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Advances in Prescriptive
Agriculture & Big Data

April 2016

By John Fulton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Food, Agriculture and Biological
Engineering Department
The Ohio State University

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Summary: Prescriptive Agriculture is growing here in the US with several companies and retailers providing these data tools as a means to improve input efficiency at the farm level. At the same time, Big Data in agriculture production continues to be a topic of attention both positive and negatively. For prescriptive agriculture, a farmer will be required to submit farm data in order to receive information and recommendations back. This presentation will help producers, consultants, county agents, data service providers and others within agriculture to understand the three primary precision ag data layers, agronomic, machine and production data, and how they are converging today. Examples of these different data layers are provided along with comments on imagery. A production example is provided on how merging agronomic and machine data can provide more information to making farm decisions related to inputs. By presentation end, a practitioner should understand to opportunity these data layers provide plus the importance of data quality in order to receive proper recommendations based on data.

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