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Agronomic Practices

• Soil Structure and Compaction - Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, April 2015.

• Strip-Tillage Successes, Watch-Outs Based on Soil Type, Soil Drainage, and Climate - Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University, October 2014.

• No-till Planting Equipment, Adjustments, & Operation - Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2014.

• Residue, Uniformity, & Systems Approach - Paul J. Jasa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, January 2014.

• Irrigated Water Management Tools - William Kranz, University of Nebraska, May 2013.

• Corn Seeding Rates in the Northeast USA - William J. Cox,
Cornell University, February 2013.

• Corn Hybrid Selection in the Mid-South - Erick Larson,
Mississippi State University, October 2012.

• Corn Production & Pursuit of Maximum Yield Part 2 - Roger W. Elmore,
Iowa State University, August 2012.

• Corn Production & Pursuit of Maximum Yield Part 1 - Roger W. Elmore,
Iowa State University, July 2012.

• No-Till Corn - Chad Lee, University of Kentucky, May 2012.

• Ag Drainage Management Practices and Results - Harold Reetz, Jr.,
Executive Director, ADMC, January 2012.

• Narrowing the Yield Gap for Corn Production - Jeff Coulter,
University of Minnesota, November 2011.

• Corn Silage Management: Seeding Rate Studies - William Cox,
Cornell University, June 2011.


• Corn Eyespot - Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison, July 2016.

• Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn - Tamra Jackson-Ziems, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, April 2016.

•  Grant Outreach: Hybrid Corn Yield Response to Foliar Fungicides - Pierce Paul, The Ohio State University, September 2014. Fully Open Access

•  Grant Outreach: Principles of Fungicide Resistance: Focusing on Soybean and Corn Production - Carl A. Bradley, University of Illinois, June 2014. Fully Open Access

• Seedling Diseases of Corn - Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University, November 2013.

• Management of Aflatoxin in Corn - Thomas Isakeit, Texas A&M University, October 2013.

• Northern Corn Leaf Blight - Sally Mallowa,
Iowa State University, September 2012.
Fully Open Access

• Gray Leaf Spot - Alison E. Robertson,
Iowa State University, August 2012.
Fully Open Access

• Ear and Kernel Mold Biology and Management - Charles Woloshuk,
Purdue University, February 2012.

• Common Rust of Corn - Snook Pataky, University of Illinois, September 2011.

• Southern Rust of Corn and Differentiating Between Southern and Common Rusts - Snook Pataky, University of Illinois, June 2011.

General Topics

• Advances in Prescriptive Agriculture & Big Data - John Fulton, The Ohio State University, April 2016.


•  Grant Outreach: Western Bean Cutworm: Pest Status & IPM Options - Julie A. Peterson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, January 2017. Fully Open Access

• Cry1F Resistance in Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) - Ana María Vélez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2016.

• Estimation of Efficacy Functions for Products Used to Manage Corn Rootworm Larval Injury - Nicholas Tinsley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, September 2015. Fully Open Access

• RNA Interference as a Pest Management Tool for Western Corn Rootworm - Ana María Vélez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, September 2015. Fully Open Access

• Stink Bug Management: It Pays to Scout Corn Seedlings - Ric Bessin, University of Kentucky, May 2015.

•  Seminar: Corn Rootworm Management in the Transgenic Era - December 2014. Fully Open Access

• Corn Earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Management in Corn - Robert Bowling, Texas A&M University, December 2014.

• Cutworms in Corn - Andy Michel, The Ohio State University, October 2014.

• Spider Mite Management in Corn - Ed Bynum, Texas A&M University, July 2013.

• Corn Grain Loss to Fall Armyworm and its Associated Fungi, and Optimal Insecticide Spray Timing on the Texas Southern High Plains - Patrick Porter, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, July 2013.

• Managing for Corn Borers, Emphasizing the Southwestern Corn Borer - Scott Stewart, The University of Tennessee, June 2013.

• Slug Management on Corn - Ron Hammond, The Ohio State University, April 2013.

• Protecting Honey Bees During Corn and Soybean Planting
- Christian Krupke, Purdue University, June 2012.

• Corn Rootworms and Bt Corn - Mike Gray and Joseph Spencer,
University of Illinois, July 2011.


• Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Corn - Tamra Jackson,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, February 2011.

Post Harvest

• Corn Storage - Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University, October 2011.

