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• Foliar Fertilization of Cotton: Is It a Waste? - Hunter Frame, Virginia Tech, August 2020.

• Thoughts About Cover Crops - Tyson B. Raper, Heather M. Kelly, and Scott D. Stewart, The University of Tennessee, August 2020.

• Tracking Cotton Growth and Development - Randy Norton, The University of Arizona, August 2020.

• Cover Crops for Cotton Weed Management - Charlie Cahoon & Camp Hand, NC State University, University of Georgia, August 2020.

• Utilizing PGRs in Semi-Arid & Short Season Environments - Seth Byrd, Oklahoma State University, August 2020.

• Preparing for Defoliation - Steve M. Brown, Alabama Cooperative Extension, Auburn University, July 2020.

• Importance of Planter Depth and Downforce in Cotton Production - Wesley M. Porter, University of Georgia, June 2020.

• Conference: Great Plains Cotton Conference, March 2020.

• U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol - Gary Adams, National Cotton Council of America, March 2020.

• Rainfed Cotton Production on the Texas High Plains: Opportunities for Sustainable Production - Paxton Payton & James Mahan, USDA-ARS, February 2020.

• Conference: MSU Row Crop Short Course, February 2020.

• Conference: 67th Annual West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Conference, February 2020.

• Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton - David Lamm, Soil Health Institute, December 2019.

• Bollworm Bt Resistance and Management - David Kerns, Texas A&M University, December 2019.

• Grower Citizen Science Project - Natasja van Gestel, Texas Tech University, December 2019.

• Efficacy of Recovery Sprays to Auxin Injury on Cotton - James A. Griffin, Texas A&M University, December 2019.

• Manure and Cover Crop Management Practices on Dryland No-till Cotton System in Mississippi - Ardeshir Adeli, USDA-ARS, November 2019.

• Implementing No-till and Cover Crops in Texas Cotton Systems - Paul DeLaune, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, November 2019.

• Introduction of Cotton leaf roll dwarf-like Polerovirus into the United States: High-Throughput Discovery, Identification, and Genomic Comparisons - Judith K. Brown, University of Arizona, September 2019.

• Cotton Blue Disease Caused by Cotton leafroll dwarf like virus: Identification, Symptomology, and Occurrence in Alabama - Kathy S. Lawrence, Auburn University, September 2019.

• Round Module Wrap: Components and Removal - John D. Wanjura, USDA-ARS CPPRU, July 2019.

• Benchmarking Sustainability Performance: Utilizing the Fieldprint Platform to Document and Demonstrate Continuous Improvement - Lexi Clark, Field to Market, July 2019.

• Tarnished Plant Bug Management Strategies for Mid-Atlantic Cotton - Sally Taylor & Seth Dorman, Virginia Tech, June 2019.

• Tarnished Plant Bug in North Carolina and Virginia - Dominic Reisig, NC State University, June 2019.

• Managing Plant Population in Cotton - Curtis Adams, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, April 2019.

• Conference: MSU Row Crop Short Course, March 2019.

• Conference: 66th Annual West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Conference, December 2018.

• Crop Rotations - Lessons Learned and Changing Times - M. Wayne Ebelhar, Mississippi State University, December 2018.

• Cover Crop Management Considerations - Kip Balkcom, USDA-ARS, December 2018.

• NRCS and Louisiana Cotton Sustainability Pilot Project - Rachel Holley Lee, Natural Resources Conservation Service, December 2018.

• Achieving Healthy Soil in Low Rainfall Environments - Katie L. Lewis, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Texas Tech University, December 2018.

• The Importance of Soil Microorganisms to Keeping Soils Healthy - John Zak, Texas Tech University, December 2018.

• Status Update on Fusarium Wilt of Cotton Race 4 in Texas and New Mexico - Thomas Isakeit, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, December 2018.

• Herbicide Resistance Status and Seedbank Persistence of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) and Waterhemp (A. tuberculatus) in Texas - Muthu Bagavathiannan & Peter Dotray, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Texas Tech University, October 2018.

• Cotton Module Electronic Numbering Standard - Edward (Ed) M. Barnes, Cotton Incorporated, October 2018.

• Nutrient Management: Practical Considerations to Reduce Nutrient Loss - Michele L. Reba, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, October 2018.

• Spray Carrier Rates and Nozzles Types Effect on Harvest Aid Efficacy - James A. Griffin, Texas A&M University, October 2018.

• Making and Managing Cotton Replant Decisions - Shawn Butler, University of Tennessee, October 2018.

• On Farm Irrigation Scheduling in Georgia: AgWET (Water Efficiency Team) - Wesley M. Porter, University of Georgia, August 2018.

