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The Plant Management Network (PMN) is a nonprofit online publishing effort whose mission is to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. We achieve this mission by publishing applied, multidisciplinary online resources for researchers, consultants, growers, pesticide applicators, and other professionals involved in the management of large and small crops.

These resources and our efforts to connect them with users are supported by partnering organizations, which include universities, companies, and nonprofit scientific societies. We invite your organization to join these leading partners in this mutually supportive program. Learn more.

Among the valuable resources on PMN are series of webcasts. The “Focus on” series includes commodity-specific presentations on corn, cotton, potato, soybean, and tomato, and the PMN Education Center features open-access webcasts about a wide range of timely subjects. Other webcasts are provided with the resources in the Pollinators, Tospovirus, and Soybean Fungicide Resistance Hubs. PMN webcasts are funded primarily through sponsorships and grants.

Procedures for recording a PMN webcast are simple and involve only a small time commitment. The Guidelines for Webcast Presenters outline the materials needed, preparation of slides, and recording process and provide contact information at PMN.