• Corn Drying - Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University, June 2011.

Soil Fertility

• Increasing Importance of Sulfur for Field Crops - John Sawyer, Iowa State University, July 2016.

• Nitrogen Management of Corn Related to Weeds - Laura Lindsey, The Ohio State University, May 2013.

• Fertilizer Placement: Starter Fertilizer - David Mengel,
Kansas State University, January 2013.

• Nitrogen Management for First-Year Corn after Alfalfa - Jeff Coulter,
University of Minnesota, March 2012.

• The Soil Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Management - John Sawyer,
Iowa State University, December 2011.

• Residue Management, Nitrogen, and Tillage in Continuous
- Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois, May 2011.


• The Importance of Early-Season Weed Management in Corn - Mark M. Loux, The Ohio State University, March 2013.

• Waterhemp - Management Considerations for Field Corn - Aaron Hager,
University of Illinois, December 2012.

• Weed Competition in Corn - Bill Johnson, Purdue University, May 2011.


  Archived News

• Drain Tiles Allow Earlier Planting on Soggy Fields Mississippi State University. 18 November 2016. Article

• Monsanto to Launch DuPont Lumivia Insecticide Seed Treatment on Corn in Eastern Canada DuPont Pioneer. 15 November 2016. Article

• Ear Rots in Your Corn Crop? Penn State University. 9 November 2016. Article

• High Yields, Low Grain Prices: Manage Phosphorus and Potassium Wisely Iowa State University. 21 October 2016. Article

• 2016 Harvest Grain Quality Update Iowa State University. 14 October 2016. Article

• Diplodia Ear Mold at Harvest: What can Be Done Now? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 1 October 2016. Article

• New Corn Disease Confirmed in United States Kansas State University. 1 September 2016. Article

• New, Safened Dicamba Premix Helps Growers Control Weeds in Corn Bayer CropScience. 1 September 2016. Article

• DuPont Pioneer Soil Fertility Study Shows Phosphorus and Potassium Deficiencies Across Corn Belt DuPont Pioneer. 24 August 2016. Article

• Managing Aphids in Corn Iowa State University. 23 August 2016. Article

• Controlling Volunteer Corn in Soybeans Illinois Soybean Association. 15 August 2016. Article

• Corn Crop Irrigation Management Key to Bottom Line Texas A&M University. 12 June 2016. Article

• Research Shows a Role for Phosphorus and Potassium Tissue Testing in Corn Iowa State University. 6 June 2016. Article

• Stalk Borers Moving in Southern Iowa Iowa State University. 1 June 2016. Article

• Guidelines for Using Sticky Traps to Assess Corn Rootworm Activity Iowa State University. 1 June 2016. Article

• 2015 Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides on Corn at Four Iowa Locations Iowa State University. 1 June 2016. Article

• Planting Delays Don’t Automatically Mean Trade Out Full-Season Corn The Ohio State University. 23 May 2016. Article

• When Should We Start Irrigating Our Corn? Mississippi State University. 20 May 2016. Article

• Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator Website Update Iowa State University. 3 May 2016. Article

• Modern Corn Hybrids More Resilient to Nitrogen Stress, Crowded Planting Conditions Purdue University. 20 April 2016. Article

• Look for Seedcorn Maggot in Corn and Soybean Iowa State University. 13 April 2016. Article

• New Fungicide Helps Great Plains Growers Maximize Corn, Wheat Yields Bayer CropScience. 12 April 2016. Article

• New Edition of Best-selling Corn Management Reference Just Launched The American Phytopathological Society. 23 March 2016. Article

• Approaches for Managing Corn Rootworm in Iowa Iowa State University. 16 March 2016. Article

• Agnition Launches First Microbial Catalyst Corn Seed Treatment Agnition. 16 March 2016. Article

• Applying a Starter is Doable Illinois Soybean Association. 14 March 2016. Article

• DEKALB Disease Shield Traits Offer Industry-Leading Protection Against Major Corn Diseases Monsanto Company. 3 March 2016. Article

• EPA Moves to Ban Insecticide Belt; Could Have Major Impact for Arkansas Growers University of Arkansas. 1 March 2016. Article

• Roundup Ready PLUS Crop Management Solutions Offers Updated Product Recommendations and Incentives for Corn, Soybean and Cotton Farmers in 2016 Monsanto Company. 1 March 2016. Article

