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Issue 199: August 2019
An operational trap survey for ambrosia beetles, bark beetles, and other weevils was conducted, and captured beetles were tested to detect G. morbida using both culture and PCR-based methods. This is the first report of the pathogen in Illinois and Minnesota.
Recent developments in technology allow novices to outfit inexpensive drones with inexpensive modified cameras to obtain aerial photographs that can be analyzed with any number of free image-manipulation programs.
PHP First Report

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Focus on Potato
Potato virus Y is the most serious problem facing the seed potato industry in the United States and the main cause for rejection of seed potato lots. In “Changing Strain Composition of Potato virus Y (PVY) in the U.S. Potato,” Alexander Karasev discusses changes in Potato virus Y relating to the release of new potato cultivars. 
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APS Image Database—800 New Images Added
Among the recently added images are 100-plus images of potato diseases and disorders—many of them, open access.

Individual and institutional subscriptions to this peer-reviewed image database are available. 

Forage and Rangeland Management

Rain Impacts Forage Quality - North Dakota State University 
Plant Disease
Frogeye Leaf Spot in Northeast Nebraska  - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Cool and Wet Weather Bring on Bacterial Blight - Illinois Soybean Association
Weed Management
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Volume 13 of PDMR will be published on August 29. Then get ready for the first submission period for Volume 14, which opens November 4.
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New section includes 14 chapters with case studies on important crops, including potato, tomato, peanut, rice, turfgrass, citrus, strawberry, and grape. 
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