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Seminar Overview

Since the commercialization of Bt corn hybrids with activity against corn rootworm larvae in 2003, many aspects of corn rootworm management have changed greatly. Many growers discontinued use of planting time soil insecticides. Changes in cropping systems, less insecticide use and in some cases weather factors (e.g., mild winters) have led to increases in corn rootworm populations in some areas. More recently, reports of changes in susceptibility of western corn rootworm in Iowa and Illinois to two of the Bt proteins used in hybrids, and unexpected damage by rootworms to Bt corns in other states, has led to increased interest and concerns about rootworm management. Growers are increasingly using soil insecticides at planting, and/or foliar insecticides for adult control on Bt corn rootworm hybrids in high rootworm density fields. Educational programs to increase understanding of rootworm biology and behavior, and current management options are needed to maintain grower profitability and sustainability of Bt corn and other management options. The major focus of these programs will be on the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera.

Webcast Presentations

Estimation of Efficacy Functions for Products Used to Manage Corn Rootworm Larval Injury
− Dr. Nicholas Tinsley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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RNA Interference as a Pest Management Tool for Western Corn Rootworm
− Dr. Ana María Vélez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Rootworm Biology and Behavior
− Dr. Joseph L. Spencer, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Resistance Evolution and IRM for Rootworm
− Dr. Aaron Gassmann, Iowa State University
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Adult Corn Rootworm Suppression
− Dr. Lance J. Meinke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Larval Corn Rootworm Management
− Dr. Robert Wright, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Decision Tree for Grower Management Options: Re-Learning Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenic Era
− Dr. Ken Ostlie, The University of Minnesota
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Other Corn Rootworm Resources

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