• Agdia Commercializes ELISA and ImmunoStrip Tests for Testing eCry3.1Ab Protein Expressed in Agrisure Duracade Corn Agdia. 8 February 2016. Article

• 2016 What’s New for Agronomic Weed Control Penn State University. 3 February 2016. Article

• Enhanced DuPont Pioneer Planting Rate Estimator Zeroes in on Variable Rate Seeding Data DuPont Pioneer. 1 February 2016. Article

• Independent Research Documents Yield Increases From Application of NutriSphere-N Through Irrigation Systems Verdesian Life Sciences. 23 December 2015. Article

• New Seed Treatment Technology Accelerates Nutrient Uptake to Give Soybean, Corn and Wheat Crops a Head Start Verdesian Life Sciences. 11 December 2015. Article

• Pioneer Brand Corn Silage Portfolio Out-performs Competitors in Tonnage and Starch Content DuPont Pioneer. 12 November 2015. Article

• Grain Management Vital Now North Dakota State University. 5 November 2015. Article

• Armezon PRO Herbicide From BASF Receives Registration for use on all Corn Types BASF Crop Protection. 4 November 2015. Article

• Western Bean Cutworm Potential Threat to Corn The Ohio State University. 20 October 2015. Article

• New Bacterial Leaf Disease ‘Bacterial Stripe’ of Corn Identified in Illinois University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 8 October 2015. Article

• Agdia, Inc Announces Commercialization of Field Test for Maize chlorotic mottle virus (MCMV) Agdia. 1 October 2015. Article

• New Corn Disease Confirmed in Indiana Purdue University. 16 September 2015. Article

• Syngenta Receives EPA Registration for Breakthrough Fungicide Solatenol Syngenta Crop Protection-US. 15 September 2015. Article

• Why is all the Corn Dying? Is Anthracnose to Blame? Iowa State University. 10 September 2015. Article

• Tips and Considerations for Getting Started With Cover Crops Iowa State University. 13 August 2015. Article

• Corn Rootworm Management Update Iowa State University. 12 August 2015. Article

• Improving the Prediction of Nitrogen Response in Corn University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 7 August 2015. Article

• Managing Corn Earworm in Soybeans North Carolina State University. 3 August 2015. Article

• True White Grub Identification and Management Iowa State University. 20 July 2015. Article

• Grain Crop Prospects Continue to Fade, Purdue Experts Say Purdue University. 17 July 2015. Article

• CornSoyWater: New Web and Mobile App to Aid Irrigation Management University of Nebraska. 17 July 2015. Article

• Agnition Helps Corn Producers Overcome Purple Leaf Syndrome Agnition. 1 July 2015. Article

• Agdia, Inc Releases High Sensitivity ELISA to Test for Pathogen Associated With Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease Agdia. 1 July 2015. Article

• Zeal SC Miticide Now Registered With Liquid Formulation Valent U.S.A. 1 July 2015. Article

• Wheat Stem Maggot Damaging Corn University of Nebraska. 19 June 2015. Article

• Nitrogen Timing Critical in Wet Years University of Missouri. 18 June 2015. Article

• Watch for Sulfur Deficiency in Corn North Dakota State University. 15 June 2015. Article

• Purple Corn Appearing in Some Fields The Ohio State University. 8 June 2015. Article

• How to Identify Emergence Issues in Corn The Ohio State University. 4 June 2015. Article

• Tracking Soil Nitrogen: Does Corn Have Enough Nitrogen? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 3 June 2015. Article

• Rains Create Management Decisions for Corn Producers Texas A&M University. 22 May 2015. Article

• Low Temperature Damage to Corn and Soybeans South Dakota State University. 19 May 2015. Article

• Bayer CropScience Announces Corvus and Balance Flexx Herbicides Registered in Minnesota Bayer CropScience. 18 May 2015. Article

• Black Cutworm Scouting 2015 Iowa State University. 17 May 2015. Article

• Don't Let Tree Seedlings Get Established in No-till Fields University of Nebraska. 15 May 2015. Article

• Stink Bugs in Eastern North Carolina Wheat North Carolina State University. 11 May 2015. Article

• Acuron Corn Herbicide Receives Federal EPA Registration Syngenta Crop Protection-US. 1 May 2015. Article

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