• Module: Cross-Commodity Management of Silverleaf Whitefly in Georgia - Phillip Roberts, University of Georgia, August 2018.

• Module: Increasing the Water Use Efficiency of Irrigated and Dryland Cotton With Cover Crops - Tyson B. Raper, University of Tennessee, August 2018.

• Module: Saving Energy in Cotton Gins - Paul A. Funk, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, July 2018.

• Module: Soil Health in the Mid-South: First Step – Feeding the Soil Microbes - Bill Robertson, University of Arkansas, June 2018.

• A Smartphone App for Scheduling Irrigation in Cotton - George Vellidis, University of Georgia, June 2018.

• Conference: MSU Row Crop Short Course, March 2018.

• Use and Effectiveness of Nematicides to Manage Nematodes in Cotton - Travis R. Faske, University of Arkansas, February 2018.

• Conference: 65th Annual West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Conference, February 2018.

• The Value of Rotations - Lessons Learned Corn-Cotton Rotations and the Mississippi Centennial Rotation - M. Wayne Ebelhar, Mississippi State University, January 2018.

• Achieving Soil Health in Cotton Production Systems - Alan Franzluebbers, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, NC State University, December 2017.

• Practical Approaches for Mitigating Insecticide Resistance - Dominic Reisig, NC State University, December 2017.

• Integrated Management of Verticillium Wilt of Cotton - Jason E. Woodward, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, November 2017.

• Drift Reduction Techniques - Greg R. Kruger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, November 2017.

• Contamination: Textile Mill Perspective - Vikki B. Martin, Cotton Incorporated, November 2017.

• Plant Parasitic Nematodes Management Options in Cotton Production - Kathy S. Lawrence, Auburn University, September 2017.

• Identification and Management of Foliar Diseases of Cotton in the United States - Heather M. Kelly, University of Tennessee, August 2017.

• 2017 Stoneville Ginners School: RFID Technology, Tracking Modules, and Contamination, July 2017.

• Herbicide-resistant Common Ragweed Management in Cotton - Charlie Cahoon, Virginia Tech, May 2017.

• Tank Cleaning - Fred Whitford, Purdue University, May 2017.

• Thrips Infestation Predictor for Cotton: An Online Tool for Informed Thrips Management - George G. Kennedy, North Carolina State University, April 2017.

• Resistant Weeds: What You Should Know and Why You Should Care - Todd A. Baughman, Oklahoma State University, February 2017.

• Management of Tarnished Plant Bugs in Cotton - Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University, January 2017.

• Conference: 64th Annual West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Conference, December 2016.

• What Does it Cost to Choose the Wrong Cotton Variety? - Guy D. Collins, North Carolina State University, December 2016.

• Glyphosate-Resistant Johnsongrass Management - Daniel O. Stephenson, IV, Louisiana State University, December 2016.

• Target Spot of Cotton - Six Years After First Report - Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., University of Georgia, November 2016.

• Impact of Leaf Pubescence on Fiber Quality - Gaylon D. Morgan, Texas A&M University, October 2016.

• Changing Bt Technologies and Bollworm Management in Bt Cotton - David Kerns, Louisiana State University, October 2016.

• Zero Tolerance: Designed for Seedbank Reduction - Tom Barber, University of Arkansas, October 2016.

• Utilizing Tissue and Petiole Sampling in Cotton Production - Hunter Frame, Virginia Tech, September 2016.

• Mitigating Insect Management Effects on Pollinators - Scott D. Stewart, The University of Tennessee, August 2016.

• ‘Cotton Physiology’ the Cornerstone of Future Cotton Science - Michael Bange, CSIRO Agriculture, August 2016.

• Managing Cotton Fertility - Tyson B. Raper, University of Tennessee, June 2016.

• Flag the Technology - Bob Scott, University of Arkansas, June 2016.

• Beltwide Evaluation of the Effect of 2,4-D Drift on Cotton - Seth Byrd, Texas A&M University, May 2016.

• Managing Thrips in Cotton: Research in the Southeast Region - Michael Toews, University of Georgia, May 2016.

• Selection and Use of Sensors for Cotton Irrigation Management in Humid Regions - Brian G. Leib, The University of Tennessee, April 2016.

• Capturing Value From Precision Agriculture Data: Big Data in Ag - Terry Griffin, Kansas State University, April 2016.

• Overview of Cotton Incorporated’s Cotton Cultivated Website - Ryan Kurtz, Cotton Incorporated, April 2016.

• Soil Electrical Conductivity and Zone Management - D. Hollens Free,
Clemson University
, February 2016.

• Seminar: 2014 Crop Management Seminar webcasts, January 2015.

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