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Estimation of Efficacy Functions
for Products Used to Manage
Corn Rootworm Larval Injury

Corn Rootworm Management
in the Transgenic Era

September 2015

By Nicholas Tinsley, Ph.D.
Department of Crop Sciences
University of Illinois at
Email: natinsley@gmail.com

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Summary: Corn rootworms pose a significant and widespread threat to corn production throughout much of the United States. This presentation will help growers, crop consultants, and extension agents throughout the Midwest to understand more about the relative efficacy of options that are currently available to manage corn rootworm larval injury. Specifically, this presentation outlines the results of a meta-analysis that was performed to provide a broad understanding of how seed treatments, soil insecticides, and Bt hybrids perform over a wide range of injury scenarios. Examples are provided to demonstrate how this information can be used to aid in making sound management decisions for these important pests of corn.

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