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Cotton Module Electronic
Numbering Standard

October 2018

By Edward (Ed) M. Barnes, Ph.D.
Senior Director
Agricultural and Environmental Research Division
Cotton Incorporated

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Summary: Historically seed cotton modules have been identified using custom systems developed by individual gins for their customers. With the move to electronic data management and the potential for different manufacturers to provide
pre-numbered module covers or tags, a numbering standard for seed cotton modules is needed. Therefore, the goal of this project is to provide a standardized method of numbering cotton modules and the associated technology to facilitate automated tracking of seed cotton modules from the field through the module feeder at the gin. This presentation will be of interest to cotton producers and ginners who are interested in electronic module tracking as well as any company that would like to provide electronic module tracking service and support. Additionally, the standard is inclusive of the system currently used by John Deere so this presentation will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand the RFID tags used with round modules. This standard is designed for global applications so that manufacturers of the enabling technologies should expect that if the system defined in this standard is followed, it can be applied to any cotton production system in the world. This will allow a company anywhere in the world to create RFID tags or pre-printed bar codes that will ensure a unique identifier is generated for a U.S. cotton module.

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