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Issue 204: February 2020
Miller et al. conducted field experiments to determine the effects of prothioconazole and pydiflumetofen on watermelon. They validate pydiflumetofen as an effective management option for Fusarium wilt of watermelon, confirm efficacy of prothioconazole, and provide current evidence of pathogen sensitivity to these fungicides in North Carolina.
Chlorotic and necrotic foliar symptoms were seen in ladyís slipper orchid and Hydrangea arborescens on plants in St. Paul, Minnesota. Baumann et al. observed virus particles resembling those of tobacco rattle virus (TRV). This is the first report of TRV infection in both ladyís slipper and hydrangea in Minnesota and the United States.

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Focus on Cotton
View 12 presentations from the 2019 meeting of the West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute (WTACI), whose mission is to support education and research programs that promote the safe and effective use of agricultural chemicals and that protect and preserve the areaís natural resources. Presentation topics include cotton diseases in 2019, off-target movement of auxin herbicides, Bt resistance and implications for future pest management strategies, and using temporal remote sensing measurements to assess physiological maturity in cotton.
The 2019 Mississippi State University (MSU) Row Crop Short Course showcased growers, industry experts, and row crop specialists covering topics such as the science behind herbicide vitality, insecticide performance for tarnished plant bug disease in cotton, and farming after floods. Through the support of Cotton, Inc., 25 of these presentations are now available online. 
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Managing Stored Grain Through Winter - The Ohio State University
Weed Management
2020 Weed Control Guide Now Available - University of Illinois 

Climate & Agriculture Project Scientist (Davis, CA) - University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

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