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Minimizing Herbicide Drift

November 2018

By Travis Legleiter, Ph.D.
Extension Assistant Professor
of Weed Science
Plant and Soil Sciences Department
University of Kentucky
Research and Education Center
Princeton, Kentucky
Phone: 270-365-7541 Ext. 218

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Summary: Commercialization of new herbicide resistant soybean technologies has increased the awareness that mitigation of herbicide drift is valuable in enabling the longevity of these new technologies. This presentation will highlight the application and environmental factors that influence the potential of a herbicide drift event. The talk will cover weather conditions that are more prone to herbicide drift and which conditions are ideal for reducing herbicide drift potential. The talk will also cover the importance of understanding droplet size and the equipment adjustments that can be made to modify droplet size. Finally, the talk wraps all the parameters together to present worst case and best case scenarios for potential herbicide drift.

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