Resistance of Botrytis to Fungicides
in California Strawberries

California Department of Food and
Agriculture Outreach Webcast

November 2017

By Scott Cosseboom
M.S. Student
Agriculture - Plant Protection Science
California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo

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Summary: This webcast discusses strawberry gray mold, the resistance of its causal agent, Botrytis cinerea, to fungicides, and management options for the future. Results from a survey of fungicide resistance of the California strawberry crop’s B. cinerea population shows an example of a dynamic multi-fungicide resistance issue. Multiple fungicide applications per season appear to be selecting for increasingly resistant populations of B. cinerea. A resistance management strategy to delay further resistance development is discussed and encouraged. This presentation will aid members of the strawberry industry and other fields in the sustainable management of a multi-fungicide resistant pathogen. Visit this link for a printable summary of Strawberry Gray Mold: sustainable management and fungicide resistance.

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