvesting of Alfalfa in North Dakota Impacts Plant Density, Yield, and Nutritive Value  Summary | Article


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Applied Turfgrass Science

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Usefulness of Non-Chemical Water Conditioners for Managing Turfgrasses and their Rootzones  Summary | Article


SureGuard Herbicide Registered for Use on Dormant Bermudagrass   Article

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